Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mas is Too Much Funny Yaar!!!

You guys have to check these videos that I was sent by a friend along with the latest Prophet on the Block video!!! Too funny!!!! Where have these jokers been all my life??? A few of them are excellent in pointing out this monster's hypocrisy!!! As most Ahmadis, like their Masroor, are of Pakistani Punjabi origin and Punjabis are known for their humor, I hope you will enjoy the jokes!

Mas and his Shahnawaz Ltd Donated Car! A Bollywood Hero in the Making!

(and he tells you to be humble)

Mas and his Cough!

(Khalifa of a nervous disposition? Yeah, great quality of a leader!)

Mas the Lady Killer! Smooth Operator gets flowers!

(talking to non-Mehram ladies but expels people for going to mixed weddings?)

Mas busting some moves to Daler Mendi! Puppie Shuppie! Billie Shillie!



  1. Why preacher drive in Mercdes? He so lazy he cant drive himself that he has servant driver too?
    Rasool saws used to wash and mend his own clothes but preacher even has to drive around with someone else? What a shame of a peere mureedi.

    1. He is a hypocrite but his people will still defend this some how in some way or another.

    2. If he was living it large then why does he live in small flat at the mosque? You guys seem to think it's a palace from what I recall. Really?

  2. Lanat tul alal kazebeen...thats what Holy Quran says for liars... may liars burn in hell in this life and here after...especially those who deny the prophethood of Promissed Messiah A.S

    1. Burn in this life??? How does that work??? Are you threatening to burn us alive??? Or is it Qadi metaphorical malark? Also how will we burn in Hell for rejecting Mirza when Mirza said it doesnt make us Kafir for rejecting/not accepting him?!?! Obviously we will be punished for our sins but Mirza said himself its OK so who are you, his blinkin' baap?? Why are you making up your own laws?? Who made you God?? Your religion is a confused blinkin' mess!!! Stupid rules/claims all over the gaffe bruv!!! Oh and by the way while you are here please explain this:

      1) Why is your Masroor mingling with women like that, thanking them for flowers when he claims to be following the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed SAAWs?? Who is he to discpline on 'immoral behaviour' and 'free mixing' and threatening to throw girls out of the Jamaat (2006 Lajna conference @ London) when he does that? Why was he checking the women out like that pointing out their ethnicity?? Why are you so blind to his hypocrisy??

      2) Why is your Masroor being driven around in a SL 500? Is he incapable of driving? I know its for security but then why in the mercdes? Why does he preach humility and chanda giving but then gets driven around like that, in slick cars and surrounded by bodyguards holding umbrellas up for him like he is P Diddy? Why are you so blind to his hypocrisy??

      So don't you come here with your stupid fatwas and what not because it seems you really don't know about your Promised Messliar.

      The videos are Mas in action. I know the coughing one and the dancing one was obviously played around with but the others are as they come with music. Address them. HYPOCRISY or what???

      The Prophet saaws never behaved like this. What a wonderful man and your sicko leaders claim they are working for him. Please. get out.

    2. For cult girl beta11 March 2012 at 03:56

      Let it go Beta please just let it go. You should be relaxing and resting your mind not fighting with them people. Until he accepts that Ahmadiyyah is not Islam you are fighting with someone who considers these people Prophets then how can you convince him that the men he follows are not Muslim? This method just does not work on 'second hand Muslims' and to offer tabligh to the Ahmadi is one of the hardest things anyone can ever do. I think they are the hardest demographic to target in non believing world. Honestly let me tell you. My brother in law is very active in dawah campaigns and has in excess of 40 videos A he has made giving them dawah and he says it gets very depressing when they do not listen. He sometimes gets very depressed and I can imagine it takes a big toll on you because he is not even from an Ahmadi family and he feels the burden but you are in the middle of it. It must be very draining. May Allah bless you. Special child of the Ummah fighting big liars and risking your family for this. Sister only Allah can help them and your family now- why are you up so late worrying about people who wish the worst for you? Why do you bother when there are people out there who you could inspire and assist? Sister I can only try and imagine what you are going through as you fight the clock for your parents but only Allah can help them. Do not be scared for them because once they are gone you must understand it was Allah's will however they go. Do not be frightened for your parents. Be brave and give Allah the confidence He knows best for you and them. Fear not their death and fear not their akhira because it is Allah's will. It is hard I know but Allah chooses who He wills. He chose you and plucked you from the dajalaen! If even one member of your family is saved then subanAllah that is a glorious blessing. It is better than the whole family perishing. You have been shown and You have delivered the message but now the responsibilty no longer lies with you. Why are you wasting time over-looking your own life while these people will move on and be succesful in the Duniya and you are left in a Cult? This will hamper your progress and could damage your deen and eman permanently. You must not let this happen to you at any cost. One day when the Angel of Death calls for the Ahmadis they will realise then that something is not right for the way their souls will be ripped out of their bodies teams tried to get them to see the truth but it will be too late. Life is a test- you either pass or you fail. but it will be too late. They are not going to be able to hide then and neither are they Mussa (as) where they can punch the Angel of Death in the face and tell him they are not ready. They will have no choice but to go. You have done your best but you are living your own test and please dont stay in the bottom grade trying to help people who do not want it or do not care and who hearts are sealed. Please focus on getting out and fast. Marry a good guy and do not consume yourself with this anymore because you deserve better. You are a woman of the Ummah and deserve the best who has come from the worst. Focus on marriage now as it seems to me that you are over looking your own betterment for the sake of people who will hound you if they ever find out your identity. Why care for them? Go and be free Beta. Take your shackles off and leave these people behind. Let the brothers deal with it for a while beta as a woman’s life is more delicate and you have no time to waste. Please remember when farhan and company are fighting this fitna they are in Muslim homes. You are not beta and I worry you are wasting your energy in the wrong place. Allah kare that your efforts are rewarded but please stop for a while and stop and reflect on prospects sincerely if you have some. Sincerely reflect without the blog in your mind and go to a Muslim house and then continue if he allows you have to much to lose.

    3. For cult girl beta11 March 2012 at 03:57

      Run if you can because Shaitan is hunting for you. He is not happy you left him and he is not happy you are now working against him so he has more of a reason to hold on to you extra tight. He is going to hold you back for as long as he can. You must be strong. Somehow I sense you are not strong. You seem quite vulnerable and I implore her brothers and sisters to assist and protect her. There are plenty of good Muslim men out there who would be proud to have you as their wife. What a blessing you would be for any household and what a remarkable story you come with. “my wife caused trouble in the Liars community, what a woman. She helped one young girl to become muslim, what a woman” Imagine your children’s delight when you recall your stories. But don't you forget beta and never forget this Beta that the man you marry will be receiving great reward for marrying you. Do not feel he is doing you a favor but you are doing him the greatest favor because everytime you pray in a Muslim household, every time you eat halal food that is paid for by him and every time he pleases Allah's special creation that is you whether it is emotionally or physically then he will be rewarded tenfold. Do not feel indebted to any one because they should be honoured. .Everytime he corrects your Tajweed he will be rewarded tenfold. For a true momeen this is very desirable and is a great CEO position. Every morsel he feeds you with his hands he will be rewarded because it is halal food. When he will take you to Haj Allah kare he will get the reward and extra reward for taking you- daughter of disbelievers. When he brings you into his home and you enter his house for the first time he will be rewarded greatly because he has taken you away from the home where shaitaan resides and will take you into the home with barakah. subanAllah. Not just you but all revert children but Allah favors some more than others and I am sure for Allah to allow you to have this reward He loves you more than another revert. Look at what is waiting for you. Choose wisely and make sure he is the best man and most deserving man for the role. Do not wait and forget the Ahmadis. Forget them and leave them behind and go and prosper! Take quantum leaps not baby steps and leave the disbelievers behind and go into the arms of a believer, this is your Haqq. That is your way out and do not feel ashamed that a man is your solace in this immediate duniya because Allah has created man to protect women! but remember as a girl there is only so long you should leave it because of expiration date and that is your way out. Please beta do not ruin your own life for these people it is worrying. Do not be afraid to leave Allah will help you.

    4. For cult girl beta11 March 2012 at 03:58

      We have no words that could thank you enough for what you have done because most of us will only sit back while you are struggling for Allah and your family. You put as to shame and I am a born Muslim who will spectate I can only admire you. If one person as a result of this website has been set off on the right path then you will reap the rewards. Allah kare. That is enough now.

      Go and be free and dig your way out. We know its not easy and you will have pressure and as a young woman you will take a lot of pain. Your parents it will seem that they have died inside and your family will be hurt and humiliated. The people might even figure it is you from the expulsion of a chief's daughter. May Allah protect you. I understand your situation is unique than other reverts because of your work but that is not a reason to turn a blind eye to your life. It would be very disturbing if in 5 years you did a follow up and you were still in the Cult. It would be heart breaking. You must not forget to focus on you. Honestly I say this as a concerned father. I wish you the greatest life and the greatest after life. May Allah keep you happy. Remember fight the shaitaan because whenever you have a chance to escape it is him that is holding you back. I just pray you have a tight hand on Allah's rope and that Shaitaan does not have a tight hold of your hand. He does not want you to leave. Please remember this so please take some time out and please focus on YOU. One month of solitary confinement for prayers and beg Allah to give you a way out. Leave this for a while and take a break and pray Allah shows you Islam in every light and not just as a belief. Any possible way out will be clouded by this blog and that is not fair on you. You must breathe and make some sound observations and please do not pass up good opportunities that is shaitaan talking in your ear. May Allah give you a patient family.

      Find a good brother and an understanding brother and who will shield and protect you from them for the rest of your life. I have a daughter who is 14 years old and I have the highest hopes for her. It pains me to think that there are young women like you who are in this Cult whose fathers will not want them to leave. Honestly it is very heartbreaking as a father of a girl.

      Focus on marriage and getting out. Do not sacrifice your future by letting opportunities pass you by Please Beta. You should leave now and do not be amongst these people for much longer. You are a good child I can tell you are special. You are earnestly trying I can tell. I can only feel the pain you feel for your beloved parents. But beta your parents if they knew they would not want you there your mother would push her darling out to save her.. You are your father's blessing but you must leave him. Do not be afraid. Allah will keep you close and if you do not remain close then you will find comfort in your husband and he will be your father figure too. Do not be scared. The Ahmadis will drag you down the longer you stay and it seems like they are holding you back. That is more scary than moving away from the family and it would be very scary to think you are prisoner of shaitaan. Very distressing to think about. Please beta as a father I ask you to turn away and please concentrate on yourself. subanAllah I am very proud as another girl's father but do not waste time. Take some time and consider everything. You advise other girls to escape and what a tragedy it would be that their loving inspiration got left behind. May Allah give and give you. Be patient and may the people around you be patient. Please take no offense in what I say I mean well for you beta perhaps no one has advised you as an elder on what you should do. Maybe you are scared beta as you do not have your parents support I just hope to encourage you and advise my own daughter. Focus on getting away firstly. This is important.

      Mumtaz Ul Haq, VA.

    5. Sound prep talk! I would also suggest you take a brief stint away to really contemplate what is important because there is a world of opportunity out there for you. This Blog must have consumed you so much that perhaps while you are trying to show young Ahmadis the truth you are forgetting about yourself. Take some time away and pray for guidance even if it is just for a couple of weeks. Salatul Istikhara is a powerful du'a I would suggest you ask Allah to guide you without any tension of this blog or bullying Ahmadis. You may be lead to something very beautiful!

    6. Wow. Jzks sooooo much for that! Wow. I hadn't quite seen it like that. I think you could be right.

      I don't think I have the time on my side for certain situations unfortunately and I blame the Blog because it has consumed me! LOL. Allah knows best. May He forgive me for everything too. Really thank you so much. I also like the advice you give about the husband choosing part. Thanks.

      Jzks for your time. I am familiar with that song actually, it is a really nice song, I had completely forgotten about it, but my mum used to have it on tape many, many years ago. I guess I could apply it in a roundabout way. The Noor Jehan version (didnt even realise it was hers originally) is a bit old fashioned for me. Lol. I like the film version a lot though. I will listen to the female version now :)

      Thanks for the time, it's been an eye opener to say the least. Wasn't quite expecting that!

    7. That was beautiful uncle. Many daughters read your words, many wish you make dua for them too. Tabarakallah x

  3. Hilarious!!!
    MAS is a puppet. The bunch of missionaries around him control this messianic cult! Message to ordinary Ahmadis is get out while you can, this is not Islam.

  4. Has the Khalifa aba released a statement about him? If not as an Ahmadi I do not see a problem with accepting him.

    Better safe than sorry!

  5. For cult girl beta11 March 2012 at 04:24

    Beta and one more thing and then I shall leave you.My wife and I have a weakness for Bollywood films. Cable showed a very nice but controversial film called 'Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Ayee' this evening It stars old actors Rahul Roy and Pooja butt sure your parents have heard of it. There is a certain song in there with female vocals called 'tere dar par sanam'. I know we should refrain but I enjoyed this song and whilst typing to you it played. the lyrics resonated well for what I was saying.
    Tere dar par sanam chale aaye- I was scared of you but I went to you.
    Tuh na aaya to hum chale aaye- you did not come so I went to you.
    You must search even though you will be terrified beta.

    Dil ko dhadka laga tha pal pal to- My heart was fearing every moment.

    I wont post here for decency but you can youtube the female version. It has a nice melody.

    All the best.

    1. Or better still - YouTube the original Noor Jehan version from the movie Neend.

    2. Lol I like the film version more.

    3. Tere Dar Par Sanam for you!

      (Tere dar par sanam chale aaye
      I came to your doorstep, my love
      Tu na aaya to hum chale aaye) - 2
      You didn't come, so I came..
      Chale aaye, chale aaye
      I came, I came...

      Bin tere koi aas bhi na rahi
      Without you, no desire of mine remained
      Itne tarse ke pyaas bhi na rahi
      I longed so much that my thirst did not remain..

      Ladkhadaaye kadam, chale aaye - 2
      With trembling footsteps, I came..
      Chale aaye, chale aaye
      I came, I came..
      (Dil ko dhadka laga tha pal pal to
      My heart was fearing every moment
      Shor sun le na koi paayal ka) - 2
      that someone would hear the sound of my anklets..
      Phir bhi teri kasam chale aaye - 2
      Even still, upon your promise, I came..
      Chale aaye, chale aaye
      I came, I came..

    4. Lol thanks? Is this my theme tune now lol. I fancy something a bit more on the beat! it is a nice song. very lovely.

  6. Can someone please send me the quote where Mirza Gullam says that those who dont accept him are still Muslims. I have only seen the one where he calls those who reject him as 'b******s'.

    JazakAllahu khairen
    Abu Musa

  7. A couple things I've noticed from these videos:

    1) Ahamdis claim to be 100 million or whatever false number they claim, and that their converts span all races and backgrounds...yet in the prayer room all i saw was basically the same, brown, punjabi faces. Where are the Africans and Whiteys they claim to be converting?

    2) Amazes me how much he's glorifying and sucking up to the white people. But remember, pakis and desis kissing up to white people is just a stereotype (btw i'm 100% desi, so don't say i'm a racist. It's just an unfortunate fact)

    3) This man is a leader, but his speeches are sooo boring and uncharismatic, uninteresting, you can't even understand what he's saying. After 5 mins i almost fell ahmadis stand jalsas with this man is a miracle by itself. Maybe mirza foretold this miracle in a metaphorical way too...and why does he wear the same sort of clothes all the time...seriously hire a stylist with all that chanda money he pockets

  8. Mas's kansee! TeeHeeHee! Sooooo true! My mother gifted him with Manukah honey when we went for a Mulaqaat because she felt he 'kanseed' far too often. Now I am older and wiser I have come to realise that it is not a respiration problem, the guy is a total fraud and is just shifty and nervous. Nervy people cough to pass the time.

    #cant wait to grow up and leave for good.

    1. Sabr bacha. Allah will remove you when the time is right.

  9. As a non Qadiani Muslim- this blog is embarrassingly written. This is some of the worst writing on the internet. Go back to school, because you're making average Muslims look illiterate.

    1. HAHA @ Non Qadiaani Muslim! No Muslim and I mean No Muslim would refer to himself like that ever! Ever. You are such a fraud. She has plenty of Qadiaani hate to play around with she does not need a fake comment from a 'non Qadiaani Muslim'.

    2. @AnonymousMar 11, 2012 10:43 AM

      What a fake you are, LOL!