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The Dirty Dozen Flaws of Mirza Qadiani


Here is a very recent video that details some major flaws with Mirza Ghulam Qadiani's claim to prophethood. It's not specifically aimed at Ahmadis, more for Muslims so they can effectively give dawah to Ahmadis. However, I would also urge my Ahmadi readers to not miss out and view the video with an open mind.

Have a watch:

Here's a summary of the major points in the video

1. His name was unlike that of any Prophet.
2. No Prophet had a teacher.
3. No Prophet wrote a book.
4. The books of the Prophets had single names.
5. No Prophet was a poet.
6. Prophets were sent to the language of their people.
7. Prophets were from the offspring of Ibrahim [as].
8. No Prophet inherited anything.
9. No Prophet had a discharge.
10. Prophets were buried in the place they died.
11. All Prophets received revelation through Gibreel.
12. All the Prophets performed hajj.

I would implore all Ahmadis to try to refute these 12 points. I'm not going to entertain topic diversion from now on. Any irrelevant discussion will not be allowed. If you want to debate and discuss other topics then please now use the forums from now on. You can find the forums here.

So go on Ahmadis defend your prophet, refute the points made by Sheik Mumtaz Ul Haq. Do your duty with the 'jihad of the pen'!


  1. 3 & 4?

    If no prophet wrote a book then how can the books of the prophets exist?

    Findings this one's for you.

    1. Tell me this.. did Isa(as) write down the Bible during his lifetime? Did Muhammad author and write down the Quran himself?

      The answer to both of those questions is no.

      The 'books of the prophets' were the divine revelation of Allah. They didn't write books, they received revelation from Allah which they in turn delivered to the people. Which books did Muhammad SAAWS author?

      Muhammad SAAWS was himself illiterate as you well know. If Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was the perfect emulation and 'Burooz' of Muhammad SAAWS, then why wasn't he also illiterate? Why did he instead claim the following:

      ". . . . for the sake of British Government, I have published & distributed 50,000 leaflets in this country (India) other Islamic countries(against jehad). . . . the result is that hundreds of thousands of people have given up their filthy ideas about Jihad." (Roohani Khazain vol 15 p.114)

      WOW! Look at your prophet! Shouldn't he be doing all that leafleting for the sake of Allah. What a fraud he was.

    2. His jamaat are leafleting all over the world. So a prophet of God has to be illiterate?

    3. Mirza Qadiani claimed to be a perfect copy of Muhammad SAAWS. Why didn't he copy him in this aspect? Why was he completely the opposite with respect to literacy?

    4. this makes Holy prophet (saw) UNIQUE then doesn't it.

    5. Not according to Mirza Qadiani himself:

      The person who makes a difference between me and the Mustafa has neither seen me nor recognized me."
      (Khutba-e-Ilhamiah, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 16, P. 259; Khutba-e-Ilhamiah, P. 171)

      Just shows, the fake prophet kept catching himself out. He was one big bag of contradictions.

    6. Out of context AGAIN!!!!!!! These one liners will always keep you blindfolded.

      Lets go back a page. This is what the Promised Messiah (as) implies:

      1. If the Holy Prophet (saw) is like a teacher then I am like his STUDENT.

      2. I teach exactly what the Holy Prophet (saw) taught so much so that me and my followers are like his Sahaba.

      3. Now, whoever differentiates between me and the Holy Prophet (saw) has not understood or recognized me.

      In this context is the Promised Messiah (as) comparing his literacy with that of the Holy Prophet (saw) or his teachings?

      Stop copying and pasting the same allegations from anti Ahmadiyya websites and go and read the books yourself and then ask questions in the context of the topic. It makes you look illiterate yourself!

    7. Farhan there's a saying of the Promised Messiah (as) about Syria? I'm not sure if it was written down anywhere, maybe you have read about it. It's regarding Syria and the third world war. I only remember it because I was watching the news last night. Scary.

    8. Findings I think the problem is you being able to read urdu but not being able to understand it because you are British born.

  2. he wrote books because it was time for the jihad of the pen.

    1. Really? And who decided it was time for 'jihad of the pen'? Two world wars have occurred since your so-called Messiah died, yet it's time for 'jihad of the pen'? Also.. why didn't any of the other prophets write books as well?

      Also don't you find it strange that your Jamaat STILL hasn't translated the vast majority of Mirza Qadiani's books into English?

      If it's time for jihad of the pen then what are they waiting for? Surely translating his books would be the greatest jihad they can do? I mean it's not like they've had over 100 years or anything to translate them. LOL!

      And care to take a stab at the other 11 points?

  3. Because other prophets brought the FINAL world of Allah. Wasn't this prophet on a different mission?

  4. And guys don't get too hung up on just one of these points. There are 11 more! I'd love for an Ahmadi to explain why Mirza had wet-dreams.. when Muhammad SAAWS categorically told us that prophets don't have wet dreams as the Shaytaan can't touch them.

    1. The point of the wet dreams was mentioned by his own son in Seerat Ul Mahdi which I think was not translated by this cult but you can read more at:


  6. 12 points and 12 refutations- simples like says!

  7. Qadianis- The Scriptures are Allah's word not the word of the glorious men. Get it right! Now again...12 points- refute them!

  8. Findings you reach a wider audience than most other websites that are giving Dawah to the Qadiyanis. It is now your duty to step up the campaign. This is your cue to work for the Ummah. Do not fail those who are in dire need of guidance and assistance. The reward is unimaginable for you and your loved ones, should they receive the message. Do this for your mother and your father. For your brothers and your sisters. For your husband and your children. This is your time to reap the benefits for everyone out there. Your father WILL accept Islam inshaAllah Talah! And when he does, he will be rewarded for your efforts in his own way. Struggle for your children.

    I am envious of your rewards. We are allowed to envy when it comes to the deen. I am so jealous. Mashallah. Keep going and bring as many people as you can away from this filthy fasad and fitna.

    Go on and get them. Finish them. You can do this.

    1. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle29 January 2012 at 01:52

      ^ LIKE :) (thumbs up)

    2. ^ i like the "finish them" comment. this comes after your beliefs were 'finished' in the previous article. Was NOOOO come back from that one.

    3. What beliefs were finished in the previous article? LOOOOOOOOOOOL you are joking right? Please post all the thread and all the winning arguments here please :) Would LOVE to see what you 'won' on or rather, what no one entertained you on!!!!!!! Dont mistake silence for victory!!! Ahmadis leave many Muslims flabbergasted!

    4. YOUR OWN BELIEFS a.k.a. the beliefs of Ahlus Sunnah, the jamaat you belong to now were proven FALSE by your own damn self. Shabash Puttar.

      Anyone can go to the fake Irish article post and read for themselves, I'm surprised you didn't delete it and eat your own words like Farhan does.

      Oh let's not bring that convo up again shall we.

  9. Mirza Ghulam Qadiani first claimed he had a teacher. When he realised no prophet had a teacher, he quickly backtracked and said he had no teacher. This is because he knows he had to try and fulfill the criteria. Only thing is, it was too late, his books had already gone to print where he claimed he had teachers.


    Mirza Ghulam Qadiani is trying to warn you in his own way... keep back and keep walking. Do not fall into his trap...he has left you plenty of clues! SUBHANALLAH!

  10. Do the followers of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani believe that Mirza is truthful?
    Did Mirza ever lie or contradict himself?
    Mirza Qadiani writes:
    "The PROPHECIES of the Holy Quran and Ahadeeth certainly had to be fulfilled, in which it was WRITTEN that when
    1) the Promised Messiah will appear:
    2) he will be persecuted by the Muslim 'ulama.
    3) They will declare him a kaafir,
    4) issue fatawa to kill him,
    5) he will be extremely abused,
    6) he will be declared out of the fold of Islam
    7) and be considered to be destroyer of Deen."
    (Ruhani Khazain, Volume 17, page 53, and again in Ruhani Khazain Volume 17, Arba'een no. 3, p 404)

    ** Can anybody tell us where these prophecies are WRITTEN in both the Quran AND Ahadeeth? **

    To make it clearer and simple for Qadianis, we have now made them into SEVEN points for them to understand that:
    * Mirza wrote those PROPHECIES are clearly WRITTEN in the Qur'an and Ahadeeth
    * Qadianis MUST show us where it says "Maseeh Maw'ood" with each and every one of those prophecies, again, from the WRITTEN TEXT of BOTH the Qur'an and Ahadeeth exactly as Mirza has stated.

    We do not require any twisted interpretations from the Qadianis which do not fit the above criteria.

    In regards to the person who lies, Mirza Qadiani himself wrote:
    "When someone is proven a liar in one thing, then he is no longer reliable in other matters." (Roohani Khazain, Vol 23, p 231; Chashma Ma'arifat p 222)

    "Telling a lie is not the lesser evil than to be an apostate." (Ruhani Khazain, Vol 17, p 407; Arba'een no. 3, p 25 - footnote)

    "The person who attributes lies to Allah, is the greatest of all disbelievers." (Ruhani Khazain, Volume 22, page 167)

    REMINDER: This challenge is only for those people who believe Mirza Ghulam Qadiani never lied and was a truthful person.

  11. @Sister Findings:
    I pray for you a lot these days and am much inspired by the show of courage and commitment.
    No words or actions can truly depict my heartfelt feelings of respect and humility after reading your awesome posts.

    Indeed, Allah swt guides whoever is sincere in search for the Truth.

    May Allah swt guide us all to the truth. i.e .Islam, as mentioned in the quran wa sahih hadith.


    I hope you introduce more topics concerning the 'unknown' (or not so discussed) matters of this cult of ahmediyyah.

    e.g. TEECHI TEECHI (the name says it all! doesn't it)


    I wish,furthermore, to share my personal experience at dealing with ahmedis/qadianis, and was amazed to find out, how evil and childishly arrogant they can be.

    I wish to share it, with your permission of course, so that all users can read and take heed (and learn some manners of 'approaching the qadiani' cult members.

    I have set up a page on flickr for the 'casual' googlers who may yearn to know the truth about MGAQ - the dajjal from punjab.;_ylt=Ah_8IDEtWDTY2r.EmxcX8dPsy6IX;_ylv=3?show=faOSLHt6aa&view=public

    In case, you need any help/material or wish to share something, do send me a mail on my YA account.

    I'll be honored to be of any help.

    Last but not the least.

    Do please pray for us all and keep learning more about Islam - the Greatest of Blessings of Allah swt.

    may Allah guide us upon the truth, and protect us from all evil and hypocrisy
    Ya arhamar raahimeen.

  12. Hey cult girl, you're not going to get answers from these guys coz they're ignorant themselves. Not only this they're not interested in finding out the truth for themselves. They're completely deaf dumb and blind when it comes to asking questions. Look at Mirza Masroor the current leader- anyone who can accept this guy as a 'leader' needs their head examined. Their leader isn't even able to answer any questions himself which is why he doesn't even attempt to hold question answer sessions with his own members, let alone Muslims. Go figure.

  13. These 12 points are all OBSERVATIONS. Bring proof from Quran and Hadith!

    Can you name ALL 124,000 prophets? Let alone their whereabouts and where they are buried etc ?

    Your arguements are so hollow that I'm giggling away here.

  14. A few people were sent on his behalf for "hajj-e-badal". He could not go himself as it could have caused "fitna" as the Quran says, "...when you are safe.." then you are required to perform hajj.

    The Holy Prophet (saw) performed Hajj only once in his lifetime even though it was obligatory and in his own country. He could not perform Hajj prior to that as it was not safe for him and his companions.

    I want proof that all 124,OOO prophets performed Hajj like you are saying! Bring it!

  15. Last time when I called you childis you did not like it "Findings" but again childish!!!!!!!!
    Point 1 to 10 & 12
    1-Prophets have been sent to the whole world but we have known names in Quran less than 40 . We do not have have the full details Of their lives in Quran .
    So how can even these conditions apply to them????
    And about other more than 123960 Prophets ????
    Where are their details and proof of fulfilling these conditions????
    2-Where has this mentioned in The Holy Quran that any of these is a condition of a Prophet???
    4-The Holy Prophet ( SAW) did not write Himself literally but what are The Books Of Ahadith full of ???? Those are the sayings of Him (SAW) and now compiled in books .
    5-If you mean all Prophets had single revealed book !!!
    Ist of all not every Prophet was given a Book .
    And if you mean revealed book then Hadrat Masih e Maud (AS) had "Tadkirah".
    5- Prophet (SAW) said a couplet Himself in Arabic
    "Anannabiyyo La Kazib
    Anabno Abdul Muttalib"
    6-Hadrat Jibrail (AS) brought Revealation to Hadrat Masih e Maud ( AS).
    Focus on my Ist point mainly and think where do you stand?
    And by the way honestly tell me do you really know the name and background of this molvi sahib ????

    1. Nicely said. Thank you :-)

    2. Sunni convert I think your being deliberately facetious.. however I'll entertain you.

      1. Ahamdis are meant to be logical people.. therefore you should rely on observation.. just like scientists do to draw conclusions. We have information of 25 named prophets in the Quran. As we don't have information on the other 123,975 we obviously can't include them when drawing conclusions. Therefore your point is irrelevant when bringing up these prophets that we know nothing about.

      2. No-one claimed that these are 'conditions' or that they were 'mentioned in the Holy Quran'. Please leave your straw man arguments at the door.

      I've noticed that you're not very good at numbering points.. you've skipped out 3 and have 5 twice, but I'll use your numbering system!

      4. No one is talking about Hadith. The argument relates to general books. The reason prophets didn't author books nor compose poetry is because their people would then have a case to argue that the revelation they brought was man-made. Why do you think Muhammad SAAWs couldn't read nor write?

      5. Messengers (rasul) were given a 'Book' from Allah. What point are you trying to even make here?

      5. I'd very much like to see an authentic source that shows that couplet attributed to Muhammad SAAWS. Regardless a single couplet is not poetry. If I said: "A fat cat sat on a mat" would people call me a poet?

      6. Again, your missing the point. Mirza claimed that many different angels gave him revelation. Tichi Tichi was one of them amongst others. Why did Tichi Tichi lie and initially say he didn't have a name? Do angels lie? Also why didn't Muhammad SAAWS have the honour of being given revelation from Tichi Tichi.. or the angel who was an Englishman?

    3. @Findings:
      may Allah swt give you the patience and forbearance to deal with these 'fools'.

      @Former sunni - now qadiani convert:
      so, u left the sunnah of the prophet muhammed (peace be upon him), to instead, follow and believe in a man who claimed to be pregnant and give birth to himself? Nice.

      As for ur great lies:

      I will quote translation and interpretation of Quran to dispell the monstrous lies you spewed in ignorance:

      what does Allah swt say to those who consider Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) to be a poet?

      "Nay," they say, "(these are) medleys of dream! - Nay, He forged it! - Nay, He is (but) a poet! Let him then bring us a Sign like the ones that were sent to (Prophets) of old!" (Al-Anbiyaa: 5)

      do they say:- "A Poet! we await for him some calamity (hatched) by Time!" (At-Tur: 30)

      It is not the word of a poet: little it is ye believe! (Al-Haaqqa: 41)
      More ayah on link:!--Asad,--%3E||%3Cta%3Efalse%3C/ta%3E%3Ctt%3Efalse%3C/tt%3E%3Cts%3Etrue%3C/ts%3E%3Cdc%3Efalse%3C/dc%3E%3Ctx%3Etrue%3C/tx%3E%3Cal%3Efalse%3C/al%3E&-Sortorder=ascend&-Sortfield=cv&-find

      and please don't say 'quran was changed', or aim to 'change the quran (tahreef) as done by ur MGAQ - the great liar , whose lies can't be denied !

      Proof of Mirza qadyani, doing TAHREEF of the Quran (scanned images of mirzas works attached)

      Scanned pages exposing the kufr from the qadiani books of falsehood.

    4. Findings you need plenty of time yet b4 you can build a fairly reasonable argument....
      1-You can not rely on observations or conclusions on such fundamental principles religiously specially when you are setting standards and conditions which apply to truthful Prophet and scientific comparison is invalid as scientific obs. & conc. could be wrong later even accepted at a time.
      And 25 Prophets in Quran as u mentioned . There is no full detail of their lives mentioned in Quran and still cannot ignore the other 123975 in this regard.
      2-And if these conditions are not mentioned in Quran then they are basless and irrelevant. And rationally illogical. I give you one example:-
      One point was raised that Allah,s Nabi is burried where he dies. That means people will have to wait to judge the truthness of a Prophet untill he passes away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      However Quran has mentioned some Standards for Prophets so please go and find them.
      3-Prophet (SAW) did not write and read and you are saying people will think that Book is man made so what do you think non-believers said and say now. That is what they still say that Quran was written by Muhammad (SAW) Nauzubillah.???????
      4-You seem to be forgotton about 123975 Prophets but ok 25 mentioned in Quran . So how many were given a book? Can you list? If 4 then what about other 21 . Although I got the answer but let us you figure it out.
      However as I mentioned earlier Hadrat Masih e Maud ( AS) was revealed a book called "Tadkirah"
      5-A Prophet does not have to do poetry but it does not mean that One can not write poems .The verses qouted by some pls go and read Quranic verses with it,s context and "Shan e Nazul".
      6-Can you give refference where Hadrat Mirza Gulam Ahmad Qadiani ( AS) had said that "Teech teechi" or any other angel brought him REVEALATION ?????pls I will love to see that!!!
      And thanks for correcting my numbers however I am shocked no one yet has called me lier for this !!! Comeon I might be cheating with number... Have a go on me-:)

    5. Is this Sunni Convert for real? SubhanAllah I have heard Qadianis have a twisted logic but wow, you have really out done all expectations I had of them. May Allah guide you BACK to the Ummah of the LAST and FINAL Messenger of Allah. Saws.

    6. Your response clearly indicates you have nothing to say.

      Findings if we rely on observation then who spotted Hazrat Essa (as) fly to the skies and out live the greatest Prophet of Islam?

    7. 1. Then you're going to have to apply your own logic when it comes to such issues as 'Miracles' aren't you? You can't pick and choose when you want to apply logic/observation and when you don't. Miracles are a religiously fundamental principle. You Ahmadis harp on about how miracles are not 'supernatural' events and that they can be purely explained through scientific means. Use your own logic and realise how silly you now sound.

      2. You're forgetting we also have hadith. Why not address the point where it is categorically stated in hadith that Prophets of Allah don't have wet-dreams? And if you don't want to address hadith. Then take a look at the Quran where Allah categorically stated he never taught Muhammad SAAWS poetry. Why did Allah teach Mirza poetry? After all he composed Arabic poetry, and ALL his Arabic writings were a form of ilham.

      Why not address the specific issue were we have authentic Hadith that state Isa will perform Hajj on his return. Why didn't Mirza perform Hajj? LOL! He was afraid to cause fitna. right? Errr.. you should read his own excuses:

      "Letter of Maulvi Muhammad Husain Batalvi was read out in the esteemed presence of hazrat promised Masih, wherein objection was raised as to why he did not perform Haj. In reply, the promised Masih said: "My first assignment is killing of swine and breaking of the 'cross'. I am still killing swine; many swine have died but many hard cores are still left. Let there be some respite and disengagement!" (Malfoozat-e-Ahmadiya, Part Five, P. 264, compiled by Manzoor Ilahi).

      And don't be so silly.. there are multiple proofs to recognise a prophet, an incidental one is that he is buried at the place of his death. No one will rely on that for proof of prophethood alone.. so stop being facetious.

      3. Again you're missing the point. People may accuse Muhammad SAAWS of authoring the Quran, BUT their case is extremely weak as we know Muhammad SAAWS could neither read nor write. In the case of Mirza he authored many books, so we have a strong argument that his revelation was man-made. Especially is it's of this quality:

      "God is coming by His army. He is with you to kill enemy."
      English online Tadhkhirah PDF page.101 Book page.81

      "Though all men should be angry but God is with you. He shall help you. Words of God not can exchange."
      English online Tadhkhirah PDF page.164 Book page.144

      "We can what We will do"
      English online Tadhkhirah PDF page.99 Book page.79

    8. 4. There's no point discussing the other 123,975 prophets as they are an unknown element. Focus on the prophets that Allah has taught us about. Why was Mirza Qadiani SO different from them in every aspect? And the argument isn't that Mirza had a 'Book' or not. The argument is that he authored many other books. Again leave your straw man arguments at the door please.

      5. Shan e nazul? Never heard of it. Who was the author? Show me the authentic hadith that attributes this couplet to Muhammad SAAWS, otherwise no point in discussing it further.

      6. I think you're very confused about what revelation actually is, have you read the book 'Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge and Truth' by Mirza Tahir Ahmad? Let's have a look at how your fourth Khalifa defines revelation:

      "Revelation by itself does not make one a prophet. Even non-prophets can be granted revelation and be blessed by communion with Him. Revelation has a much wider field of application with many connotations such as dreams, visions, inspirations and even verbal addresses."

      So there's your reference. Revelation can take the form of dreams and verbal addresses.. Tichi Tichi came in a dream on who's command? Allah obviously. And he not only verbally addressed Mirza but also gave him glad tidings by pouring money into his lap, again this message came from Allah right? Tichi tichi is an angel, they only listen to the commands of Allah. If an angel giving Mirza a message whilst in a dream by the command of Allah isn't revelation, then I don't know what is! You really need to brush up on the Ahmadi beliefs regarding the nature of revelation :)

    9. Pow Pow Pow Cult Girl! Nailed it in one...

      AnonymousJan 29, 2012 03:15 AM

      Your response clearly indicates you have nothing to say.

      Findings if we rely on observation then who spotted Hazrat Essa (as) fly to the skies and out live the greatest Prophet of Islam?


    10. More one liner allegations. Nonsense. So according to you, Hazrat Essa (as) will return, everyone will witness this amazing miracle and accept Islam, game over.

      Yeh right, you are DREAMERS.

    11. Rather that than believe Mirza gave birth to him?!?!?! LOL.

      I believe in resurrection over reincarntion anyday! I am a christian before I am a Muslim but never was I a Hindu!

  16. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle29 January 2012 at 02:10

    Who or what is a teechi teechi? My nephew may say something like "mummy I did a teechi" LOL teechi sounds like some sort of tick or some cheap Pakistani taffy. How about darshani? Sounds like an Indian sari shop... What about kharaiti? sounds like a Korean martial art... And wasn't sheer ali a famous Pakistani squash player? Anywho... can anyone shed some like on these names? Rofl @ teechi teechi what an amusing name. I may name my virtual pet teechi the tomagotchi ... What you guys think?

    1. Teechi Teechi uncle is an angel. Do not mock Allah's angels for Allah's angels will mock you one day. Have some fear in Allah and repent.

    2. Lol Teechi Teechi was a figment of MGA's imagination.

    3. 'teechi teech uncle is an angel' <<

      No one mocks any angel.
      MGAQ lied about many things, and his dreams were satanic, in which he saw different jinns in different forms.

      A cat dreams of meat, so did MGAQ dreams of 'angels rewarding him with money!'

      Indeed, truth stands clear from falsehood, and qadianis have no way of considering the works of MGAQ as genuine 'gods words'.

      do you know why?

      Let me explain:

      Speaking about his own books, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani wrote:

      "Quran is God's Book and the words of my mouth.
      " (Advertisment dated 15th March 1897, Roohani Khazain vol 22 p. 87)

      "All Muslims regard my books with reverence and care and benefit from their sublime thoughts except those who are the offspring of prostitutes (bastards); God has put a seal upon their hearts and they do not accept me."
      (Aeena-e-Kamalat Islam, P.547-548;
      Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 5, Page 547-548)

      Mirza Ghulam Qadiani's own eldest son, Fadl Ahmad, did not believe in the claims of his father and did not respond to his call. In fact, when Fadl Ahmad died, Mirza Ghulam refused to participate in his funeral prayers!
      (Al-Fadl, 22 April, 1941 and 2 May, 1941)

      Puzzle 1:

      In the light of Mirza's earlier declaration, what was his son? What would this make Fadl Ahmad's mother (Mirza's wife)? What kind of a man was Mirza Ghulam to have such people as family members?

      With his offensive comment, Mirza Ghulam targeted the entire Muslim Ummah;
      but, Allah(SWT) made Mirza the recipient of his own attack.
      Indeed, the target of evil deeds is the evil doer himself.

      Over the years, Mirza Ghulam used vulgar and blasphemous statements regarding The Messiah(Jesus(pbuh)). After claiming he (Mirza) himself was The Messiah foretold by Hazrat Muhammad(SAW), Mirza claimed:

      "It was revealed to me that due to my humility and sacrifice and trust in God and signs and blessings, this humble self is a replica of the first life of Messiah. The nature of my humble self and the nature of Messiah are very much similar to each other as if two pieces of the same Jewel or two fruits of the same tree."
      (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 1, P. 593)

      Puzzle 2:

      Which Messiah was he taking about when he said that Messiah was an alcoholic, a womaniser, a man of low moral character, a liar, an impostor, an unbeliever, ...? Jesus(pbuh) the beloved prophet of Allah(SWT) or himself, the false claimant to being Messiah? Life of which Messiah was he describing?

      With his offensive writings, Mirza Ghulam targeted Jesus(pbuh);
      but, Allah(SWT) made Mirza the recipient of his own attack.
      Indeed, the target of evil deeds is the evil doer himself.

      Who was really Mirza Ghulam Qadiani? A reformer, Mehdi, Messiah, Muhammad, a Prophet, Hindu Lord, an obedient Servant of the British Imperialism, Dajjal, ...? Perhaps the best description is that given by himself:

      "I am neither an earth-worm nor a human being.
      I am the most hated organ of human body and a shame for humanity."
      (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 21, Page 127)

      Puzzle 3:

      Can you explain to us what is the "most hated organ of human body" and where is it located?

      Mirza Ghulam subjected Hazrat Eisa (Jesus(pbuh)) to much abuse and ridiculing. But, he had earlier declared that:

      "In Islam, blasphemy against any Prophet is Kofr."
      (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 23, P. 390)

      Puzzle 4:

      What can we safely conclude about Mirza Ghulam Qadiani?

  17. This is Cult Girls new dad- A Mullah. Cult Girl will also marry a Mullah. INSHAALLAH. She is doing all of this so a Mullah will fall in love with her because no one else would normally want her. She is doing this so that she can show the Mullah she is doing the 'Umah' a service. PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME she is screaming! Who wants to become a sawab millionaire and marry this idiot revert? Any takers? please take her off our hands and take her to the Umah. we have no space for dead people. So Mullahs of the 'Muslim' Umah we have a revert to 'Islam' who is giving 'Qadianis' 'Dawah'. She is a good 'Muslim'. She has probably already bragged about it to the Muslim world that she is an owner of a blog that is giving 'dawah' to Qadianis. This makes you love her for her service to Islam because her disgusting, ugly face and her disgusting and hideous personality wouldnt convince you otherwise. Please marry her and help us keep our Jamaat clean.

    1. Love for All, Hatred for None??

    2. This is disgusting. Truly embarrassing to read. You Qadianis have no shame.

    3. @Angry qadiani above:
      Thanks for following the manners of ur MGAQ. A man of many curse words on his tongue.

      As for using the term 'mullah' as a 'cuss word', It should be noted , that the word literally means:
      "a Muslim scholar, teacher, or religious leader: also used as a title of respect"

      Its a shame, that I won't call any of ur cult leaders by the term 'mullah' for it is NOT a derogatory word.

      By definition, do you know the greatest 'mullah' or 'maulvi' or 'maulana' of Islam?
      YES, It is Hazrat Maulana Muhammed Mustafa (peace be upon him).

      And the scholars of the deen ul islam, are the inheritors of the knowledge left by the prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)

      “Scholars are the inheritors of the prophets.” [Related byTirmidhi, Abu Dawud, Nasa'i, Ibn Maja, Ahmad, Ibn Hibban, and others] Ibn al-Mulaqqin, Zayla`i, Ibn Hajar, and others seemed it sound (hasan) or rigorously authentic (sahih)]

      Its a shame,
      that 'personal attacks' and 'sick jibes' are the only way any qadiani can respond to the simple queries, which are aimed to show, not only the fallacy of qadiani beliefs, but , also, the grand deception of these hate mongering fools, who have no idea of their own ignorance in the matter of the deen.

    4. @Anonymous qadiani:
      Good show of manners.

      Every word u type will be presented before Allah swt on judgement day.

      Those who slander chaste women, indiscreet but believing, are cursed in this life and in the Hereafter: for them is a grievous Penalty,- (An-Noor: 23)
      On the Day when their tongues, their hands, and their feet will bear witness against them as to their actions. (An-Noor: 24)

      Those who slander such of the believers as give themselves freely to (deeds of) charity, as well as such as can find nothing to give except the fruits of their labour,- and throw ridicule on them,- Allah will throw back their ridicule on them: and they shall have a grievous penalty. (At-Tawba: 79)

      >> So, whomsoever you are:
      "And wait ye! We too shall wait." (Hud: 122)

      Indeed, qadianis have no way to represent their Mirza, except to follow in his evil deceptive ways, in which the 'rukn ul kazzaab' (pillar of falsehood) excelled in.

      O qadianis!

      Look at your responses, and realize that your whole faith is dependant upon a man, who said that he himself , gets better relevations then prophet Muhammed (pbuh):

      Holy Prophet's revelation also turned out to be false.
      (Roohani Khazain vol.3 p.472)

      where is your intellect, o blind followers of the dajjal from punjab?

    5. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle29 January 2012 at 13:37

      Lol@ the angry rant.... Sounds like sour grapes to me :) You can't make any constructive comments on the topic so you resort to personal attacks...classic diversion tactics ... Pathetic. But also an admission of defeat so makes me laugh :D good on ya!!!

    6. oh poor findings , imagine how Ahmadis feel when you are ridiculing the promissed messiah.

    7. nice @ cool fundamentalist! i like it!

      @ the guy trying to arrange my rishta! aww jheez thanks! can you ask them to throw in a nice 'jehez' for me please! seeing my family are going to disown me for marrying a Muslim Mullah (how does that figure by the way???lol) I need a jehez! Can you make sure the Mullahs are prepared for that!? Thanking you kindly!

      ps: you shouldnt call people ugly. you can call me fat though because I can change all of that! I am so fat.

    8. Findings we do not need to respond to abuse. Respond to COMMON SENSE questions put forward to you before delving deeper into the supposedly 'faults' of Ahmadiyya.

    9. I have already responded. I can't keep banging my head against a brick wall. See above. Period.

  18. No I asked you a common sense question about miracles. You ran from it . Surprise surprise SURPRISE.

  19. READ AGAIN. and AGAIN.

    You go follow Mirza Ghulam to Janaat. Good Luck!

  20. I would read if you had answers to give to SIMPLE Q's.

    That doesn't seem to be happening here.

    You bang on about one liner allegations and then when someone who can actually read the page before and after it you go all Hush.

  21. PS. I do not need 'luck' I'm an Ahmadi Muslim. You said this last time to me when you had no response. Your other catch phrase is 'nice try'.

    Anyway it's been real good talking to you this weekend.

    Take care Allah Hafiz.

    May Allah guide you.

    1. What on earth are you harping on about??? :s

      lol. Anyways yeah...take care.

  22. Mirza Gulam's revelation:

    "We can what we wull do"

    I can imagine his pindu accent: "Vee can vat ve vill do"


  23. @ Findings
    You did not make any sense and did not answer any of my points but just made me laugh and if u read my points and your funny answers you will laugh at yourself.
    However "Shan e Nazul is not a book . It means the back ground of the Revealation . So do not lie about what Allah has said in Verses relating to poetry.
    And you said you said Prophet (SAW) could not read or write so this is a weak accusation from disbelievers that Muhammad wrote Quran. This is a weak accusation and a lie indeed but not on the argue what you once again have put foolishly.
    Are you thick or what???
    Did he write Ahadith? No but we now that Ahadith are His (SAW) sayings. So the accusation is that He (SAW) told the Sahaba to write His own thinkings as revealations . ( NAUZUBILLAH).
    So how does it matter here if He (SAW) could not write or read. So childiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish again.
    And where is the refference about "TEECHI TEECHI".
    So have you liars and ignorants realised that Hadrat Masih e Maud (AS) never said that Teechi Teechi brought him Revealations" . Have you???
    • Now finally you have mentioned Hadith about Isa (AS) will perform Hajj .
    So what about Isa (AS) killing swine (from jungles of whole world then if take LITERALLY) , breaking cross (from churches , graves, shops , snatching from peoples necks) , Dajjal giving life to people etc and Dajjal,s donkey eating fire etc.
    Joooooookes and jokes and miserable jokes and insult to Prophets .
    Wake up and grow up.
    These were one of the reasons for me to leave this dark faith and come into The Light of Masih.

    1. FINDINGS (not logged in)29 January 2012 at 21:16

      I have just one point I would like to go into out your reply: the breaking of the cross!

      Mirza Ghulam Qadiani claimed to be in the process of the killing the swine and also breaking the cross. We are agreed he did say this, right? OK. Now you are accusing Muslims of taking this literally (which we are- unashamedly and what?!?!) but Ahmadis claim it was metaphorical. Now please tell my mother who is actively reading this blog if Mirza Ghulam Qadiani said it was a metaphorical war against the swine and a metaphorical case of breaking the cross (ahmadis take on this is that it means decline in christianity/missionaries of the christians) then WHY has Christianity gone on to spread? Please explain this to my mother..because she couldnt come up with a single answer and then hurried away to cook the Keema this afternoon.

      Please explain if he was successful in his metaphoric mission, why has Christianity gone on to spread? Breaking the cross to the Ahmadis means defeating Christianity through the Pen etc... so why has his birth place of India seen a rise in Christian believers, let alone the rest of the world? If it wasn't literal, then it was metaphorical... now explain why he even failed metaphorically?

      Please reply with some manners as your fellow Ahmadi brothers and sisters will be reading this. Speak with some respect as my mother is actively following your posts (no joke either). Please explain to my mother why MGA failed to metaphorically break the cross. Inshallah once my mother has an answer, I can continue to debate with her. This is a genuine request.

      Thank you.


    2. And the reason I want you to explain this is because I believe my mother will never accept Islam unless she knows all the Ahmadi arguments. She is too set in her ways. Please help me to help her, and give her an explanation for the breaking of the cross. I would prefer an official explanation if there is one readily available.


    3. Hadrat Masih e Maud (AS) breking cross :-
      Now on this blog I will be very brief about this giving you some key points here:-
      Hadrat Masih e Maud (AS) metaphorically has broken the cross very successfull with The Help Of Allah.
      1-One of the fundamental and piller belief of christians is to believe in Jesus as Son of God.
      And Hadrat Sahib ( AS) not only presented the reality of their so called god or his son from their own books and bibels but also proved that Hadrat Isa ( AS) was a Prophet of Allah and has passed away like other Prophets and he proved this from Quran ,Bible, history and rationally.
      And he defeated them in Jang e Muqaddas and so many other ways.
      And for christians if you believe in Jesus death then it is an end of christianity.
      And since then untill today chrstians cant stand against Ahmadis.
      2-Christians are not spreading the way you have observed but leaving this a side if christians are more in numbers then it had been more than 1400 years that The Best Of Prophets (SAW) came but christianity never finshed or never became lesser than Muslims in numbers. So that means numbers do not matter in this regard.
      3-In reality if you carefully observev then you will find out that christianity as a religion has no life in it.
      Just try to think over these lines and then we will move forward but
      Cross was broken the day Hadrat Masih e Maud (AS) broke the self assumpted god of christians with his arguments.

  24. @Sunni Convert

    Your reference for TEECHI TEECHI:

    “On March 5, 1905 I dreamt of an angel. He told me that his name was Teechi Teechi”

    (Haqiqat ul Wahee, P: 232)

    1. @ Sunni convert here's the reference from Tadhkirah. Haven't you read Tadhkirah? I'm sure you know the story of Tichi Tichi well:

      At 1.35 a.m. I saw in my dream that I was facing great difficulty owing to lack of money and was very anxious. I asked someone to draw up a balance sheet but no one paid any heed to what I had said. I saw to someone who was preparing a statement of accounts and I recognized him as Lachhmi Das, who was at one time Accounts Clerk in the Treasury at Sialkot. I tried to call him but he too ignored me. I felt that there was a deficit which could not be made up anyhow. I then saw a righteous person of simple mien, simply clad who poured a handful of money into my lap and left so quickly that I could not even ask his name. But there was still a deficit. Then another righteous person came whose face was lit up and who was also of simple appearance and who resembled a sufi of Maler Kotla named Karam Ilahi or Fazal Ilahi who gave us some money by selling his shirt. He had the appearance of a human being but it seemed he was superhuman. He filled both his hands with money and poured it into my lap. This made a lot of money. I inquired his name and he said: What is there in a name? I have no name. I urged him to tell me his name and he said: Tichi1. I was deeply moved that there were people in our community who contributed so generously and did not disclose their names. Then I thought this was not a man, it was an angel. When I saw a lot of money in front of me, I said: Out of it I shall give to Manzoor Muhammad's wife, for she is in need (Diary of the Promised Messiah p. 39).

      Tadhkirah, p.642 4th Edition.

  25. Are you sure sure that you and Mullahs use this refference to allege Hadrat Masih e Maud (AS) of claimimng that Teechi Teechi use to bring Revealations to him.
    I am in good mood so I give you one more chance . So look at your allegation word by word and then go and read your reffered page of Haqeeqatul Wahi word by word
    And if you still insist and come back with same lie then I will give no more chance.....

    1. @Sunni Convert

      You realy are a muppet. You asked for a reference and you were given a reference. Please refer to the following reference from your own Qadiani web site


  26. I posted my answer to next topic but any way if this is the refference you use to allege Hadrat Masih e Maud ( AS) of claiming that Teechi Teechi brings Revealations to me then I will give you one more chance as I am in a good mood that go and read your allegation word by word and read the page of Haqeeqatul Wahi you have refferred me to word by word and if you still insist and come back with the same allegation then I will give no more chance.....

    1. @Sunni Convert

      At the end of the day Mirza Gulam did not see an angel he saw shaytan. Tichi intialy said he had no name, he then said his name was Tichi, therefore, Tichi lied.

      It is a well known fact that angels can't lie as they are created by Allah to serve him and unlike humans and jinn's they are not given the choice of whether to do good or bad. They can only do good and serve their master (Allah SWT)

      Mirza Gulam was nothing more that a liar, imposter and a stalker of Muhummedi begum.

  27. Ok you did not listen but let me be polite even though...
    Very simply and briefly just two points:-
    1-No where in the whole page in both qoutations it has mentioned that Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (AS) claimed that "Teechi Teechi " brings Revealation to me.
    No where. No where.
    2- It is a dream and dream is a dream and has to be interperated. And he did not say teechi teechi . He said teechi (once) and then 2nd teechi is where he explains that what teechi means in Punjabi (The one who comes on time).
    I wish ! I really do if I could help.
    I can just pray for you.

    1. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle29 January 2012 at 23:48

      The dreams of the prophets are Wahiy (divine revelation) .. So for a prophet a dream isn't a "dream" prophets are only given true dreams as was the case of rasoolullah saw. Who received true dreams throughout his prophet hood and Who received 6 months of true dreams before the first verses of Quran were delivered to him saw by the rooh jibreel (as)

    2. Yaara Uncle! Baba tu chul ja ja ke soja! Its way past your bedtime! What are you doing up this late talking about stuff you don't know! Have a cup of horlicks or something and take your false teeth out and go and get some kip! So ALL dreams Prophets have are divine? Prophets are untouchable are they? Do you know rasool e pak had black magic done on him once? Really you Ahle Wal Jamaat Sunnah live in a bubble! Religion isnt fairy cupcakes and big dragons! Grow up! And why are all you randoms so interested in Ahmadiyyat? Haven't you got anything better to do? Go do tabligh with the Xtians or Jews! We are fine as we are! We say and accept the Kalima and don't need convincing of Islam! You are wasting your time! That includes you, the Queen of the Ummah aka Findings! Really?! Go and get a life and stop worrying about your equally in need of a life parents! They are Muslim! Get over it! Panic is over! Calm down princess tantrums, Mama and Papa bear are Muslim! Stop worrying! I bet all these men are here because they have fallen in love with Ahmadi girls! Alas, our women are known to be some of the best out there so I don't blame you! Mashallah! Sorry to disappoint but they aint yours! Our women are good natured, decent and have good personalities. To top it off many upon many are also very beautiful. Mashallah. :-) so keep away and dont lay a finger on our girls! Stop leading them into believing your Jesus is going to rocket down on a roller coaster followed by a Dajal with an army of minions! Man you people really do watch too much Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings!

      Findings can you please just bugger off back to the hole you crawled out from and stop whinging and whining about everything! You are one big fat crying ninny who keeps on crying! Are you special needs or something?

    3. Oh and Uncle I would invite you to become an Ahmadi. We have a real ANSAR set up! Come along! Don't listen to what this muppet Findings is telling you! She is a delusional fat cow who is obviously upset that she couldnt run off with a sikh lad or something because Mama and Papa would have been expelled. Thats if its a she. If he is a He, he is probably gay and caught out doing the hanky panky with a Sunni lad called Saeed from Eastenders! Findings in this case BUGGER OFF literally does apply to you homo! Sorry I meant HOMIE!

    4. Anonymous Jan 29, 2012 04:32 PM

      The prophet Muhummud SAW had magic performed on him by a human. The same way some people persecuted hima his followers. Shaytan can't influence or harm prophets.

      But Mirza Gulam had a wet dream. Wet dreams come from shaytan. Hence Mirza Gulam was not a prophet but in actual fact was a liar and an imposter. All he was intrested in was money, even to this day there are plenty of foolish Punjabi Pakis who continue to pay for the lavish life styles of the Mirazai royal family.

      Stupid and vile Qadianis would even try and lower the status of our beloved prophet Muhummud (SAW) in order to defend their perverted Mirza Gulam who looks like a one eyed confused Punjabi pindu. LOL

    5. @Anonymous Jan 29, 2012 04:35 PM

      Talking of sikhs your Mirza Gulam looks like a one eyed Sikah LOL

  28. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle30 January 2012 at 10:52

    Ahhhh puthar, you are so misguided may Allah give you hidayah, I was talking about dreams and now you are talking about Harry potters broomstick. I can't sleep much these days... Because I worry about what will happen to you when you die :( that's why I am gonna take a holiday. And Puthar just for the record I was a prize fighter in my day and I am sure I can still put it about abit so if you ever feel like you wanna have a go you are most welcome to try ;)

    1. was only a matter of time for you to begin the physical cyber threats ansari. police dont take too kindly to this kind of talk.

    2. prize fighter on youtube?

    3. was only a matter of time for you to begin the physical cyber threats ansari. police dont take too kindly to this kind of talk.

    4. read his previous comments again. someone was making fun of his age. he was only making fun back about his 'hey day'. that's not fair to accuse him of threats.

  29. Heard the head/so called Amir in my country has a daughter in law. The so called huzoor preached to his female subordinates to don head coverings. Misguided Amir noted the need but probably for unknown reason, condones the daughter in law for not donning;( contradictions, perhaps tee chi to the rescue. Lol. But then, love for all, hatred for none, in this case from the husband, to his Amir father towards his in law. Not that I equate donning headdress to being pious. Hypocrites;( sad but true.

  30. Didn't MGA actually publish books for money and made lots of it by selling them and taking advainces from publishers ?

    Prophets do not do it for profit

  31. He cheated people out of their money in selling Brahin-i-Ahmadiyya 5 vol for the price of 50.

  32. @AnonymousJan 30, 2012 12:38 PM

    He cheated people out of their money in selling Brahin-i-Ahmadiyya 5 vol for the price of 50.

    Was it worth the price ?

  33. What I find really really really funny, is the concept of a Punjabi Prophet, who swears, curses and says he is a reincarnation of many historical figures, including hindu characters. So what happened to Gog and Magog ? Have they come and gone too ?

  34. Look i don't know who you are and i appreciate the fact that you are just trying to search for the truth and spread it, i am an ahmadi, and i have no problem with that, i think everybody has a right to search for the truth and there is no problem in doing so. But what i have a problem is your disprespetfulness towards the people you are quouting, Hadrat Mirza Ghulam, Hadrat Tahir Ahmad and Hadrat Masroor Ahmad, please respect the fact that people hold these people in high regard to them and in describing them with such disrespectful names/words they will be offended...

    1. Thanks and sorry if it offends you, but they are disrespectful about my Prophet pbuh.

  35. May Allah bless you, you poor little thing, for showing your ignorance and convincing the rest of the World about the truth of Ahmadiyyat, the true Islam. It is "olu's" like you who keep exposing themselves.