Sunday, 22 January 2012

X-Rated Man of God?


Let me apologise for publishing this on an easy Sunday morning, I am sure it's the last thing you want to read while tucking into a bowl of Shreddies!

A young Ahmadi girl emailed me this morning, requesting that I explain this X-rated filth/Verbal Pornography of the Self-Certified 'Promised Messiah' and 'Imam Mahdi'.

She asked if I could explain it, as she was having difficulty finding any Ahmadi to justify this and satisfy her concerns. She was told not to read it unless she had read the whole book, and to have trust in Allah that he is the right one and not allow his words, which are difficult for the stupid person to understand, to confuse her.

I am unable to provide any explanation and she clearly came to the wrong person, so perhaps Ahmadis out there can help their young, questioning sister in 'True Islam Ahmadiyyat'.

Please explain this authentic quote of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani:

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“and another symbolic mutuality is of humility and sperm and that is when a Sperm enters in the private-part (vagina) of a wife or any other woman; so sperm’s entering into the vagina and when the ejaculation flowing is just like crying because result of humility is crying too and like this when ejaculation of sperm occurs uncontrolled sperm bursts out in a flow. Same great situation is when in humility when tears burst into a uncontrolled flow from eyes and as the pleasure of ejaculation is halaal kind of whereas a man contacts(rujoo’) his wife and sometimes haraam kind when a man contacts(rujoo’) an unlawful woman"
 (Roohani Khazain, Volume 21, Braheen Ahmadiyya Vol.5 196)

She will be reading your comments no doubt! Where are the Ahmadi Sultan-ul-Qalams at? Now is the time to rise to the challenge and preach to your own.... she seems like she is about to tip over the edge. Save her!!! Can any Ahmadi explain this to the questioning Ahmadi reader? Rafiq Hayat, I think you should read this to your daughter as a bedtime story! And you too Nas, you have one daughter living with you, please read this to her before she sleeps! Actually, why don't all of you Ahmadis out there read this to your daughters today? Please do! It is truly a beautiful excerpt, is it not?


PS: He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy!


  1. What a pity for the Ahmadiyya that their youth are turning to their so called 'stated enemy' because they simply cannot quench their thirst for learning and demand for the truth.

  2. This is disgusting and Mirza the scumbag tried to justify his filth by saying the Quran mentions sperm.

  3. The english makes no sense...please provide a better translation as it appears you are paraphrasing. Also what is the big deal about metioning sperm or private parts (vagina)? We all came from sperm and private parts(I hope). I think people need a degree a maturity when reading serious literature. The literature never was written for young children so your comment in relation to bedtime reading is somewhat below the belt (pardon the pun).

    1. I think the issue here is Mirza´s absurd comparison between male ejaculating and crying in humility. If you reflect upon this, you will find it disgusting as the one has absolutely nothing to do with the other. It´s just nonsense.

  4. Me- not logged in22 January 2012 at 13:36

    The officials children are not 'young', they are grown women so yeah, what is the big deal? There is no shame in reading it out aloiud to them, right?

    Its been translated from Urdu- give it your best shot!

  5. Degree of Maturity? Serious literature?

    I am now on the floor (alone), rolling around (alone) and laughing (at you). Oh good grief!

    How mature you got to be take this seriously:

    Cumming (when a man ejaculates)...I am no pervert, I am married with 1 son thanks when he has sex with his wife. Sperm comes out of the penis and this is delightful for the man. Allah has gifted us with this pleasure so long as its Halal. Allah wants us to please each other (husband and wife). Cumming is exciting and at times, emotional.

    Mirza the Messiah of the Masses says....

    When you cry in Namaz, its the same kind of concept as cumming inside/on top of/with your wife.


    Sorry if I made you squirmish, but we are all adults after all and I am annotating adult/mature content literature. I have a degree in Computer Science from Brunel.

  6. Cult Girl... boom boom pow! You are TOP RATED and dropped an X RATED randa.

  7. some things just do not sound the same translated. the english above has many mistakes, however does the original text have any? i cannot read it but i'm sure it sounds like a totally different explanation in it's original language which is urdu? i didn't even know one could talk 'x rated' in that language!

  8. So now Ahmadis are going to throw about the excuse of 'lost in translation'? Listen Scarlett Johansen, lets keep it simple, and go with the English trans?

    How can any Ahmadi justify this? I would love to hear it!

    Can any urdu reader please transliterate the following 3 words from Urdu:

    Ejaculation/Sexual Orgasm

  9. This Findings is as bad as the disgusting dogs who insult the Prophet and say he was a paedofile for marrying a 10 year old child- Ayesha RA. what is the difference between this idiot dog with a blog and the dogs who insult the prophet of islam saw?
    Ahmadis should keep well away from this snake. She is disgusting and perverted poison. Rot on Earth Findings.

  10. @ 06:14 am (Miss Cult Girl, please correct your time format).. is this your explanation? So Findings is the pervert? What about Mirza? Can you explain what the Messiah was trying to say?

  11. MGA would have done far better has an erotic story writer than as a Messiah! And I can clearly see he was a connoisseur of creampie even though porn did not exist then :)

  12. Surely if he was a prophet or even a man of god there could of been a more humble way of explaining than this. Was sex the only way he could explain it, I have read other great scholers describe how they feel when praying and their approach was far more humble and inspiring than this.

    You say that this literature is for the mature, since when does any religious is only censured for the mature and not for the young, should you not be teaching your children the books and doctrines of MGA literature, so what does the waft-e-nau learn!
    Sorry no matter how much you ahmadis hate it, it's not right.

  13. Thought you were gonna give officials kids names and the officials names for outside marrying. Another fail I see

  14. Scarlett Johansen? Why do you feel the need to immediately invent names for me just because of my faith? Typical.

    Seeing as the english translation has many errors how is that keeping it simple? Who translated this?

  15. Er did I say it was going to be this week? Did I say when I was going to put their names up? Don't fail me on something I haven't even put forward yet..yeah?

    Anyways I know the officials are of them at least. Let me enjoy the fun and games for a while...You will get the 2 names eventually. Chill. Eat. Love. Laugh.

  16. So far, no Ahmadi is able to explain this! There is a girl out there hoping you will help her... and instead its turned into a debate about misinterpretation and incorrect Urdu-English trans. What a surprise. What a surprise.


  17. masroor should read this on his friday sermon.

  18. Have you ever read the Quran or ahadith? I think you will rejecvt them both on the same premise....shame on you

    1. Shame! how can you even mention the The Quran and adhadith in reflection to the filth above, then bring your proofs please.

    2. Your comparing your porno books to the Quran & Ahadith?


      There is not limit to the shame of Mirzayat! You people insult Allah & his final messenger Muhammad Sallalaahu Alayhi Wassallaam in order to defend your fake indian jesus/punjabi mahdi/pregnant man/stalker of muhammadi begum/opium addict/alcoholic/3 hour toilet lock ups/100 times a day urinating/died of non-stop pooping, mirza!

  19. I challenge you to bring anything from the Quran and Hadith that rivals this filth...please! I dare you!

  20. That Quran is the WORD OF ALLAH. It is Allah speaking to us. Don't you come around here trying to compare the Quran to this 'verbal pornography'.

    So shame on you Mr 07:40am!

  21. @Jan 22, 2012 07:40 AM is there anywhere stated in Quran and Hadith that khushoo of salah is equated to ...

  22. You know what no matter what any Ahmadi says you will still be against the promised messiah so why bother.

    1. That's a very lame excuse to give to your follow ahmadi sister who wants answers, or is it that you cannot provide an answer?

      It is a duty for every Muslim to seek knowledge and whether we believe or not should not be an issue for you. You should do your part and help with religious questions if someone has one, by your attitude how are you going to convince someone like a Christian, Jew or even a Hindu,are you also going to tell them "what's the point you will never believe in the messiah" in fact how will you ever convince them that Islam is the right path. we have sought knowledge ourselves and through this we know that MGA is not what he claimed, this jamaat is a cult, so far no ahmadi have given a logical answer to any questions on this blog so don't come here and write things that don't matter to you.

    2. why on earth if any Ahmadi wanted an answer on the writings of the promissed messiah would they go to you or this site which only distorts truth.

  23. You are failing, yet again, as all Ahmadis do, to see the point! This isn't about me! I know this man is jahil and I know he is an enemy of Allah. I know he is a charlatan and a pervert. I know he was a mad hatter. I know he was a liar. I know he claimed the title of Messih and the Mahdi for himself, when he is a fake. I know this. In fact, so do the majority of commentators. Whatever you say will never convince me of his claims because Allah showed me the truth many years ago. I have Allah on my side now. So what you are saying...thats not the point. The point is, you have a 19 year old Ahmadi girl trying to make sense of this verbal pornography, by a man who she has been told is a Prophet of Allah. She wants an give it to her or dont bother commenting. It really is that simple.

  24. Sorry email girl.... I dont think you are going to get any help from your so called Brothers and Sisters in True Islam because they have no explanation to offer.

    Try your local Qadiani adviser such as Rafiq Hayat (your ameer) or Ataul Mujeeb Rashid..perhaps they can help. Dont be fooled by Rafiq's property developing career, he is very learned in Islam and Qadianiyyat. LOL.

  25. Topic is fine for discussion... I don't however believe your story that a 'young Ahmedi girl' emailed me this morning.

    Did you learn your writing skills from The Sun? Trying to 'sex' up the topic (don't know if a pun was intended there or not)

    This same topic was raised a week ago in the forum.
    you just seemed to have copied it.

    Are you running out of steam?

    This is a good platform to discuss things but I would like to see more on the impact on day to day lives - leave the theology to the forums etc.

    Anyways... back to the topic.

  26. sex on the mouth
    sex on the brain
    ahmadis dont care their messiah said he would marry a woman who was married
    no shame

  27. the girl said she had read it somewhere recently...perhaps is where she came across it. she said she has been requesting an explanation for the last couple of days and had so far had no luck. whats so difficult for you to understand?? people contact me daily and very frequently. get over it. it happens.

  28. NOW...give her an explanation! Go on... I am sure she is waiting.

  29. It seems Cult Girl that these Ahmadis are finding it very difficult to fathom that people are questioning and so on! Its always 'you are making it up' etc. Does that mean you, Rashid, Shahid and many others are fictional characters that don't exist? They really are petty.

  30. Take one long look at his face and tell me this guy isn't evil? Even his whiskers for example, are very unkempt and this is not the Sunnah of the Prophet PABOABUH. Show this to a child and they would be scared. This is no Prophet of Allah. His face says it all.

  31. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle22 January 2012 at 23:46

    This is quite disgusting. couldn't finish reading it. Can an ahmadiyy explain this? My view....He must have been into victorian pornograpy.

  32. Here is the REAL translation

    And another resemblance in khushoo (immersion in remembrance of Allah) and sperm is that when a person's sperm enters his wife or some other woman, then entering of the sperm into vulva and movement in the form of ejaculation is exactly like crying. And just as sperm jumps uncontrollably to take the form of ejaculation same is the situation with crying at the height of khushoo that the tears jump out of the eye. And just like ecstasy of ejaculation is sometimes permissible when a man makes love to his wife and sometimes impermissible when a man makes love to a prostitute. Same is the case with khushoo and tenderness of heart and weeping, when this khushoo and tendering of heart is just for one and only God without any contamination of bid'at and shirk, then this ecstasy of tenderness is permissible. However, sometimes khushoo and soft heartedness and its delight is found through contamination of bid'aat or in worshiping creation or gods and goddesses but this ecstasy is similar to intercourse of adultery.

  33. So childish
    1-If you were aware what kind if questions and very rightly so people used to ask Hadrat Aisha (Ummul Moameneen)and how beautifuly she use to answer you would be amazed but if you will just rely on the wordings and marerial of the questioners and Hadrat Aisha,s (RA) words then your filthy mind or short brain will do what and make what out if that I can immagine.
    2-and go and read the whole subject and try to think what He (AS) has meant here. You will find it an amazing and genuinely real true example presented by The Masih of The Time .
    And I think you have even failed to present an allegation here as what you are criticising at is baseless and invalid .you do not know what you are saying and where your allegation will lead you to. At the moment just go and find out what I have mentioned in 1st step .

  34. As i recall correctly, Mirza's 'miracle' of writing english was a massive failure, since his own English writings WITHOUT any interjections made no sense grammatically. His own writings had faulty english, as if you directly translated Urdu to English.
    That being said, this 'lost in translation' is a very PATHETIC excuse because to be honest, Urdu is NOT complex. It is NOT hard to translate from Urdu to English, ESPECIALLY after so many years under the British Raj. English is very commonly spoken as a second language in Pakistan and the Indian/Pakistani diaspora. So what is this nonsense about 'hard to translate'?

  35. As some Ahmedi brothern are complaining about translation - I am giving word by word translation and if there is any error, they are more than welcome to point out and correct:
    اورؔ and
    پھر then
    ایک اورanother
    مشابہت similarity
    خشوع humility/remembering Allah with humility of hearts
    نطفہ sperm
    میں between
    ہے is
    وہ that
    یہ this
    کہ that
    جب when
    شخص کا person's
    نطفہ sperm
    اس کیhis
    بیوی wife
    یا or
    کسی اور some other
    عورت woman
    کے اندر inside
    داخل ہوتا ہے enters
    تو then
    نطفہ کا sperm's
    اندام نہانیvagina/vulva
    کے اندر inside
    داخل ہونا enterance
    انزال ejaculation
    کی of
    صورت form
    پکڑ کر get
    رواں ہو جانا getting fluent
    بعینہٖ exactly
    رونے crying/weeping
    کی of
    صورت form
    پر at
    ہوتا ہے is

    The full sentence is translated as:
    اورؔ پھر ایک اور مشابہت خشوع اور نطفہ میں ہے اور وہ یہ کہ جب ایک شخص کا نطفہ اس کی بیوی یا کسی اور عورت کے اندر داخل ہوتا ہے تو اس نطفہ کا اندام نہانی کے اندر داخل ہونا اور انزال کی صورت پکڑ کر رواں ہو جانا بعینہٖ رونے کی صورت پر ہوتا ہے
    And another resemblance in khushoo (immersion in remembrance of Allah) and sperm is that when a person's sperm enters his wife or some other woman, then entering of the sperm into vulva and fluency in the form of ejaculation is exactly like crying.

  36. جیسا کہ same as
    خشوع humility
    کی of
    حالت condition
    کا of
    نتیجہ resultant
    بھی also
    رونا crying
    ہی only
    ہوتا ہے is
    اور and
    جیسے just like
    بے اختیار uncontrollably
    نطفہ sperm
    اُچھل کر jumps
    صورت form
    اختیار کرتا ہے۔ takes
    یہی same
    صورت form
    کمال height
    خشوع humility
    کے at
    وقت time
    میں in
    رونے crying
    کی of
    ہوتی ہے is
    کہ that
    رونا tears
    آنکھوں eyes
    سے from
    اُچھلتاہے jump

    So the sentence is translated as:

    جیسا کہ خشوع کی حالت کا نتیجہ بھی رونا ہی ہوتا ہے اور جیسے بے اختیار نطفہ اُچھل کر صورت انزال اختیار کرتا ہے۔ یہی صورت کمال خشوع کے وقت میں رونے کی ہوتی ہے کہ رونا آنکھوں سے اُچھلتا ہے
    Just like the resultant of khushoo is also crying. And just as sperm jumps uncontrollably to take the form of ejaculation same is the situation with crying at the height of khushoo that the tears jump out of the eye.

  37. I have translated only half as it is a bit time consuming - the actual translation is taken from which looks somewhat better. However, if there is any sort of error let us discuss and sort it out.

  38. What ever the translation issue are here the jist of the message is clearly there to see for ahmadis and others alike.
    I have seen other written forms of khushoo written by other Muslim scholers even before the time of MGA and compare to the way MGA wrote here the others have been humble, inspriring and heart felt and no need for a sexual way of explaning needed at all when faced with khushoo, if he indeed was a man of god I am sure there was another way of explaining this, stop coming up with excuses ahmadis and trying to defend something that clearly is disturbing, there are numerous writtings of MGA that are questionable, since when does any phophet write in a sexual manner and call women prostitutes.
    Please do ask your murrabis or khalifa to read this in their sermon next time when talking about Salat.
    If you happen to say that this literature is for the mature and should not be read to minors, think again since when does religious doctrines need to be censured, are your children not following this religion, they should be aware of the doctrines, if they are old enough to pay chanda then they are old enough to read the doctrines of MGA.

  39. @ the poster calling me childish.. it seems you are unable to read properly!! Please re read the post and understand that I am not the one who needs an explanation... I got an explanation many years ago by a top Qadiani and that still stands today. There is a young girl out there who needs an explanation. So dont ask me to look anything up and the like because I don't need convincing...your fellow Qadiani does though! Either do what is requested or just get out and don't bother posting. You are only adding to her confusion at a time when she really needs to find the truth, one way or another! Seriously lame. STOP attacking me and START addressing the post. Like I said, if you can't do that... please close your browser, there is no need for you to be here.

  40. And WHOA you are brave... comparing what your sicko slave of his desires wrote to what OUR (the Muslims) beloved Prophet saaws wife has spoken of. You really have no limits when it comes to stooping low do you?

    The guy was sex mad and wanted to talk about sex. Its that simple. Any excuse. He was lustful. There is no other sane explanation!

  41. Lollllllllllllllllllllllllllll... findings!!!! :D

  42. It seem like that you are gone out of control already . I have only started. And when somebody praising your nonsense then you enjoy that but now this has tickled you .and losing balance and telling me to get out. Have I abuused ? Or any thing offencive? No.
    Wherever the you have mentioned about a sister asking you this question , I dont believe that Ist of all . What proof have you got ? And what is your authority? Why would some Ahmadi come and ask you for any clarification?
    And let us assume if it is so then you can tell her to go through proper channel. I am not going to address her directly here as she is no where here
    We can only take up on an issue generaly here and which is normally lame , weak and un necessary allegations presented by you.
    To me you are a brother or a sister whatever who is angry with Respected Ameer Sahib or some other Jamat officials . And thats why trying to spill out your poison in an ugly way. And one example is to alter the pictures of Huzur(ABA). Is it Islamic to do so? No?
    And you have not responded to the actual point . Just trying to accuse me of As I am comparing with Hadrat Aisha (RA) in a wrong way. If you read Shias about this and read non believers about The Holy Prophet (SAW) . You will see them coming out of same filth of their own and criticising even The Best Of The Creation (SAW).
    So as you have de-nounced Jamat so it is obvious for you to do the same.

    1. Qadianis will make any excuse to defend their sick so called messiah. They even pretend to be ex Sunni. What a bunch of brain washed culties LOL

    2. @ 7.49 am
      Actualy we have double job to do as we have to defend The Holy Prophet (SAW) and his spiritual son and true lover Hadrat Masih e Maud ( AS) against the sick minded people and their filthy allegations.
      And why somebody will pretend about ex Sunni.
      Truth is truth. Stop making stupid judgements and come out with a logic as I can see that you and your so-called findings is unfound now.

    3. We have the job of defending our beloved prophet Muhummud (SAW). Your imposter Mirza Gulam, notice I did not use the nasme Ahmed when referring to your imoster as this is also one of the names of Muhummud (SAW). Attributing the name Ahmed to your imposter is an insult to Muhummud (SAW). This is what your imposter said about Muhummud (SAW):

      And Allah sent down upon me the bounty of the holy Prophet and made it perfect; and he drew towards me the kindness and generosity of the merciful Prophet, so that I became one with him. Thus, he who joins my group, joins the group of the companions (Sahaba) of my Leader, the best of messengers. It is not hidden from those who have the ability to think that this is what the words "Akhareen Menhom" (others of them) mean. The person who makes a difference between me and the Mustafa has neither seen me nor recognized me."
      (Khutba-e-Ilhamiah, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 16, P. 258-259; Khutba-e-Ilhamiah, P. 171)

      From the above text it is evident that the abnoxious imposter claims to be of equal status with regards to Muhummud (SAW).

      Remember this is the man who used to go to the toilet 100 times a day, died of chlorea, insulted Hazrat Isa (as), lusted after a married woman (Muhumedi Begum),frequently broke promises, the list goes on.

      You trying to tell me this muppet is anywhere near the Prophet Muhummud (SAW)?

      Get real cult boy, your imposter is not even good enough to clean Muhummud (SAW) shoes, let alone being eqal to him LOL.

    4. Dear Convert,

      I was waiting for such an opportunity to ask a convert - when you were not Ahmadi - obviously you used to pray and you knew you are praying. After becoming Ahmadi, have you gained the level that you cannot differentiate if you prayed or had sex with your wife as taught by Mirza Sb.

      Even it is written in the book of God that these two delights will be present in the next world but will develop so much similarity that will become one. That is, in the afterworld a person who would love and have intercourse with his wife will be unable to differentiate if he made love to his wife or if he was indulged into immense love of God. And those who get in contact with Almighty, experience the same feeling even in this world, which worldly people whose inner eye is not opened cannot understand. (Braheen Ahmadiyya Vol.5 196-197)

    5. Newer Sunni Convert To Ahmadiyyat The true Islam24 January 2012 at 10:12

      I think all of you are typically getting your proverbial knickers in a twist over nothing. The problem is not with what he wrote but your East/West Pseudo repressed sex is dirty gutter mind set. Oooooooooh he said "vagina" its a dirty word. No imbeciles its your mind that is Dirty. Many Scholars have compared pleasure of sex with spiritual pleasures. Even in paradise there will be beautiful houris to fufil your desires with the permission of Allah.
      Imam Ghazali Writes

      Imam Ghazali states

      The pleasure which accompanies it -pleasure which would be unrivaled were it to last-is a harbinger of the prom­ised pleasures in paradise. For to encourage pleasure which one cannot enjoy is pointless. Thus were an impotent male encour­aged to seek enjoyment of coitus, or were a young boy encour­aged to seek rule and power, encouragement would be to no avail. One virtue of the world's pleasures is that people wish to see them [pleasures] continue in paradise; thus they are an in­ducement to the worship of God.

      Ibn Kathir Writes

      says that the houri "are delightful virgins of comparable age who never had sexual intercourse with anyone, whether from mankind or Jinns, before their husbands."[56] by commenting,"in the other life, after they became old in this life, they were brought back while virgin, youthful, being delightfully passionate with their husbands, beautiful, kind and cheerful."[54]
      [edit] Qurtubi

      He also Writes:

      Ibn kathir mentions Muhammad saying that there will be sexual intercourse between a husband and his wife in paradise.[62] In another version of the hadith, Muhammad is reported to have said"In Paradise, the believer will be given such and such strength for women."

      Anyway HMGA AS is comparing the PLEASURE derived from spiritual worship to the PLEASURE derived from inetrcourse and has made a metphorical comparison.

      That you thickos neither understand it or your pathetic repressed one track minds cannot see the point is irrelevant really. As to the language used well Imam Ghazali Has stated:

      It is commendable to cohabit on a Friday night, when his semen comes out let him keep his body sometime on her breasts till her semen comes out as her semen comes out late etc

      Oooh better start having a got at him now he used some dirty words like "breast" giggle/snigger.

      You guys are pathetic


    6. All these qoutes you've qouted do not reach the level of sexed up filth which that traitor Victoria's created 'prophet' reached! Mirzai's would go to any length in a try to rescue the house-negro ass of that crazy crack pot; but it won't make any difference.

    7. It's true what Leo has stated, it does not make any difference, Imam Al Ghazali did not claim to be a prophet where MGA did if he was a divinely guided than no such foul language should of been used, he often used filthy swearing words to prophets and anyone who did not accept him, no other prophet did that which proves that MGA is a impostor and a liar.

    8. All what these great Imams are saying is that by worshipping Allah we will be granted Jannah and that pleasures that we experience in this world will also continue in Jannah. They are not saying that pleasure of praying is the same as pleasure of ejaculating. Only this sicko of MGA could come up with this stuff. Typical qadiani intellectual deadbeat.

    9. Newer Sunni Convert To Ahmadiyyat the true Islam26 January 2012 at 13:35

      You guys are either dumb, stupid or smoking crack. First lets deal with little leo

      Where are you getting this "level" from is it something you pulled from thin air. How have you determined what words someone can and can't used. Oh I forgot its your own arbitrary standard the old "argument from outrage" I Don't like that word its bad. go on tell your mum.

      @ Anon 1250

      Again where and how have you determined if Imam Ghazali RA is allowed to use those words as he is an Imam/Great Scholar but a Prophet Can't for what reason????? Just because your western repressed sexuality believes any mention of genitals or anatomy is "dirty" not evertones mind is as filthy as yours.

      Anon 04:15

      No dumbo what they are saying is that the highest pleasure possible in the physical life i.e on earth is the sexual orgasm and it is that level of pleasure which will be obtained in paradise. HMGA AS has just explained it with a direct comparison to normal male physiology which you for some reason find "foul dirty" etc which says more about your state of mind than anything else

  43. Dear New Convert,

    You have not answered my question. Let me repeat:

    when you were not Ahmadi - obviously you used to pray and you knew you are praying. After becoming Ahmadi, have you gained the level that you cannot differentiate if you prayed or had sex with your wife as taught by Mirza Sb.

    Question is - can you differentiate or not. Mirza Sb says if you are a pious Ahmadi you will not be able to differentiate - like you will have sex with your wife and you will think you were praying. Is it something like this?

  44. @ newobserver
    Even I thought to ignore your question as I know where you are coming from but just giving you the benigit of doubt I will try to help you to open your mind a bit more.
    I will advise you to re-read my comments above regarding this post and now you want to know my experiance what I have gained spirtualy after converting to Ahmadiyyat so I will just mention two major Gains here.
    One is that Ahmadiyyat has introduced me to Allah who is Alive as ever and He still speaks, Talks , Listens and communicates . (Not The Allah who has abondened mankind from His Revealation or communication).
    And secondly Hadrat Masih e Mau'd ( AS) has helped me to know Hadrat Khatam al Anmbiyaa (SAW) in better way and my Love for Him (SAW) has become real and more.
    Now at your mocking type question specifically
    I will humbly request you to go and read the whole subject where this qoutation has been taken and if you read through with open heart and mind washing away the filth of your own then you will find it amazing as I did and as any sensible person will so.Now before you read further through the one filthy way of thinking away and make intelect read.....
    But simply you see there are two objects body and soul and both created by Allah and Allah has put different levels of pleasures in both ways. Now bodily we enjoy eating , drinking, sleeping , and so many things and on an average a human enjoys sexual intercourse more than anything else (And A Muslim when he is married) and this is a body pleasure.
    Now we enjoy so many spiritual pleasures like , saying Salat, Rozas, Zakat , speaking truth, not insulting other people,s beloved ones , respecting others , helping others , doing Zikr and so on and on but What I have experianced that even in the Top Ibaadah which is salat or some time just sitting and thinking of Allah you enjoy it at your best when your tears come out either in Allah,s Love or in His fear.
    Now when you make love to your wife , it is an Ibaadah and Sunnah of Our Beloved Prophet (SAW) and for the purpose you do (production) and the joy Allah has kept with it will make you more happier when you do it thanking Allah for this blessing. And because there is a heat and energy and vibration in your body during this process so ultimately the result is ejaculation which is the peak of the whole natural , blessed bodily pleasure .
    Now when in any way of remembering Allah when your spirit is heat up , energetic and viberated in Allah,s Love or Fear then then it makes happier than anything and you will feel the joy of this very natural and blessed spiritual pleasure when tears eject from your eyes in the result of this spiritual process.
    Now both these are pleasures of different natures in a way but ultimately both pleasures are blessed by Allah and there are certain levells of individuals and everybody experiance them at one, s own level and the best level to experiance this is Prophethood. So Hadrat Masih e Mau'd ( AS) has made a "METAPHORICAL" comparison here.
    Which I observe and witness at my level at the stage.
    I hope it helps you.

  45. So the bottom line is for you to understand that when a Believer do Ibaadah like Namaz he enjoys it and is thankful to Allah
    And when a believer makes love to one,s partner as Ibaadah so enjoys it and is thankful to Allah.
    In both pleasures priority is same and that is to please Allah and be thankful to Him and get closer to Him.OK
    That is how I take it.
    Wassalam and Guidance

  46. All this pornographic stuff is like the hindu stuff, there is lots of reference to willies and other private bits in their literature

    Maybe MGA was appealing to a wider audience

  47. Dear Convert,

    Thank you for the long post but I could not find the answer to the simple question. Kindly note that I have read the topic in Braheen in detail and it very clearly says - if you may also please read it again - that the sexual love and love of God will become one in the afterworld. Somehow you missed it and said "Now both these are pleasures of different natures in a way".

    Kindly read the passage again - Mirza Sb has clearly said 1) that love of God and sex will become one in the afterword. 2) For pious people the love of God and sexual intercourse become one even in this world 3) To explain this he said that a person (persumably a pious Ahmadi) will have sexual intercourse with his wife and after the intercourse he will not be able to differentiate if he actually had sex or was actually making love to God. Please read actual passage below:

    یہاں تک کہ خدا تعالیٰ کی کتاب میں بھی لکھا گیا ہے کہ دوسرے جہان میں بھی یہ دونوں لذّتیں ہوں گی۔ مگر مشابہت میں اس قدر ترقی کر جائیں گی کہ ایک ہی ہو جائیں گی یعنی اُس جہان میں جو ایک شخص اپنی بیوی سے محبت اور اختلاط کرے گا وہ اس بات میں فرق نہیں کر سکے گا کہ وہ اپنی بیوی سے محبت اور اختلاط کرتا ہے یامحبت الٰہیہ کے دریائے بے پایاں میں غرق ہے اور واصلانِ حضرتِ عزت پر اِسی جہان میں یہ کیفیت طاری ہو ؔ جاتی ہے جو اہلِ دنیا اور محجوبوں کے لئے ایک امر فوق الفہم ہے۔

  48. Dear Convert,

    Looking forward to your reply. As per writings of Mirza Sb - have you got the capability now not to differentiate between sex and prayer?

  49. Why Emotional Condition worshiping idols and God seems same in its followers are explained by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad very Excellently.
    Sorry Kids you will not be posting such stupid blogs and comments if you really get the discussion made in those books instead of your self satisfying arguments.

  50. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad the PROMISED MESSIAH

    Born in 1835 in Qadian (India), Hadrat Mirza
    Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah and Mahdias,
    remained dedicated to the study of the Holy Quran and
    to a life of prayer and devotion. Finding Islam the
    target of foul attacks from all directions, the fortunes of
    Muslims at a low ebb, faith yielding to doubt and
    religion only skin-deep, he undertook vindication and
    exposition of Islam. In his vast corpus of writings
    (including his epoch-making Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya), his
    lectures, discourses, religious debates etc., he argued
    that Islam was a living faith and the only faith by
    following which man could establish contact with his
    Creator and enter into communion with Him. The
    teachings contained in the Holy Quran and the Law
    promulgated by Islam were designed to raise man to
    moral, intellectual and spiritual perfection. He
    announced that God had appointed him the Messiah
    and Mahdi as mentioned in the prophecies of the Bible,
    the Holy Quran and Ahadith. In 1889 he began to
    accept initiation into his Community which is now
    established in one hundred and ninety-eight countries.
    His ninety-one books are written mostly in Urdu, but
    some are in Arabic and Persian.