Saturday, 10 December 2011

At Home with the Hayats: Issue 1

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I thought for a break from all of the scandals, serious discussion and challenges that we have on the blog; that I try my hand at something a bit more lighthearted. So I present to you the first issue of 'At Home with the Hayats'. I've been meaning to create a comic strip for quite a while now, and depending on the reception it receives I might even make it a regular bi-weekly thing.

My time is very limited as is, so let me know on the comments if you'd like me to continue with issue two! Oh.. and I have it on good authority that the sandpit was NOT bought with chanda money ;)

Tune of the day: The Ostrich Song


  1. Mother says to munie "I am the mother if ameer" munie says "I am the wufe of ameer" so this empty threats are common place at RAF's home

  2. Did you see the announcement today that a 24 year woman with 3 young children was brutally murdered in Pakistan by your friends. Beaten to death with a rifle butt. Do you find that funny too ?

  3. And that's relevant because?

    Do you remember that German ahmadi who murdered his daughter and son in law? Forgotten have we???


  4. Its relevant because if people got on with their own lives and lived in a decent and honourable way instead of finding fault with others these type of things would not happen.

    For example you dont know me but choose to call me an idiot - which means someone who is seriously mentally retarded. I happen to have an IQ of 180 and studied at one of the worlds top universities. I sometimes find your comments baseless but would not stoop to name calling.

  5. Doesn't your Khalifatul Masih teach you to be humble! Put your trumpet down and smell your own hypocrisy re: mentally retarded!! And your first comment tells us all a very different story about your boast about having an IQ of 180. Lol. Give it a rest. Who in their right mind would say such a thing??? True or sad!

  6. So you have an IQ of 180 and studied at "one of the worlds top universities"?

    Well my learned friend, it's "world's", not "worlds"

    Or didn't they teach you that at your university? Or school for that matter?

    Are you such a hateful sociopath that you must conflate every crime in the world with your opposition's views on your sickening cult?


  7. For example you dont know me but choose to call me an idiot - which means someone who is seriously mentally retarded. I happen to have an IQ of 180 and studied at one of the worlds top universities. I sometimes find your comments baseless but would not stoop to name calling.

    10 December 2011 17:28

    With respect but your IQ or top university status does not hold much weight here, so where were you when Findings needed the answers to the 14th century Hadith and the 23 names but you are very quick to point out something which off course is tragic by no means. Innocent people of all nations including Muslims are murdered everyday, it's a sad reality of life but Ahmadis have committed crimes like murder too, example that Findings gave. So what the jamaat does, stealing, stalking, and other unislamic actions are all baseless, it's ok to steal,stalk and name and shame, how deluded are you!

  8. I can send you a certificate to prove it so its not a boast - but then you would probably say it was a forgery :) Its nothing to do with humility. I am very clever but that does not mean I regard myself as better than anyone else. Also I dont think by any stretch you could describe yourself as humble which is something as Muslims we are all expected to strive for. I would not even have mentioned it other than to point out that your comments are not always accurate and true as has been proven on this occasion at least.

    You clearly have trust issues and are quick to conclude everyone is lying with no proof to support your accusations.

    My point was we should all use our energies to work together to prevent attrocities like the one I mentioned not finding fault with one another over relatively petty issues.

    If you have something really substantial against the Jamaats lets have it - because when you sum up what has been published to date its pretty puny. Most of the juicy stuff always seems to be "coming later".

    Your example of what happened in Germany is completely irrelevant as that was not a sectarian crime. Families kill other family members in all communities every day all over the world.

    Blogs like this one just incite hatred and serve no useful purpose.

    The internet is full of hundreds of anti-Islamic blogs which unless you knew the facts do appear to be very well argued and convincing with liberal quotes from the Quran, Hadith and the history of Islam and the life of the Holy Prophet (sas) etc. Just because someone with a viewpoint blogs about something does not mean there is even a shred of truth in it.

    The anti-islamic blogs do continue a mixture of out of context facts, half truths with exagerations, mis-interpreted quotes and also complete lies. Much like this one.

  9. I think this drawing is not good, as you should keep things factual rather than comical as you lose credibility in showing any flaws with the ahmadiyya system that you may want to highlight.

  10. Jzks for your advice! Very good point and one I most certainly will consider.

  11. Very Good media for those who want to say, but the iron hand of Khandhan, not letting the common Ahmedi to say anyhting.
    The common Ahmedi has no voice, only khandhan people and udday dars who want to earn money, are suppressing the common Ahmedi.
    Findings are doing a great job.
    Keep it up, these high IQ person, can give one answer,
    Where you were when a Common Ahmedi rights were snatched by this Khalifa and Rafiq Hayat and other Amirs in other countries. Please see the history of Ahmadiyyat, whenever you did wrong with a innocent people, ALLAH punish the nizam and this Jamat.
    Keep your IQ to yourself, if you do not brain, then from where this IQ comes?

  12. Nope.. totally out of place of what this blog was or is supposed to be about.

    Also quite likely leaving yourself open to legal issues.

  13. I suggest dont enter into privacy areas

  14. if that really is a pic of the Ameer sahib's wife then i can only pray the Lord have mercy on you...................

  15. Ahmadi apologetics have a very refined hypocrisy
    1. 'Dont call us kafirs'
    Yet they believe and call muslims kafir

    2. 'Ahmadis are persecuted'
    Yet they dont mind the jamat cult torturing, harassing, humilating and boycotting ahmadis who they have an issue with

    3.)'dont slander our leaders, its not islamic'
    Yet they have filled the interent with slander against muslims and muslim scholar including youtube

    4) why are you anti-ahmadis obsessed with ahmadiyya?
    Yet their whole speeches and tv programmes are devoted to attacking and demonising muslims

    5) dont exposed the faults of our ameer and qaids
    yet they publically announce and humilate people through name and shame, even if they are innocent

    6)Mullahs are corrupty
    yet they dont want to talke about the corruption of their own mullahs

    7) they come on western news channels and attack and demonise muslims
    yet if anyone creates a little blog they start preaching morality.

    8) we are the best jamat
    yet they use material of muslims to trick people into thinking they are part of muslims world.


  16. Is that what Shakira Hayat looks like? LOL one word: fugly!

  17. The cartoon is better suited for

  18. @11 December 2011 10:22

    The man is a public figure. He (Raf) holds a high position in a spiritual organization. Hence it is of public interest what he gets up to private or otherwise....

  19. Hayat please leave

  20. Little Mix and Raf two things I can live without!

  21. My Praise to silent soldier of pen jihad, who wrote 8 points about Jamat Ahamdiyya. It is exact picture of this cult.

    Well done,
    You missed one thing, which I will add, why in electrol college more percentage is of Khadhan people and less for a common Ahmadi. There is no voice of a common Ahmadi.

    If Allah make the Khalifa, then let it open to all members.
    I think this khadhan do not trust ALLAH, do they?

  22. you've just made me realise how 'bruck up' my missus really is... sheeeeeeeeeeet..

    I need to find a new gash!

  23. Raf Hayat legacy-

  24. Findings wow you are so enlighteneed. Can i be musalman like you ........plzzzzzzzzz

  25. lmao, shakira is such a minger

  26. OMD Is the mrs for real. Imagine living with that.

  27. Rafiq Hayat, you seeds of hate are ready to ripe, in this life and there after. In the time of your reign you forget that there is ALLAH, knowing all, even all your dark deals and your black heart too.
    Game over Mr, it is youth spring.

  28. so does your whole family know about your findings and blog? that's a pretty interesting situation right there.

  29. Aunty Shakira is actually very attractive. We know the family really well and her daughters are very nice especially the youngest one .. we've grown up with them. But I have to be honest, Aunty is really dangerous. She says THE most awful things about people .. things than can ruin kids futures, esp in this tight community. We're lucky she likes us. I've always found Uncle okay but he is completely influenced by her. Her agenda is status and she will make Uncle get rid of or bad mouth anyone that puts that in jepardy. I don't know why he does it but he does. Aunty is the real Ameer and Uncle's downfall is down to her. I feel really sorry for him. Uncle if you are reading this, just step down. This is making you and most importantly, the Jamaat look bad and it's because there is a lot of truth in what is said. Please put the Jamaat first.

    Family friend from New Malden

  30. My Ahmedi friends, please ask your maribis, do the people like Hayat have place in Islam.

    Let see their reply, these maribis, do not have courage to tell you the truth, if they do, nizam will transfer them to worse place on world.
    Good luck!!!!

  31. Jamaat looks real bad, Khalifa looks weak and foolish. Ahmadis becoming more aware of their leaders corrupt natures. Non Ahmadis are having a field day with all this information yet nothing changes.

  32. Shame our Khalifa is under the influence of this Ameer (and his wife).
    What us common Ahmadis don't get is almost everyone is aware of Mrs Rafiq Hayat's terrible reputation and NO-ONE has a good word to say about her yet she is allowed to continue shamelessly.

  33. A word of warning. This woman is looking for a girl for her son. She's was desperate for someone from the Mirza Khaandan but she didn't get too far coz they know what she's like. It seems the general public are weary of her too. There was one girl who almost got caught in her net but she's had a lucky escape. It seems like no one wants the mother in law from hell.

  34. 50 boys have been rescued from a dungeon in a madrassa in Pakistan's Karachi city where they have been tortured physically, sexually and mentally.
    The sad thing is you people would rather call these people Muslims and Ahmadis non muslims. People wake up!!!

  35. In my opinion there are no winners here may it be Ahmadis or Muslims, all we do is throw accusations, anger and pure hatred towards each other. Ahmadis, this is not a persecution from non-ahmadis this is all within the administation of this jamaat and khalifa, the arrogance and boastfulness within this cult is actually your biggest downfall that we are witnessing at the moment. This is not Allah's jamaat as you claim, there are deep and serious flaws which no one addresses because they are true afraid or do not have the courage to do so. I am not going to ask you to wake up because there is no need to, you have made up your own minds so each to their own I guess. I know for sure that Ahmadiyyat is not right and is based on falsehood but also the Muslims have got it terribly wrong too.
    I think we need to get back to the foundation of Islam and that is the miracle that was sent to us "The Holy Quran" our deen is complete, Allah did not make any mistakes for MGA to come along and rectify the The Holy Quran and claim prophethood which ended with Prohet Mohmmad (PBUH)


  36. For S4T,
    Spot on, you wrote very well. With the development of media, and net those who were excommunicated by Khadhan's Nizam, they have a say through this net.
    Thus exposing the cracked walls of unislamic structure of nizam.
    Mirza Mahmood copied this structure and organisation from Catholics and introduced the nizam and called it second era of Islam, advent.
    Big mistake from him, within 50 years it has collapsed, but Ahmedis are not admitting it. One day, they will need to come back to Islam they true religion!!!!

  37. @ anon 08:18
    "the Muslims have got it terribly wrong too."

    how have the muslims got it terribly wrong??

  38. Islamic punishments are aimed at reformation toba and "Islah" and not excumminication to brand a person or his family with stigma as bad person to destroy and damage thw family for ever. All excummincated ahmadis even if they are pardoned yet treated like criminals by those who are worst than criminals in conduct but treat them with ugly gazes. The theory or concept of excummincation is wholly wrong and creation of another jamaat of socalled condemned ahmadis by corrupt leaders like RAF & co

  39. Announcement is on the way that RAF is gone

  40. This is a strange question why Muslims don't consider Qadianis as Muslims. The simple logic is - Qadianis don't think Muslims as Muslims but Kafir. So Muslims have all the right to consider Qadianis as Kafir also. Why Qadianis insist that Muslims should consider them as Muslims? They need to read their books which clearly separate Muslims and Qadianis as far as their faith is concerned. They can consider themselves any thing and should not bother what Muslims consider them. The Shias and Sunnis have no conflict on final prophethood unlike Qadianis who have MGAQ as their prophet. Muslims and Qadianis are two different Animals - both can't be Muslims at same time. The same is said by MGAQ and his sons. I think Qadianis are totally lost and don't comprehend their own religious teaching when raise illogical questions like this. They are suffering from the worst possible identity crisis - want "Kafirs of their Books" to consider them "Muslims". What a pity confusion!


  41. Why is this being dragged out and people made to suffer. If there is enough evidence and enough are fed up. use the moment and expose it all in one go. so much that they spend days trying to unravel t all and find they cannot. Go mass media and an source that will listen. Not ust a blog. You have become a closet musilimah, well then do your duty and expose this false cult for what you know it is

    It is time

  42. dear sis i used to read ur blog and i think this comic series should be continued let me qoute here a hadith that Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w.s stated about the poetry of Hazrat Hassan "هي أوقع عليهم من وقع النبل" (these couplets are more damaging them than the strike of the arrows)...

  43. "Announcement is on the way that RAF is gone"


  44. Hell where there is heap of pounds, dollars and euros

  45. I went to KK house he is not well he had holidays and will go again said he is very upset cannot face the world of ahmadiyyat

  46. Rafiq Hayat a man who has no moral integrity, a man who is disliked by his own relatives, a man who is acting on the instructions of his wife, a man who relies on numerous deputies to do his work, a man who lacks religious knowledge, a man who misleads the Khalifa, a man who's a complete laughing stock at this moment in time. What a disgrace you really are.

  47. Can you tell what made nisar butt' removal as finance secretary

  48. I suggest you start one blog for ahmadi critics who can express their difficulties without using abusive language about one's believes or their spiritual leaders. There is no such forum in ahmadis. They do not like to hear criticism only like praises particularly leaders takd it offence against so called nizam e jamaat when in fact they should be open and willing to listen to criticism instead victimising those who hold diffetence of opinion like living nations' attitutude

  49. The comments i havd read so for from ahmadis are full of pain anguish which has brust like a cancer. Thanks findings you provided them with platform to express their anguish

  50. I'm an armydiyyah and I'm not full of pain. Just concern for the world as we enter 2012. Wwiii will be upon us with in 6 months people. Make amends with everyone, make peace, be happy with your families and stock up on food

  51. You are one of those hipos who believe in hikmate amli and not the truth but have no courage to speakout you only speak to yourself in bathroom, like bathroom singer

  52. what´S this business with stock of foods?
    are you awaiting some kind of catastrophe?

  53. Ahmadis donot write i am an ahmadiyyah

  54. Well I am an Ahmadi and I call us armydiyyahs as a joke so in ur face

  55. Some one said to Raf B££££D, Happy New Year.

    This B$$$$$D Raf replied, I hope this one is happy one, not like 2011, where common Ahmedis took his pants down.
    You desereve this Raf!!!