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Obey the Administration and Obey Mas.... 100% CULTIFIED!

Hello! For the benefit of the non Muslims and non Asians reading this Blog as requested, I have provided below a few quotes from the official Ahmadiyya Community website, for your reading. Do make of them as you please, but I hope it will to help give you an insight into the psyche of the Ahmadiyya:

Once Upon a Time Mas said this:

"Some people claim that such and such office-holder is a flawed person therefore they can only obey the Khalifa; Huzuraba remarked that unless the entire Nizaam is obeyed one cannot obey the Khalifa in spirit."

Here, Mas is suggesting that if we disobey his men (e.g: the likes of Rafiq Hayat, Nasser Khan, Shabir Bhatti etc) we are disobeying him. As Ahmadis are led to believe that the Khalifa is Man of God, this is almost a grave sin and something Ahmadis fear. Nizaam means administration in Urdu and Huzuraba is another term for Mas. So when they mistreat people, we cannot do or say anything and we must obey them. How very hypocritical of a community that presents itself as one that is all for freedom and equality. This is a smoke screen to cover up what really goes on.

Once Upon a Time Mas claimed that: 

"If we do not appreciate our Community and do not pay heed to the word of the Khalifa of the time, we will we be distancing ourselves as well as our children from God."

Here, Mas is suggesting that if we do not listen to what he says, Allah (God) will be displeased with us, as well as with our children.

Once Upon a Time Mas also threatened that:
You have to be obedient without grumbling. You never have the right to say that such and such cannot be done or that you cannot do such and such at this time.
                     Page 3/8 of the PDF File. Hadhrat Khalifatul Masihil Khamis is an official term for Mas. 

Here, Mas is  demanding that we put up and shut up, and that we never have the right to question him or his administration. He expects blind obedience. Can you get anymore Cult like than that? Of course, in Islam, as in Christianity, there is obedience to your Lord and in Islam there is obedience to the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). This Cult uses that as a means to gain and maintain control. Islam allows us to question, Ahmadiyya doesn't yet it claims to be Islam? Perhaps this will give you a better understanding of just one of the differences between Ahmadis and Mainstream Muslims.

The official community stance on a Khalifa is that they are appointed by Allah. It means you cannot question them, as they are Allah's representative on earth and if you question/disobey the Khalifa, you disobey/question your Lord. This is a big deal for those who have a firm belief in God; you do not want to upset Him or do anything that He will not be pleased with. This is why Ahmadis follow blindly, because this Cult tells them that if they don't, they are going against their Lord.

They claim that any mistakes a Khalifa makes is the same thing as a Prophet making a mistake. This to me, is blasphemy in every sense of the word, but the Ahmadiyya will claim everything and anything to stop the masses questioning any mistakes he/his administration makes. So for example, Mas frequently makes a cock up of administrative issues, he makes more mistakes than he does good. However, if you question him, its as good as someone questioning a Prophet in his time (such as the Prophet Moses (as) because there is no differentiating the mistakes an Ahmadi Khalifa makes and any mistakes made in the time of a Prophet. Mind games and scare tactics are what the Ahmadiyya Cult are known for.They use the Bible and the Quran to defend their sick Cult but the reality is, they are so far fetched from Islam and Christianity, that their arguments do not stand.

By the way, you might be interested in what kind of man they are following who said the following about Jesus (as), that Muslims consider a great Prophet of Allah. They follow a man known as Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, who preached hatred but the modern day community present itself to the world, particulary the Christian world, as being a loving sect of Islam:

Don't you know that Manliness and Virility are praiseworthy attributes of men. Being eunuch is not a commendable quality just as being deaf and dumb are not commendable. Yes, this objection is indeed very great, that Hazrat Maseeh alaihis-salam being completely deprived of manhood could not leave a practical example of a perfect and upright social life with his wives. (Nur-ul-Quran 17-18, RK 392-393)

Then such birth of Hazrat Issa (pbuh) does not prove any respectability rather being born without father proves that he was deprived of some physical abilities.  (Chashma Masihi 28, RK 356)

The root cause of all the damage that alcohol consumption has had on the Europeans was that Issa alaihis-salam used to drink alcohol, perhaps because of some disease or an old habit. (Kashti-e-Nooh 66, RK 71)

Although Hazrat Maseeh kept healing physical ailments by this practice of mesmerism, in terms of instilling firm belief and guidance in the hearts regarding the Oneness of God and in establishing religious steadfastness, his achivements were so poor that he was almost a failure..  (Izala-e-Auham 310, RK 258)

He came to a particular nation and Alas! the world did not get any spiritual benefit from him. He left an example of such a prophet-hood whose harm proved to be greater than its good. Sufferings and Conflicts increased due to his coming. (Ittmam-al-Hujjat 28, RK 308)

Show us any faction of morals of Hazrat Maseeh - he is totally deprived of morals. Even a yogi can claim to tame the desires but without proofs. Maseeh (pbuh) did not show even the courage equivalent to Imam Hussain alaihissalam. (Mulfoozat Vol4 107)

 * Hazrat Maseeh/ Issa refers to Jesus.

 Please take the time out to consider what we have been force fed all our lives, and what continues to govern the lives of our elders and in turn, our lives. The ardent members of this community often taunt people like myself, saying if I hate the community so much, I know where the door is. If only it were the easy because it is not as black and white as that. I have ties here, and ties that will be broken forever once I do leave. So please, at least think twice before supporting such a Cult and do not be fooled by their charity work and the like. It is all a facade.

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