Saturday, 3 December 2011

I Win, You Lose: 100,000 Views and the 23 Non-Existent Names


Right. First things first. Last weekend I set a challenge for all those reading, full details of which can be found by clicking here. I requested that anybody, be they Ahmadi or otherwise, to bring forward the evidence to back up what the Ahmadi founder, who claimed to be the awaited Messiah for all religions, had said regarding the number of children the Prophet Muhammad SAAWs had. He claimed that the Prophet SAAWs had 11 boys and 12 girls, whereas Islamic history dictates that there were 4 girls and 3 boys. Mirza Ghulam Qadiani claimed to be flawless, and that anything he said was without error. I asked his followers or anyone for that matter, to prove it and in return, I would give them some documents that might be of some interest to them.

Suffice to say, not a single person, not one, was able to produce a shred of evidence to back up Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. Despite all their boasts that he is the Promised Messiah and despite all his boasts of being perfect, it turns out that he got it wrong, proving he is at fault and that he lied. Please revisit the original thread to have a read of the comments for yourself! I would like to share one in particular with you all:

"Malfoozaat is not a book written by the promised messiah. Malfoozaat are the sayings of the promised messiah written by his companions. You have taken the qoute out of context. The original urdu page where you can see it says: The promised messiah was addressing the ladies whilst his companion was outside trying to listen to what he was saying. During the address children were crying. Due to the distance from the promised messiah and the crying of children the companion was not able to properly note down everything the promised messiah had said."

Lol. So apparently what we have here is an admission by some Ahmadi or another, that indeed the number was incorrect and that the Holy Prophet saaws did not have 23 children. Rather, he (the Ahmadi commenting) asserts that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was incorrectly quoted by the one taking notes of his speech- twice! The reason given for this is quite clear: there were children crying and there was a lot of noise and therefore, he misheard what was really said! If you care to believe this gibberish, then what's funny is that this error was neither corrected before nor after the publication of Malfoozat went to print. What also gets me is how he misheard the total number of 8 and got 12 girls and 11 boys! If you accept this jiggery pokery, you can believe anything! Oh look, did you just see that pig fly over your house just now?! I can safely conclude, and I am sure all the Muslims reading are with me on this, that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani did not know what he was talking about. He was talking complete nonsense and had no idea how many children the Prophet SAAWs had, despite claiming to be his most 'devout follower' and also a second coming of the Prophet SAAWs. Astaghfirallah. So much for 'God leaves me without any error'. Mirza Ghulam Qadiani boasted that everything he said was always from Allah. Who was his 'god' that allowed him to make such a blunder?  I know my Prophet SAAWs would not have made such a mistake. In fact, I know no real and genuine Prophet of Allah would make such a mistake. End of.

Moving on. Guess what everybody?? We hit 100,000 views last night! That's right! One hundred thousand!  Alhamdulillah. Good times! And look! Mirza Masroor aka 'Mas' has put on his glad rags and has decided to join us all in the celebrations, modelling this fashionable little number! Doesn't he look picture perfect? This is a very rare picture of Mas, like you've never seen him before! My little contact in the Private Secretary's office hooked me up with it! So a big thank you to them! What a humble soul our Mas is, accepting beautiful and expensive garments, all the while preaching to the common Ahmadi that they should live humbly and not be extravagant. What's the word for this sort of behaviour? Hypocrisy maybe? And hey, Muslims, take a look at Mas's lavish office! This is where he sits on his grand oak table having 'meetings' with Ahmadis who come to see him.

I went in there once, and even had my picture taken with Mas and even got a pen! If you really concentrate, you'll see the beautiful water feature in the back of his office! Do you know my Prophet SAAWs used to sleep under trees? Enough said.

Rafiq Hayat, property developing president/'ameer' of the Ahmadiyya Association in the UK, it seems that no one was listening when you told people to refrain from visiting my horrendous blog! 100,000 hits didn't appear out of thin air you know! Uh oh! You better get the paperwork ready for Mass Expulsions for all those found disobeying your orders!

Raf how come your followers were unable to prove your Profit in this instance? What does that tell you about your 'Messiah'? And what does that tell you about how much you people actually care about the reputation of 'your beloved Hudhur' and your 'divine Jamaat' that you were unable to win over some of the documents I have? Hmmmm. If he was truthful, the truth would have out!

I've changed the colour scheme again, thought it could do with a bit of a facelift! (No not you Raf, my blog that is). You like? I thought black was a bit boyish, but wanted to keep the theme dark and dangerous, so opted for a blackish purple! It adds a touch of femininity to it all I guess!

Talking of revamps! I don't know if anyone has noticed, but there is a new tab 'Cult Girl Forums' at the very top of the page. I was thinking to myself the other day that we need to keep this blog more organised, as comments are routinely going off course and it makes it harder for those following to keep up. So, after what took almost 5 hours, I've managed to set up a forum page on the blog. Its a pilot, to see how it goes, if it gets on at all that is! Remember Blogger DOES NOT trace IP addresses so you are safe to sign up. The Jamaat has scared people off by saying that if anti-Ahmadiyya sites are taken to court, those contributing will be identified through their IP addresses and could face prosecution. This is complete nonsense and is their way of scaring you off. Either way, there is no way of tracking IP address. That also goes for those that have been told by the Jamaat that accounts are being hacked after visiting anti Ahmadi sites! Its all lies. Besides,  I wouldn't know what to do with an IP address anyway! I just about manage with photoshopping let alone anything else!

You can sign up using any account you want: facebook, gmail, hotmail or even linkedin! You are welcome to use fake accounts, no holds barred and can discuss whatever you want. Go ahead..its your platform! Use it! If you don't, I will take it down and we can try something else! took me forever! (Hint).

Finally, can I ask those visiting to kindly select one of the three options on the Poll in the top right hand corner. This is just for me to get an idea of what's what, to determine how I manage future posts etc! In due time, maybe we can have a poll on what you guys want? Like a poll on whether Raf should stand down etc? Let me know! Remember I might be the boss of the blog, but as its a community discussion, you guys have a say! But don't get too carried away, I am on an almighty power trip :P !!

That'll be all. See you tomorrow (hopefully!).



  1. I can't tell if those clothes are Tartar or Uzbek.

  2. For the record, if the Ahmadiyya leaders were to get the IP address of someone who visited a website, at most they could track down which ISP owns that IP address. But, figuring out specifically who it belongs to is not exactly an easy things. That information is ONLY with the ISP, and not publicly accessible.

    Secondly, visiting a website is not a criminal act. There is no way they could prosecute you.

  3. Is this site and The going to focus in different ways?

  4. How do you mean? I don't understand your question.

  5. @ bro farhan: uzbek I think :S

  6. Haha Cult Girl... GETTTTTTTTTTT INNNNNN!!!! You have nailed it yet again!!!!!! Time and time again you put your cards on the table and take a gamble and it pays off! Mabrook on your 100k hits and counting! Mash'Allah Tabakarallah! You are all about common sense and logic. Let's hope the blind can start to see the light through the cracks. Shout out your ability to have a very open conversation with the readers. Feels like you were talking to me and only me! Amazing result. Huge pants pulling down episode for the Qadianis. They are getting spanked at every angle. Sister you should write scripts!

    Your brother in Islam and supporter from Norbury. Abu Essa. Btw you are the talk of late night sheesha sessions in my native 'South Larndarn'! A lot of brothers know about your site and how you are 'slapping them silly'. Well done sister. Make the Umma proud! Remember them in your prayers. Our body is suffering. Shame the phoney prophet Mirzai failed to do anything about it. Mr McDaddy of Fake Claims! May Allah levy the heaviest punishment against His enemy and the enemy of our beloved Messenger Pbuh. Insh'Allah. Ameen Thumaameen.

  7. Remember to keep your feet grounded and do not let the positive comments get to your head. Allah despises arrogance. Mr McDaddy of Fake Claims was an arrogant man. Never follow in his footsteps. Follow in the footsteps of your Imam, leader and father of the Umma Mohammed pbuh.

  8. Inshallah. Thank you for your words of advice. I don't want praise, this is nothing compared to what others have and continue to do. I'm just trying to play a small part in a huge game, but nonetheless you are right. And without Allah this would not have been possible.

  9. Thank you Blog operators!!!!!!!
    Rafiq Hayat is corrupt, dictator and criminal. He is not even faithful to Jamat Ahmadiyya, He had all people around him came from African migrant(indian origin). He and his team is not educated in religion. He and his team is here to make money, his policies have failed and made the Jamat Ahmadiyya vulernable to future problem in UK and Europe. Not only centre based people are his favorite, he also have influence in other countries of Europe for selecting people thru puppet Khalifa.
    This Nazam-e-Jamat has failed, as it is coping the Khalifa 2 New nazam version, which is not Islam.


    IF YOU HAVE GUTS, COME ON, WE WILL SEE IN COURTS AND REMEBER it would also comes in Media.
    Media is DAYLIGHT TO VAMPIRES/cult leaders like you.


  11. Hayat Resign and go home. Leave Ahmadiyyat alone

  12. Lol Mas will never ever go to court- he is a whimp. When Shabir Bhatti ganged up and bullied his own brother, his brother went to the Qadha board. The Qadha board ruled in favour of Shabir (of course) because of his links with Dr Khan (head of UK Qadha). When he rejected what the Qadha had ruled on, his poor brother was expelled along with his son and wife. Their names were read out in Jummahs. When his brother tried to take him to court, it would have meant that Mas would have had to have taken to the stand in order to justify the Qadha ruling. Mas couldn't do this and nor would his mothering cronies allow for this. Case never went that far in the end. Mas is an oaf. No chance getting him into the courts. He is a hermit loser stuck in putnet stacking wealth.

  13. I'd like to add to that: Rafiq, sit yourself back down and don't you dare move. We are not finished with you yet. However, in the meantime, please leave Islam alone. Thanks.

  14. i remember, once i was into discussion with a qadiyani girl. she was boastign about mirza and said that mirza said that his words of enlightment (ALLAh knows only, which enlightment it was) will be spread in every corner of the world and that in the time of mirza, there was much technological advancement. so if some one says that mirza's followers quoted him wrong, this means even this "prophecy " goes down the drain.
    there are so many so called prophecy and claims of mirza that have been proven wrong that, it will take us life to collect them and to print them, but then with every damn "prophecy " going wrong, qadiyanis are going one step down into the filth the enjoy every day.

  15. C'mon Raf have a go if you think your hard enough!

  16. Lol I am ready and waiting with my: ah, ah, ah, artillery! He can try and take me to court, but he will be opening a can of slimy worms for himself. Let's see what happens when his legal team finally make contact with me! Don't worry, you will all be shown the correspondence! No secrets here- no way! The minute he comes by, finally speaking out, hiding behind his lawyers like the (I won't repeat the word... Lil Cat) he is... Then the gloves come off! I'm ready when you are!

  17. These are the two reasons, this Jamat will never go to court, Mirza MASROOR is defeated leader, he had lost in lower courts to high court in UK, a defeated Khalifa, then how he can say he follow Quran.

    He is Ghaustaik-e-Quran

    Mujid Salam

  18. You wrote!!!
    'You better get the paperwork ready for Mass Expulsions for all those found disobeying your orders!'

    Who cares, to obey those who do not obey Quran.

  19. Of course! You try telling the average Qadiani that, who puts up with being expelled for questioning the Qadha board or attending a 'ghair Ahmadi' wedding. They have put these businessmen on a platter!

  20. This site seems to focus more on jamaat scandals and gossip. (Fastest news network in the world is the jamaat :) ) now seems to cover more of the 'religious' aspects.

    I'm seeing a drastic downturn in visitors/activity on the board - namely as more people are interested in the 'fun' stuff.

    Do you work alongside Shahid and co?

    It's all interesting mind. You are sharing what most Ahmadi's already know but never seen the proofs presented in such a way.

    I'm curious - can you tell where (geographically) visitors are coming from?

  21. ^ Our site hasn't had a dramatic downshift in activity. Where'd you get that from?

    But yes, they do have the "fun stuff" :-)

  22. To be honest, whether or this site or others get popular, I don't really care. I'm not interested in popularity (hence why I took down a lot of my older videos) I'm interested in the message getting out to the people who need it.

  23. and the cult blog does have regular activities, it's more based on knowledge and theology aspects of Ahmadiyyat and Islam and definately worth reading if you are seeking knowledge. We need to have a good balance of our journey to find the truth. Yes Findings blog is fun especially some of the comments but it gives us some home truths as to what exactly this administration is doing that's important too since the blind followers are giving their chanda and the biggest con of wasiyat money, it's certainly not serving Islam but balance it out with the theology and knowledge part too!

    S4T :)

  24. I'd second that from Anon at 07:35 on 4 December 2011. Personally dont even bother now with the cult info board just this site. Perhaps the Cult info board needs jazzin up or even closing as this Blog could be a one stop shop as they say.

  25. No conclusive proofs or anything! I guess the active activity was when Findings was posting all the 'fun stuff' on there.

    Most of my generation are either quite active or generally apathetic. I don't see the jamaat disappearing overnight but I'm sure more and more younger generation will become less interested.

    I think the religious arguments go over the head of most people... what they want to see is a change in management! lol. Things being done differently.. fairer.. and less forcing on chanda.

    The jamaat does do some things very well - organsation, events, sense of belonging, charity work.

    A lot of people are Ahmadi just by name - to keep their parents happy and keep peace. This might sound very cold.. but I think there will be a downturn in numbers when the elder generation passes away. My generation certainly wont feel so pressured.

  26. Good post Farhan 4 December 2011 09:03 popularity should'nt matter but perhaps this blog could advertise cultinfo or other sites you may get the message out more or it could be there's not much to post now on cultinfo as findings doesn't share.

  27. Few things:

    @ the man/woman who keeps messaging about a certain Janaat official, his daughter and son in law: you are mistaken I am afraid. On what grounds are you making such an accusation? I cannot publish your comments, as I cannot allow for names to be thrown about. I won't let people be blamed and unfairly accused for what I do. This is a lone battle and I will not allow for people to have their names dragged through the mud. Its happened one too many times now. Comment anyways, as I will always read them. What is the issue and why? Who is KK?

    @ anonymous regarding Raf... What goes around comes around. He can sit there and carry on like he doesn't know where this has all come from and that these 'attacks' are unwarranted. He can pretend to play the victim, as if he is being singled out by ex ahmadi renegades. But deep down, he knows he deserves it and had it coming. He knows it. He has wronged- real, real, real bad. Shame on him. He probably has difficulty sleeping at night. Hope so. He doesn't deserve a restful sleep after what he has done to people and most importantly, for what he stands for and covers up. The imams of my local masjids are revered and loved..this man is despised by so many. What does that say???

    @ anonymous regarding etc.
    To be honest, I'm not sure what you are basing it on? On average, I would say topic hits are roughly the same over at the forums! Given, fewer people are posting in the way of Jamaat issues (which were the most popular threads) but they have been replaced by new members who are thrashing them theologically. Ahmadis unfortunately seem more concerned with Jamaati issues than the flaws in their theology. That's the way it goes. Its them, not us! Well, I saw an opportunity and took it and realised we could turn this on its head. If this is what it takes to have their eyes opened..then so be it. What the forum does lack is Ahmadi posters but I guess ahmadis always shy away from it- they always end up being KO! I suspect the reason a lot of closet Muslims no longer post there is after Raf scared people away. No big deal. People come and people go. At first it wasn't so funny @ Raf's bully boy stunt but now its fine, its still working well with or without them. Thecult is the undisputed heavy weight but yes its a tad on the quiet side over at the forums. The blog is still very active. As brother farhan said- what's in the popularity and numbers? Our aim is the same, albeit we go about it differently. I think in the new year, maybe the team can come together to try and rev the cult forum engine up again! In the meantime its doing just fine. No big deal.

  28. @ s4T.. Anyways- I will try to balance it out. I did try to keep it entirely 'fun' but its not working. Ahmadis are using it against me. So gotta give them less to moan about because its any age old excuse with them! Hence the odd few discussions on MGA etc. But I would rather keep it focused on the community..its what holds the believers together. Its the easiest way in.

    Geographically- UK is on top for number of hits. Then its Canada. Then the USA. Then Pakistan. Then Germany. Then the Netherlands. And so on... Surprisingly India is in there too with significant number of hits, and Mauritius and Burkina Faso. Basically, where there are Ahmadis,
    there are hits! :)

    @ anonymous..yes you are right. I think slowly die off when the elders kick the bucket. I can't imagine people like Fahim Anwer leading it into the new age, can you? Lol. Its a 2nd generation family game. When they are gone, its left to the 3rd and 4th generations. Have you seen the state they are in? It won't work. They are also well aware of it..but can't say much more right now.

  29. Too right - the current middle tier are a confused bunch. Grew up in the 80/90's - Jamaat was very liberal then.

    Not much going on. The 3/4th are messed up. Royally. They dont have a clue and more worryingly - they dont care - not for jamaat or Islam in general.

    Yep - there are some good eggs who genuinely keep their heads down and nose clean. But unless they are part of the right circles.

    I've yet to find anyone with a good word to say about Rafiq Hayat - and thats across youngsters and elders. I recall a loooong conversation I had with him once - i totally disagreed with his views on certain topics. Hey ho.

    The biggest problem is hypocrisy - top to bottom. My generation grew up doing what we liked outside of jamaat - just ensuring we didnt get caught - but always had the view we'd settle down and never leave it as such. The office bearers, amirs etc - again there are some very humble god fearing people... but then there are those that are just plain nasty and political.

    Theology and religious points aside - i do have lots of love for the jamaat - just not it's politics and behaviors of office bearers.

    I'm waffling now.

  30. @ anonymous: 09.36.

    I still work very closely with thecult. I am in regular contact with both brothers farhan and hussain. Its just that I don't have the time anymore to manage this, and keep up with regular posts/share everything twice over there. I'm just about coping with cultgirl- its very time consuming. Alhamdulillah. I don't have the time. I don't think they need this poxy blog to plug them, do you? They got it running in the first place! If you search 'cult girl' the blog returns the first result. Says it all. But we have the links for both the blog and forum and I try to link back as often as I can. We also have a page for all of brother hussain and co's flyers. Its a team, under the same umbrella, using different techniques. Its all good.

  31. @Ahmadis

    Why don't you engage in the theology part of Islam and Ahmadiyyat on the forums, there is a wealth of information for guidance there too. If you think that you are on the right path then why should you not engage in healthy discussions with Muslims and ex Ahmadis, you should be afaid of Allah (swt) and not Rafiq Hyat or Mirza Masroor.

    You question Sister Findings on this blog and throw such accusations on her but at least she is concerned about her emam. If you only come here for the jamaamti news and not interested in the true part of Islam just shows how blind you really are!


  32. The sad fact is, I would say 90 percent reading are only here for the gossip. I am just hoping there are some genuine truth seekers out there who genuinely care about their beliefs and religion, and who are able to use what's going on in Jamaat and apply it to ahmadiyya as a whole. I'm not deluded here. Most will remain ahmadis- right or wrong. But I know there are people reading who really want to become Muslim. Its all about the gossip. Still... Its doing some good that's for sure. If for those hard done by Ahmadis, some changes are made as a result, then so be it. Who wants to follow an oppressive, repressive regime?! ideally I hope there are people out there like me (closet muslims waiting to make a get a way) or what have you not.

  33. KK stands for kala kawwa, kalicharan, whahayatkalia, you can make anything out of KK KK sahib

  34. Let me talk to you in code? I will respond here and you explain.

    So.. KK..I get the drift. Now without using any names, please tell me why you think its the person/persons you mentioned? Is this what the KK's office are also speculating? What makes you say its him? Give me a few reasons. This is important, as we could be on to something else. Why would he want to do this?

    I can assure you in the meantime its nothing to do with the individual you mentioned. I don't even know who he is.

  35. To those who are saying cultinfo and other anti ahmadiyya sites do not have as much going for them as this Blog. let me tell you they have the same stuff. as they say same S***t different toilet. its all the same old recycled stuff.

  36. Sorry to bore you but its about driving the same message home until people wake up! It is what it is. This blog is new, its slightly innovative in the way its hammering things home that's why its getting the attention right now. Its not gonna be around forever as I can't do this forever. So don't worry...

  37. Alright, if we take for a moment that people do not have interest in these sites, which show the true face of this khadan and cult. Then, we Mirza Masroor banned the facebook, their maribis made a complaint to our groups on facebook, they tried to block this site, and others.
    Dear Ahmedis, tell us you have TV Channel, website, and printed and elecltronic media, what you have brought in 125 years?

    Mujid Salam

  38. can someone please help me? i want to leave the jamaat but dont know how. i want to revert to islam. i live in islamabad, surrey and things are tight for me.

    please can someone help me. i am really in need of advice.

  39. also i need to know what will happen to my family if i do akhraj from the jamaat myself? i have no one to marry but i cant lead a double life like you anymore. i think i would have to leave the premises here in islamabad. what rights do i have? please help.

  40. I thought KK was short for Kaala Kutta. It's certainly descriptive of 'him'.

  41. @ Findings 4 December 2011 13:08

    Are you running out of steam?
    How long are you planning on keeping this pathetic blog going? Because I can assure you Ahmadiyyat will still be around after you and your puppet masters will be humiliated like your mate, Farhan Qureshi.

  42. @ anonymous from Islamabad (guildford). Can you please make contact via email? I will try my best to respond within a week with all the relative info that will inshallah help you. I will have emails in order by then. In the meantime please consult the various links available on this site. I would recommend that you also take a look at Suhaib Webb's site- a very good portal/source for reverts. I understand the predicament you are in must be difficult indeed. Please make contact with me in private. May Allah make it easy for you and may you find a way out of this cult and their land in which you live in. Soon. Inshallah.

    @ other anonymous. NO I am not running out of steam! Had you read my previous comments, I explained I will not be in the Jamaat for much longer inshallah. That is why I can't keep the leaks coming forever. However I do plan to set up another site (maybe in a year or so). I was thinking a bitesize : 'the dummies guide to ahmadiyyat'. Lol, what you reckon to that? Pathetic blog? Don't read it. Don't
    contribute by commenting.

    Yes ahmadiyyat will be around for a long time. No doubt. Just like sikhism will be. And your point is?

  43. Grave cintradictions in you you have published names of persons and their businesses too but avoiding the reference i am suggesting i think it is you i am pretty sure

  44. @ findings bet you cant wait to stop being a hypocrite and leading a double life. You should Leave if you don't agree.

    You will be missed

    When is the big day??

    perhaps you can get together with your mate Farhan Qureshi and create this new blog im sure it will be inspiring!!!!!

    Ahmadiyyat the true Islam will be around for a long time Inshalla.

  45. Has hazrat rafiq hayat khalifa [barber NAI is also known as khalifa] das numbri got any ilham about you and your findings

    Please see his two faces!!!!!!!!!!!
    FACE ONE:-)
    The head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, said it was important to pay tribute to the valuable role Britain played in the fight against fascism.

    He said: "Muslims are obliged to be loyal to the country in which they live.


    FACE TWO>;)


    Mirza Masroor Sahib
    Head of Jamat Ahmadiyya Worldwide

    Janab Mirza Masroor Sahib,

    Further to our challenge to you(which will end on 10th Nov 2011)and your jamat to prove from Quran about your activities to your own members, we muslims like to see your reply in public.

    You and your previous Khalifa sahib both took British Passports by taking OATH on Quran, that you will be faithful to Queen of UK, and same as your members in UK and similarly to other western governments by taking similar oath to their governments.

    Then we see that in legal matters, especially in your time, your administration is forcing people to bring matrimonial matters(specaily) related cases to Dar-ul-Qaza, and this announcements had been made to your members.

    Since then, we see two cases and please explain, what wrong these people did as you punish them and not the culprits.
    1) Mrs Kahloon, seeking finacial help for her and her children, which your Qaza cannot enforce to Mr Kahloon monthly incommings, as the court of country can do.
    2) We see that there was an old case, came to our knowledge, which is Mr Afzaal and his family, and he had stopped the kidnap of his son by taking UK exit order from court, which your Qaza cannot enforce.
    3) Also your jamat expell the son of first Khalifa, but now cannot expell Mr Mirza Fareed.

    Can you explain these three cases, and we do not know, how many others like this are there in your Jamat.

    If you cannot explain yourself, then ask your jamat to post the reply on net on your jamat website main page.

    Shame on him, speechless idoit, he cannot answer these questions and keep giving statement in local newspapers.

  47. @ findings

    What steam????
    What leaks????

  48. Salaam Findings,

    I just wanted to drop a note here to tell all the paid Qadianis trying to give you grief that:

    a) Findings' blog is fantastic. Keep up the excellent work. The reason it is getting so much attention is because it is *effective*.

    b) TheCult blog and forum are fantastic. Farhan and Tahir, my beloved brothers in Islam are doing excellent work. The reason that gets so much attention, of its own kind, is because it's effective.

    c) Just because we are all doing different things, doesn't mean we don't share the same goals. alhamdulillah we are aligned, and we are Muslims.

    d) Ahmadiyya is a cult. There are many different blogs and forums dedicated to ensuring that as many people as possible get the message and as many people as possible are saved and come back to Islam before the whole Ahmadiyya cult edifice, built as it is on a foundation of Mirzaquackery quicksand, comes tumbling down.

    e) The Haters are gonna hate. That's why they're the only organisation connected with religion in the WORLD with the word "hate" in their slogan.

    f) To the poster mentioning me, we all do our own stuff, and we all get along just fine. As for the downturn in activity on thecult forum, that happens, it's phases. The blog is still getting huge hits, always has done, and all of these sites are being monitored non-stop by Raf, Basha, Nasser and mates, that's what counts. They're being hit hard and they don't like it.
    Bear in mind that the forum was set up for Muslims, not for Ahmadis. The odd Ahmadi comes and is welcome, but a few things happen. They either realise that they haven't got a leg to stand on and scarper, or they realise that they're getting beaten and they start getting abusive and get banned (some of these people call me "bastard", but when they meet me in the flesh, they are not so quick to open their dirty mouths) or they leave the cult.

    f) Oh and BTW, I'm coming back early in the new year. And I'm bringing some friends. :-)

    Keep up the great work Findings. You ROCK! Keep "Kickin Ass and taking names!"

  49. In a gruesome incident late Saturday night, 29 graves in an Ahmadi graveyard were desecrated in Pakistan. This kind of backward behaviour is not limited to just Pakistan in the UK there has been Alarming rise of Muslim 'honour attacks' in the UK as police reveal almost 6000 were carried out last year. Findings, Shahid, Farhan and other Blind folk this is the state of affairs in the so called Muslim world. Blind deaf and dumb are you so called Muslims.

  50. Jzks brother shahid.

    Go get em'!

    Yes @ anonymous: what steam and what leaks? YAWN. I'm so tired already!

    @ anonymous 'ahmadiyya true islam' malarky. Who said anything about a 'big day'? Now now, don't assume things! Yes and I cannot WAIT to get out of this perverse cult! I cannot wait! I'm counting down. Inshallah it won't be long now.

    Yes. That is despicable. These ignorant Muslims who desecrated Qadiani graves are idiots. They should show some respect. What's the point, when they know they are already being punished 6 feet under? At least leave the surface looking pleasant because if they believe in the punishment of Allah and of the grave, they would have had no need to do that. Allah is seeing to them in His own way. They should know they are getting their just desserts for following a fake prophet. Very shameful on their part. Hope the police catch them.

    Shame on those Muslims. May they be taught a harsh lesson. They need to relax, and drop the hate and know Allah will see to them for disrespecting their Nabi saaws. Also not nice for their loved ones and it only adds to their fear of 'the mullahs'. Hope they are caught and forced to apologise.

    @ honour killings.... LOOOOL. Lets not go there shall we? Lol.

  51. @ findings how do you know they are being punished 6 feet under?? has God told you or perhaps he might have told Shahid oh wait perhaps Farhan. Get a life stop assuming, when you dont know diddley squat.

  52. I really hope that's a rhetorical question and not a serious one!! Allah punishes ALL disbelievers-would you agree or disagree? Read up on the Punishment of the Grave and the Punishments in Hell. Allah tells us in the Quran. What more clear proof do you want?

    Anyways... I see you are proud in defeat! You weren't able to bring me 23 names but want to tallk 6000 honour attacks. LOL. Some 'sultanalqalam' you are!

  53. @ shahid
    that is exactly how you people interpret you have proven your self, you pick up a word and then moan about it that that is how qadianis are.

    And findings is thankful for pumping up some "steam" but i can assure you even that wont last longer.
    @ findings If you a have the slightest guts go down to pakistan and challenge those IDIOTS and see what they make of you, findings you are unfortunately lost you have no one and no religion everyone uses you disposes you off and that is what is going to happen again
    And lets not forget ALLAH knows everything who is going to get the punishment how when and where leave that to ALLAH try not to dictate nauzobillah ALLAH that if one day you come to know that they are lying in peace in those graves than go after nauzobillah ALLAH

  54. Hitgirl what's takin so long? ur prayers may have been answered!!!!

  55. @ Anon 09:27

    topic diversion. predictable and usual tactic.
    findings don't give this anon the time of day.

  56. Kick ass I am still locked out! I've even got a response ready for you! Actually hold that thought... Check in 20 mins.

    @ anonymous. Why do you keep making assumptions about my private life?? I'm an invisible character but you are talking as if my life story is available for all to read. Seriously????

  57. It's really sad to see the hatred from both sides. I have seen how Ahmadis go to the media and portray an innocent picture of themselves and point out they are the true Muslims and the rest are all terrorists, that in it self is a dangerous game they are playing. There is a deeper agenda in their planning from the beginning that is why we say read MGA books, history regarding the British and Ahmadiyyat. Common Ahmadis and their leadership, especially Mirza Masroor never gives answers, it shows his leadership is weak, can't he see the corruption within his jamaat, sorry to say Ahmadis but this is a cult like behaviour. No one knows who is going to hell fire not even MGA knew when he said all non-Ahmadis are kafir and will go to the hell fire. Islam is pure and right but MGA, his family and his administation have pretty much messed up Islam for all the Ahamdis, chanda, wasiyyat and waft-a-nau are all bidah, and what is written in his books are highly questionable!
    Muslims on the other hand have lost the real meaning of Islam, you are either extreme or totally lost your faith, you would find very few who really do practice Islam. Great! what great examples are we giving the world about Islam, some are extreme and kill and then you have lunatics like MGA with his books and Ahmadis who worship the ground that the white folks walks on.


  58. keep that steam coming findings, or perhaps your just hot air!!!!

  59. Rafique How IS everything at home?? :P

  60. I hear things are not too good with Raf at the moment. You gotta feel sorry for him.
    Actually don't it's called Karma. What goes round comes back around hey.

  61. Findings your like a steamer who's run out of water. Im Sure your lost friends can give you some.

  62. a) Qadiyanees lost the battle- fact.
    b) this girl is making them all look stupid and without the use of rocket science! simple, kindergarten challenges and they fail to beat her.
    c) the Qadiyanees are pros in diversion. they are now bringing up 'grave hunters' and 'honor killings' as a way to fight about something, anything other than the failure of the challenge.
    d)how utterly embarrassing for the entire UK administration that a woman, probably young enough to be Masroors grandchild is bitch slapping them. its taken years to bring them to their knees like this and it was one of their very own. who will ever forget the infamous 'khalifa groping' picture.

    ssssssss. just what the muslims have always wanted.


  63. How has she run out of steam? You are still visiting and commenting, are you not?

    Silly beggars.

  64. LEAVE OUR DADDY ALONE. Things are really difficult for him at the moment. We can't tell you because it's real personal but what all of you are doing is just not fair. He can't even defend himself and people are laughing behind hid back.
    We've told him 'dad you don't need this pressure and ridicule just resign before things get worse'. But mum won't hear of it she can't imagine life not being the ameers wife. And while he continues as ameer things are just getting worse at home. We want Huzoor to let him go. But even Huzoor realizes that the jamaat won't be able to carry on with out dad. And mum is always with khaala saboohi making sure that dad's position is safe.
    We thought living with our daddi was bad but since all this has happened life has become awful. So please please please stop this findings we beg you, all four of us. Have some mercy.

  65. LOL one thing I have to give Ahmedis:- they have brilliant sense of humours! I think it must be the Punjabi in them; punjabis (I am Sindi) are 'jokers' and are always up for a laugh!

    This girl has a brute sense of humour! I can imagine you are always making your friends and family laugh! mA!

    This 'scenarious' with your Amir's family have me in hysterics! No doubt an Ahmedi is behind it! I love your humour!

  66. Tariq, Khaullah, Maliha and Khalid- putars do not worry! Daddy is bring home the PEE's for you! Money is everything. We still love you. HeHe.

  67. lol @ Pee's! Man is stacking the paper! He ain't too tuff on his Salaah or Religion though!

    Paper Chaser Rafser!

  68. The recent blog entries have been funny The Wizard of Maz, When Raffi met Mazzi, Dirty Raffy :lol: :lol: and how about Kick Mass :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: and Nasser Khan Catch me if you can. or To Catch a Thief, Pirates of the AMJ :lol: :lol: :lol: This is endless.
    As for our 'Rafiq Hayat' comments that cracked me up no end.

  69. Findings don't be so quick to judge! Your own Dad could end up replacing him as Amir! Imagine that, and are you going to start laying into him instead? You won't be happy until the position is scrapped altogether! All Hail Queen Findings let's all bow down to her requests because she is throwing her toys out of her victorian pram! Lil Miss Grumpy Findings is mad and so she has set up a Blog to attention seek! Girlfriend we have all got the point. You are unhappy. Why don't you go and get married and your husband can lavish all the attention in the world on you! You deserve it. Every Dog has its Day!

  70. @ findings
    that is what I was exactly saying see the comment anon 10;14,

  71. Dear Ahmedis

    Please loyal to your country where you live, according to Present Huzoor. But please never challenge the family run Dar-ul-Qaza, according to Mirza MASROOR your Qaza Board is superior then country.

    Loyality gone out of window, and please make sure repeat telecast the pledge on MTA to cheat the British Masters.

    Ask him and Raf idiot to answer the challenges, these both do not fear Allah.
    Any other Ahmedi do you want to answer, as they cannot??

    Mujid Salam

  72. @ findings
    No body cares whats findings going through all your team is making sure that you carry on with whatever filth you can come up against jummat as is clear in ANON 10;14 comment
    I really feel sorry for you findngs your parents should be ashamed of themselves

  73. I would kindly ask my fellow Ahmadis to not steep to the level of the opponent and start using harsh words for anyone.

    Findings, I pray that you are well. Something has been on my mind lately and I was wanting to know your thoughts.

    Are you waiting for the jamaat to catch you so that you can be expelled or would you be willing to leave the jamaat by making your own decision to leave? The reason I ask is because I wonder about the hurt and pain you will cause for your dearest and nearest who genuinely love and care for you? What would you say to them?

  74. Findings what will it take for you to LEAVE OUR DADDY ALONE. What did he do to you?
    All of yous out there who think its funny it's not.
    Mum says she'll deal with it and she's doing her best, she's the only one who wants dad to stay as Ameer. For some reason it doesn't matter how bad things are for dad she thinks being an ameers wife is worth it. It's been 10 long years. Even Obama can only do a max of 8 or 9 years as the President of the USA. Surely Huzoor can change dad now, all of this is really affecting him.
    Just look at his eyes and face next time you meet him. You know the eyes are the windows to your soul. Look into dads eyes and you'll see. He's not a well man.
    Someone out there show sympathy for our dad. No one ever defends him on this site never. And the other day I heard some 'friends' sniggering about him calling him a KK and whahayatkalia and saying how cool Findings is. They stopped when they saw me but I'd already heard what they said.
    We've got legal advice from the most expensive lawyers, and now dad wants to go the second most expensive to get a second opinion. Luckily the jamaat is paying as it's really expensive. Let this be a warning to you Findings if you don't stop then my dad's gonna send the lawyers to sort you out.

  75. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle5 December 2011 at 12:21

    @anon 5th December 10:40
    You just don't get it do you??? The administration are cheating you, the spiritual leadership is cheating you and the prophet you follow was a liar. Even if the next "Khalifa" was my dad i would forbid and expose this falsehood. And most Muslims are the same so I think the only person throwing toys is raf because this "grumpy" girl is slapping him silly. He must feel like king cooper getting slapped about by that podgy little plumber lollllll

  76. God forbid anyone else's father end up a KhaLIEfa... What a curse that would be. What a punishment. If my dad was appointed at the next general elections for KhaLIEfa.. I would expose him too! CREATOR BEFORE CREATED, as a wiseman once advised me.

    Grumpy lil girl..I'm sure ANYONE that knows me would know that's far from the truth ;) I do like the 'Lil Miss' series of stories though!

  77. @ anon 5 December 2011 10:56 I really feel sorry for you findngs your parents should be ashamed of themselves....WHATS HER PARENTS GOT TO DO WITH IT...SHES MADE A CHOICE TO EXPOSE WHAT SHE SEES SO STOP WITH THE "O YOUR PARENTS CHAT"IF U DONT LIKE IT DONT COME TO THE SITE....

  78. findings certainly needs sympathy help and support

  79. lol....I love the "LEAVE OUR DADDY ALONE" plea. Its so heartbreaking. How about making a documentary called "My daddy is running a cult" and ask for donations etc? Then you can show the human and sympathetic sides of the man who must endure the "burden" of being Amir to sooo many muslims, and how he reeeally didnt want that position. After all, muslim leaders are only reluctantly accepting a position of power, no?

    That said - this blog has been a revelation for me. Keep it up!

    Regards from a closet muslim/ex-ahmadi from Scandinavia.

  80. @ LEAVE OUR DADDY ALONE; maybe he shouldn't have screwed so many people. Power has gone to his head and he thought he could do as he pleases. And as for your mum she's said and done a lot that she shouldn't be proud of!

  81. No I am not doing it to get expelled. I will leave on my own accord inshallah. I will not let them have a one up on me. They will never know who I was, even when I leave, I will remain anonymous to protect my family. I won't be 'doing a Shahid' and make any public announcements. Its different for women. I will never let them kick me..I'm gonna walk out a very proud woman inshallah! My family will suffer, but such are the consequences of their perverse beliefs and willingly allowing this KhaLIEfa to run their lives. Lifes cruel.

    @ hayat kids oh will you give it a rest with your whingeing! Go and tell your dad I have an important message for him later this evening! Tell him to be ready for me. I don't care what he is feeling... He has only himself to blame! And if Mas is that incompetent that he can't live without him, then some Khalifa he is!

  82. Hi I'm from Canada. Can someone explain why people dislike the ameer of uk so much. He seems to have a really bad reputation from what I am reading and hearing. Does any one like him?

  83. @ findings thank god you have admitted to be a woman,

    but than who knows lying is you favorite hobby for one reason or the other

  84. Well I learnt from the master of all liars: MIRZA GHULAM QADIANI! I hope he is proud.

  85. Well done all Ahmedis, for ignoring the challenges.

    My Last conversation with any Mariabi was few months ago, his name was Anees Batti sahib. From their metaphoric arguments, when I reply to him with logic. His reply was, ''Jawab dethey whoiey moot perthi hey''(Mean desparate to see the answer they want)

    Now same reply to them and all International Jamat Ahmadiyya.

    Come on, It was your claim you always follow QURAN and you have glorified second era of Islam!!!!

    Mujid Salam

  86. Anonymous said...
    Hi I'm from Canada. Can someone explain why people dislike the ameer of uk so much. He seems to have a really bad reputation from what I am reading and hearing. Does any one like him?
    5 December 2011 20:35

    Yes, all blind Ahmadis, Findings and 3M like him very much. Blind ones have been given no other choice and being Cult members, they have no other option too. Findings likes her as she got 100K hits in his ribs. I like him,as no one can do the damage to jamaat Ahmadiyaa Kafriaa more than him.

    May GOD bless you for asking this question!

    3M (Who was born Blind but refused to be led by Blinds)

  87. To all the Ahmadi contributors on this post, we are missing you on the MIRZA GHULAM QADIANI: KING OF KONTRADICTIONS post... None of your wise-cracks or "true-islam" comments over there.

    And you accuse her of running out of steam when you can't defend the contradictions or bring forth 23 Names?

    Also, don't the "idiots" in pakistan have internet access? Their faith has been challenged, surely they can club together and go to the nearest PCO to convey the 23 names to someone in England?

    Pathetic responses to sincere questions -wake up Qadianis.

  88. @ findings common allow the comments let every one know how honest you sign of defeat

  89. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle5 December 2011 at 22:36

    @anon 21:13
    If we are talking about liars where are the 23 names? Where is the saheeh Hadith? Where is qadian in the Quran? Why don't you stop worrying about findings's arts and crafts hobbies and worry about where you are gonna go after you die. What if mirza lied? :0

  90. Leave thier daddy alone but they had rods in their necks being childten of hayat legacy they think they own ahmadiyya legacy and they look at some ahmadis with a dirty gaze as if they are persona non grata God's wreth has fallen on him as we see RAF so powerful no one could do harm to him as he used to tell poor ahmadis but God is not poor He has finished him and his progeny for ever

  91. If there is any inkling of the fear of God in you, you would spend your time learning about how to control your nafs rather than letting it go on rampage like here.

    P.S. I am not an Ahmadi (I will call them by the name they like to be called, thanks).

  92. @findings 21;39 comment

    well than what are you moaning about

    you are a trained liar, where did you learn that is a separate issue and why should any one believe you that where did the training come from but one thing for sure no body wants LIARS like you in the jummat

    SO pack-up and practice your lies somewhere else

  93. @anon 01:48

    She left Qadianism to join Islam - acknowledged that there is no god but for Allah and that Muhammad (saw) is the final messenger of Allah - do you think she made that decision for any other reason than the fear of god? Stop being so pompous and start practising what you preach.

    Also, do you consider Ahmadis as muslims or not? Just curious as you want to call them what they liked to be called.

  94. Anon 12:10 she has not left Qadianism she is still with them. we dont need a a hypocrite and coward like her in our midst. Shes only good for one thing stealing documents from them. When that stops who cares about her. sorry if i seem harsh but im sick of Muslims not being honest and truthful.

  95. On a serious note, put the documents issue and the name calling aside...isn't it worrying that nobody brought the 23 names? Or that the contradictions thread needs some answers? Doesn't it make you think?

  96. Anonymous said...
    On a serious note, put the documents issue and the name calling aside...isn't it worrying that nobody brought the 23 names? Or that the contradictions thread needs some answers? Doesn't it make you think?

    6 December 2011 22:54

    That's just it no Ahmadis are actually answering these questions, instead they are attacking either Findings or Muslims but never relate to the scriptures of their so called prophet. Wake Up Ahmadis!!!

  97. We are here to defend the prophet of the Holy prohet

    no body is attacking findings she herself admitted being a liar 21;39
    and this only is an example of the so called muslim ummah you are in so its time for you to WAKE UP

  98. findings the liar!!!
    she's not a liar,
    she's just brainwashed

  99. Findings@ 5 December 2011 18:38

    Yes, this question is asked of ex-Ahmadis: 'what will your parents feel'?

    Your answer is superb.

    wa al-laisa lil insaani illaa ma sa'aa (and nothing for a human but what he strives for or earns).

    We will be kind to our parents, but if they are hurt or humiliated because of the closed social environment of the cult -- it is a tough life and for each person are the consequences of their own choices.

  100. @ findings
    deluded about what?
    For me religion ,faith is , you act according to your belief regardless of what you are ie muslim, hindu, christian, jew. WHenever there is contradiction of your belief and action you are in trouble
    That is exactly your unfortunate situation in the past, present and will continue in future if you dont reconsider your acts

    If your beliefs at one time was ahmadi beliefs your action were not and that is why you are in this mess today and you dont know who to follow , and even if you know who to follow it wont be long that you will be coming out all gun blazing against them on some personal issue
    so my advice would be keep personal issues out of religion as human beings we have very little time in this world , if you are convinced that ahmadiat is wrong then leave and pray for youself

  101. Ahmadiyyat is truth, some current people are a disgrace.

  102. You are right in your own right do you if you honestly analyse the truth behind the worldly excummunication and punishment system is only based on establishing discipline authority of those in power. It is mainly based on personal vendatta jealously and struggle of power of those in management of the time with those whome they consider risk they add their personal hidden agendas against them let me take to to the death of ch ahmad mukhtar, masood jehlami, aftab khan they were accused and they could not survive the humiliation and died after their deaths white washing sermons were made first cause their death and them praise them is wholly nonsense there are so many who were victimised more than their faults look at KK do you think he is muttaqi can make right decisions you will then agree what i said above

  103. Sufi basharat was also victim, aslam javed was victim too

  104. Maulvi Fazal Illahi Anwari, maulvi ajmal shahid mr no problem was a victim too

  105. Ramta tunda is new PS in 2012

  106. LOVE FOR ALL [excluding Ahmadis] HATRED FOR NONE [excluding Ahmadis] this slogan in on buses and cabis' cabs who are all benefit chore work full time show less hours claim full benefits mostlh seen around RAF serving drinks and tea to him and his allies [flies]

  107. Who is Ramta Tunda Haji what is he his history how he reached so close to PS MJ and MAS can someone throw light on this association

  108. Ramta tunda haji will buy Q7 for MAS soon will he if not RAF will buy from chanda

  109. Apparently your website was hacked earlier and you were made fun of with the comment "I am not that much into you".
    You have made no mention of these, or even acceptance that you have been humiliated. Are you so low as to ingnore facts.
    Be confident be british, dont get beaten by Paki Freshies Pandus.