Wednesday, 29 February 2012

This is a Cult...Mas the Monster!!


For the non Muslim readers I have asked to visit this Blog in recent days, I would like to share a brief video with you all, in the faint hope you might be able to see this Cult for what it really is. The Cult leaders are a group of men of Pakistani/East African origin, who dominate the administrative framework, and at present, they are very angry at me for exposing a few home truths. They are searching for me high and low within the community; attempting to put the pieces together in the hope they will find me. They want me to shut up and to shut up for good, because they can't be having me embarrass them any further, by exposing their wicked ways.

I am a young(ish) woman, but in this Cult I was brought up in, they have very little respect for women. You see, they pretend to treat women well and hold them in high esteem when they present their community in front of Caucasian outsiders, but the reality is, women are second class citizens. They are routinely threatened with expulsion and ex-communication if they do not bow down to the demands of these leaders and their main leader, Mirza Masroor Ahmad. More on that later...

You see, I haven't done anything wrong, I am trying to expose a Cult in a modern day Britain. A Cult that is secretive and deceitful, yet portrays an image of being loving and care free to the outside world. They have well and truly pulled the wool over everyone's eyes. No one seems to listen, and they are after me because I have tried to expose the real side of the inside. They are trying very hard to track me down but so far, by the grace of Allah, they haven't been successful. Of course, nothing is impossible and nor do things go on forever, but they are trying hard and who knows, maybe one day, they might strike lucky. They are trying hard because I am a woman, and they know that if they get to me, they have a better chance of shutting me up because they will use my family against me. Women are emotional beings, and they will play on that to get me to shut up. I haven't done anything wrong, all I have done is expose their lies, scams and treacherous behaviour. 

They are telling people I gained this information illegally, but this is not true. I am in a position where this information is easy for me to get my hands on, as I have family in these offices. There was never a disclaimer with the paperwork and I feel its in the best interest of the Ahmadi and general public, that this information is exposed. There is hard evidence that they spied on innocent men who so happened to stumble across their religious centre, but it is me that is the villain? That's not fair. If they do find out who I am, they will really hurt my family. They prey on their brainwashed followers and cause them emotional and mental pain. It can be agonising for a family, and my family doesn't deserve it because I exposed the truth. I can't say I am scared for my life, but I worry for the health and well being of my elderly parents. These cowards will not only have me punished by any means necessary, they will punish my parents too. The easiest way to explain it is as 'Death by Association'. 

Anyways, I am glad you have all made contact and here is the video I promised I would link. It is a short clip, where Mirza Masroor Ahmad, whom I nicknamed Mas because he, in my opinion, deserves not to be addressed with respect for everything he has done, is addressing Ahmadi women in London. If you are a bit confused, Mas is the so called spiritual leader of this Cult, and he inherited the 'throne' back in 2003 following the passing of his Uncle Tahir. The other men mentioned on this Blog are his workers, who run the Cult's community. It was recorded back in 2006 and Mas threatens Ahmadi women with expulsion/being thrown out of the community, if they fail to cover up i.e. wear headscarves and burka coats

The video is in Urdu, but comes with subtitles. If you question the authenticity of the translation, please visit the official Ahmadiyya website by clicking on THIS LINK, where the full transcript of his speech is made available. By the way, 'Parda' means 'to cover up'.

I know Ahmadis more often than not like to point the finger at the Muslim world, saying they are backward and the women are treated badly and indeed in some respects, this is true. However, for a community that claims to be a cut above the rest, and one that is nothing like the backward 'terrorist fundamentalists' of the mainstream Muslim world, that's a bit rich! He forces us to wear scarves when we don't want to, but no Ahmadi woman will admit to that because she is too scared to speak out. They will sing his praises because they sincerely believe he is 'The Chosen One' and they wouldn't dare speak out against him, for fear of reprisals and also, God's wrath. Once I didn't wear it, and they called my house and threatened me with expulsion too. This was shortly after this address in 2006. My parents were distraught and were left humiliated. I never quite forgave them for that. I was even asked to leave home at one point, if I didn't obey this cruel man's orders so I was forced to wear the headscarf, just like a woman under Taliban rule. In Islam, a woman covers for the sake of Allah but Mas makes it about obeying him. In this Cult, we often fear this man monster more than God himself. That's not right, not in any religion. Don't you find it disturbing that in this video, Mas states that if a girl feels she has the right not to cover her head, then he has the right to kick her out of the community! Whoa! Is that fair? Is that right? They say we have a choice and that there is no compulsion in any religion, but it's not as easy as that when you are in a Cult. It is hard to explain, but in Pakistani Culture, pride and reputation plays a very big part in our lives. People fear for their reputations, their social lives, their honour and their dignity. And the Ahmadi Cult can ruin it all, in a flash.

This is the true face of the Cult leader. The very same Cult leader, when addressing non Ahmadi folk, will pretend everything is hunky dory. He has no qualms being in the company of non Ahmadi women, but this is the real face of this evil monster.He will rub shoulders with European women who are in skirts and sheer blouses, but this is how he talks to the women in his community behind closed doors.

Rafiq Hayat, Nasser Khan and Dr Shabir Bhatti all work for him and implement his wicked policies. They are also leaders of Mas's community and play a part in this torture of women and young girls. This is not Afghanistan in 1995 but this is London in 2012 and they should not be allowed to treat us this way.  Please do not support or assist this Cult or anything it stands for, because it's as good as supporting Mormonism and Scientology. Please do not be fooled by their rhetoric or by their slick presentation, this is a Cult and there are people trapped in here! Thank you.

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