Monday, 2 April 2012

The Sunday Scandal Session 15: Wife Threatened for a Visa


I don't have the time for much today so I am just going to leave you with a nice easy writ on a Ahmadiyya Cult document I found some while back now.

Today Dr Shabir Bhatti, one of our favorite Cult Controllers, is in  the spotlight once again. I love this guy, I think he alone shows us all the true colours of this Cult more than any of his co-cult workers. Keep doing what you are doing Shabby are doing your Jamaat a great service!! Showing them in a very good light!! It also involves Dr Vali Shah, the Ahmadi dentist/former Ameer of the UK from Putney.

Please find below 2 documents, one from Vali Shah to Shabir Bhatti and one from Shabir Bhatti to Rafiq Hayat. I am blocking out the names of all parties involved, to protect their privacy and their identity.

Have a read (click on the images to enlarge):

You don't need any explanation because it is very clear what went on here. There was a dispute between a man and wife, the man wanted residency, the wife didn't want him in her life and refused to cooperate so that he could get residency in the EU. Why should she? They have kids together yeah, but there are other avenues he could have pursued and the wife should not have been blackmailed into helping him. The guy was a visa job from what I have gathered and treated the wife very badly. The Jamaat wanted to help him secure residency and so began to threaten the girl and her family with expulsion/boycotting if they refused to help the man get his visa. They were practically forcing the woman into endorsing the application and were threatening the wife and her parents to get them to comply. They were attempting to blackmail the family with threarts of disciplinary action, blaming them for the marriage falling apart and then blaming them for the daughter not assisting the husband in his residency application. The Jamaat defended his violent behaviour by saying it was because the family made him feel 'small' and it is pretty obvious whose side the Cult is on- the twice detained husband! Oh so thats OK then is it? If a woman earns more than her husband and occasionally drops a few lines about it, its OK lash out and to wind up in jail is it?

I am sorry but as a woman, I have every right to expect my husband to be my provider and protector and no woman should settle for any less. I am not saying a woman should make her husband feel small, but even so, his violent outbursts are not excusable and should have been condemned by the Jamaat leaders but instead, they sympathised with the guy. They wanted to bring discplinary action against her because she refused to endorse the visa application of a man she wanted to divorce? Displinary action usually involves ex-communication and this can have devastating consequences on all those involved. To threaten a single mother and her elderly parents with this is downright dispicable. What a CULT and this proves what many people have said all along and that is the Ahmadiyya Association UK readily and actively encourages their people to apply for application here. This is so they can they take their cut out of the 6.5% membership fees that are compulsory on ALL Ahmadis, even those on state benefits.

So I ask those reading to really consider what sort of people we are dealing with here. This is a Cult that forces women to cover, that mistreats women and threatens women if they don't comply with the wishes of man. Women are vulnerable in this sexist Cult and and this is not Islamic. They can't marry out for fear of the consequences but when they marry within their community, they are subjected to this sort of treatment. Terrible situation for Ahmadi women.


  1. In authority will always support the aggressor and oppressor because the people in authority are unholy and far from absolute justice they are preaching about in conferences total double standard KK always speak of justice when he is most corrupt and first class liar on the earth he tells lies day in day out BUT why his divine master cannot know difference between truth and lies

    1. KK will get his comeuppance one day........



    2. I'm counting too. One day can't come soon enough.
      KK I Hope Allah gives you what you deserve for making so many people suffer from your actions.

  2. May you have to deal with a husband as cruel as this wife who takes your children throws you from your home won't let you have your personal documents belittles you whilst flaunting his wealth and won't give you access to your own children whilst under the influence of their parents knowing you are in a foreign country with no parents of your own to support u

    U r a cold heartless bitch with no care for the privacy of the children of this marriage but only for your own worthless propaganda

    1. More love for all and hatred for none pukka Ahmadi? You two faced hypocrite!
      Can't you see the names have been omitted.
      Everyone knows that the internal jamaat courts are run by biased and unprincipled members and wrongful unislamic decisions are made by them all the time.

    2. May your evil wishes reflect back on your and your entire khandaan. Our prayers are with this woman so you can get lost because the prayers of the believer is what Allah loves the most! I for one am going to pray for her now especially since reading this hatred. May Allah protect our Sister from the evil Ain of the Kuffar. You have totally missed the point it is about forcing a woman to get her ex-husband a visa. Whether she treated him badly or not is not the point it is the fact the Qadiyanis have no right to blackmail and force someone into endorsing a residency application. So get lost with your horrible comments. Ya Allah protect our sister from the ain of these Kuffar. May her future, health and rizq be protected from the evil eye of the Kuffar. You are a horrible person. Shame on you. She has protected their identities but it is you that is a cold heartless person for wishing misfortune on her.

    3. AnonymousApr 3, 2012 01:50 AM - well said! "love for all hatred for none" the mirzas really shouldn't have come up with this marketing bizzle because it is only used against their own people who cant live by it.

      "love for all hatred for none". lmao.

    4. She is disgusting. This is all she has to say days after another Ahmadi Muslim was murdered by her mullah cult.

    5. You foolish little child what is disgusting about this?? What that the Jamaat were blackmailing and threatening a woman into supporting her estranged husband's visa application? YEAH ITS DISGUSTING AINT IT!!!!!! What is disgusting?? The fact I blocked out the names and the fact that you probably don't have a clue who it is about?? Is that what you find 'disgusting' Go run along back to the other side please... you are gassed! Your people are not my people. Go and set up a site glorifying his death. Oh sorry you dont need to: My BROTHERS AND SISTERS are being killed everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan by the MILITARY YOUR SICK DISGUSTING GOD FORESAKEN CULT ENCOURAGES AHMADIS TO SIGN UP TO and you want me to do what exactly for the Ahmadi murdered yesterday?? A minute silence? I dont condone the murders of Ahmadis but seriously dont come here glorifying the death of one man when MUSLIMS are dying out there. GASSED.

      Your Jamaat is run by cruel sons of...

      Accept it aint no one telling you to reject your urinating/shitting/pissing/cursing/naked woman dreaming messiah. Go love him..go right on...he is yours for the taking but while you are doing that try clean up the hypocrisy and mistreatment of your people while you are at it. MORAL COWARD.

    6. Thank you for the well wishes regarding my future husband but sorry, I have Allah on my side and I don't fear your evil. Whatever Allah has in store for me, I am ready for it. This life is temporary and if it means it is a struggle for me- fact remains me and you are both gonna end up in the mud. the only difference is...I am gonna answer my questions correctly INSHALLAH.

    7. RE: You are a moron. The Holy Prophet s.a.w. said that if Allah the ALmighty wasn't forgiving then even he would go to Hell. Hadhrat Ali said that if Allah were to say that only one person in the whole of history were to go to Hell he would still be scared it might be him.

      And you are so confident you will answer your questions correctly you ignorant fool that you have greater hopes than The Holy Prophet s.a.w and Hadhrat Ali? Oh sorry, is this an Ahmadi educating you in Islamic teachings again? All your mullah cult taught you is bitching and swearing is fine so long as it is against Ahmadis you will go to heaven for it, right?

      You don't see anything wrong with publishing the above but I do. Imagine the kids one day read what their parents have been saying about each other, blacking out a few names wont make a difference. It will ruin any chance the kids have of a normal childhood or of reconcilliation between the parents.

      Grow some balls and talk about the different beliefs of Ahmadi Muslims and you and your mullah sycophants. Bring your proof from the Quran and Hadith if you dare. You won't cause you have nothing and you don't believe you have anything. All you have is a heart full of hatred and your own blissful ignorance and grandstanding arrogance.

      If you were shit on my shoe it wouldn't be worth bending over to clean you up.

    8. "Grow some balls and talk about the different beliefs of Ahmadi Muslims and you and your mullah sycophants"

      Just visit There are endless threads that totally destroy Ahmadiyyas theology. And what proof are we supposed to bring? You are the one making the claim, YOU have to prove that Ahmadiyya is according to Quran and Hadith.

      The only thing galling you is how Findings has again exposed your cult, shown the world how unislamic it is and how all that human rights talk by your leaders is BS. You want to teach Findings islamic behaviour, how about you start with your own leaders? Sit down with Mirza Masroor, Rafiq Hayat and Shabir Bhatti and teach them Islam. But in that case you will of course stay quite, because as a member of a cult you are not allowed to speak out against them.

    9. RE: i used to have some of respect for the guys over at the cult. i disagree with what they say but farhan came across as humble and a sincere lover of the Holy Prophet s.a.w and anyone who loves him i have a lot of respect for. Shahid came across as a very talented orator, sort of like a muslim george galloway.

      What both of them had was that they treated the theology rather than gossip as their main point of focus and thecult did not allow needless personal humiliations of innocent ahmadi individuals that findings specialises in. they would refer to religious leaders by their full names and on their forums engaged in uncensored debate that i thought was fair and constructive.

      However that site lost all credibility the day it started endorsing this one. its sort of like the daily times suddenly starting to endorse the news of the world. i just thought 'wow these guys came across as proper religious scholars and they have no problems with findings lying to her entire family about her identity, speaking in a completely unislamic style and humiliating innocent individuals on a public forum'.

      That day i lost interest and this day when findings published stuff about some poor guy (who without doubt has his faults) but has suffered by having both his parents reject him in his childhood and is trying to save his family and keep contact with his own kids and she thinks this is appropriate for the public?

      nauzabillah the nizam might make mistakes, that is not for me to judge as i dont have the full story with the full facts. they may have weaknesses. but they dont go round brandishing this stuff in public. even if they do, findings joining in makes her just as bad as them or worse especially wen u remember she wasnt supposed to b looking at this stuff in the first place. The Holy Prophet s.a.w has said that he who sees the letter of his brother sees Hell fire, but findings doesn't care bcos she is happy going to hell so long as she takes others with her.

    10. Jazak Allahu khayr for the respectful criticism. I'll take it with sincerity.

    11. Jazak Allahu khayr for the respectful criticism. Bitter for me to swallow, but I see where you're coming from.

    12. @RE

      BAYGHARTO i just want to know who are you to blackmail a poor woman???? Who appointed you for this job???? Why jamat dont understand it is not their concern. This is a dispute between husband and wife if a husband cant resolve issues with his wife then he has option of divorce.

      Finding is not publishing anything about common Ahmadies she is exposing jamat real face and these are jamat letters not a husband wife conversation also she has removed all personal identities so its ok.


    13. re:

      TD- God knows best whether how the officials stepped in was the right way or not. but i would say that community supporting familys can help save marriages and this is a good thing. using the tragic break up of a family for propaganda is not a good thing

      Farhan sahib-
      God knows best in all things. but in my vision you seem humble. you seem to have a sincere love for learning about Islam and for The Holy Prophet s.a.w. I must love anyone who loves the Holy Prophet s.a.w. and in this way I have love for you. I also respect the way you teach about Islam and enjoy reading your work on Islam.

      For the same reason I love you (your love for The Holy Prophet s.a.w.) is the same reason i love Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his khulafa. They are the greatest lovers of The Holy Prophet s.a.w. in this age. On this though I guess for now we must disagree.

      My behaviour today was unacceptable. When I wrote my first post I was consumed with arrogant fury at how I felt she had callously disregarded the privacy of the family in question. she can block out names as much as she likes but people who know the family in germany will figure it out. still my response was out of order. my only defence is i began with 'may' instead of 'may Allah'. in this way i deliberately avoided praying against her in my comment.

      in truth, whatever findings says i wish her no harm. i do not want her to go to hell. i am scared enough of going to hell myself without wishing it on others. i hope as many people as possible including myself can be saved. but i must emphasise i did not pray anything against her in my post.

      still tho i should not have sworn. Findings- i sincerely and fully apologise to you for being abusive and i apologise to anyone who had to read what i said. Farhan- thank you for diffusing my anger with your calm response.

      May Allah tala forigive us all.

    14. @God knows best whether how the officials stepped in was the right way or not.
      God gave you a brain its your brain so use it. They are doing right or wrong it does not matter, the question is, are they authorized to do such things? How are they punishing people, are they police/court? If they think they are appointed by God and they are doing right why they hide such very important things we all know such reporting/spying, blackmailing, threatening, social boycotts, social pressure, ‘IKHRAJ’ fear, psychological torcher… are weapons of jamat and jamat frequently use them but when you visit their sites you find only love and peace you will never find anything about their courts/qadha or what is ‘IKHRAJ’ and why they announce expelled person name in every center/mosque? Actually this is a VERY BIG CRIME it is called ‘state within state’ unfortunately UK government dont know the real face of this CULT.

      @ i would say that community supporting familys can help save marriages and this is a good thing.
      You are a ‘Nafsiyati Mareez’ I know you wont believe me so I will suggest you go to a psychiatrist and ask I am blackmailing and threatening a poor woman and his old father only for saving her marriage, also tell him that you believe it is a good thing then share his opinion here.
      Sorry for my harsh words. You are looking a good person but this is the truth you are a ‘Nafsiyati Mareez’ dont feel bad you are not alone these are very common psychological problems in this ‘Ilahi Jamat’.


    15. Have some respect for "findings" all you Ahmadis, who are jealous and writing rubbish. You have no guts to admit that your religion is nothing more than a mafia cult. Since I myself have seen this cult in action and very closely I am convinced that whatever "findings" is writing is true about this disgraceful cult and its cunning murabbis. You all should be thankful to this person, for taking the time to educate the masses with determination and a lot of courage. Only if there were more people like this the World would get rid of this ridiculous mafia cult that has mislead so many and created so many problems for both Ahmadis and non-Ahmadis. One bit of advice for "findings" be very careful of your own safety because this mafia cult is very dangerous and we pray to Allah s.w.t to protect you, help you and bless you with the good things of this life and hereafter. You have not done anything wrong, you have taken to task those who exploit people in the name of religion and those who do not practice what they preach and are like vultures breeding on the jamat funds.

  3. They should not force this woman at all, what goes on between a husband and wife should have no concern with the jamaat.

    The jamaat goes around parading their smiley white teeth to conventions saying we believe in human rights and peace but behind closed doors they are evil to the common ahmadi.
    Most ahmadis will think the jamaat can do no wrong but reality it is causing a lot of grieve and disharmony among families, surely that is not right, they go back to their cushy lifestyle and with their big mouthed wives leaving more souls of ahmadis picking up the pieces and trying to mend broken characters and humiliations.

    Ban the "Love for all, hatred for none" because you obviously don't go by it!

  4. This is messed up to the max! Screw these dogs man Allah will deal with them. Shabir Bhatti dunno how you sleep at night you scum.

    1. dont worry...soon come. soon come.

    2. @03:31
      'dont worry....soon come. Soon come.'

      Sounds like a mirza ghulam English revelation.


      I feel sorry for mirza masroor, this guy was probably a normal person before.

      He never asked to be khalifa.... I just feel deep for the guy. It's a tough life.... Poor dude.


    3. 'Sounds like a mirza ghulam English revelation.'

      ROFL!!! made my day!

    4. Facepalm! that comment about mirza masroor was supposed to be for the previous post....

      As for this... Blog post- irrespective of whats going on... They don't have a right to mess with peoples lives.


  5. Finding you should move to Saudi Arabia where Sunni wahabis reign and women have the most equal status in the world... Oh wait they have practically no rights. Hardly an Ahmadi specific problem isit. It's the south Asian and middle eastern culture that endorses lack of rights for women. NOT islam. Shame on you for giving such a poor impression of Islam to the wider world. Right wing media does that already

    1. And saudi arabia represents the whole of islam and the muslim world? 1 bilion plus muslims! you sound like a red neck idiot from the US. In many other countries, muslim women have A LOT more rights than ahmadiyya. If you're so great with women rights, are any of the heads in ur cult women? In saudi araibea women are paid equally as men, and husbands are usually so rich women dont need to work.

    2. Once again ahmadi answer is always to point fingers at others.
      How pathetic are you little brain idiots.

  6. Poor impression of Islam??? LOL- Ahmadiyyat more like. Don't combine the might confuse people.

    Go tell it to your Jamaat leaders you moral coward.

  7. Being a non ahmadi, but with family who are, and having avidly followed developments on this blog for a considerable epriod of time, I have drawn 3 conclusions

    1. Findings is ncredibly brave and determined and may she succeed one day in the exposing the truth she aspires to
    2. The Ahmadiya leadership are thick, really thick at not being able to put two and two together.
    3. Considering they are God's chosen and led by the truth, the filth that has been exposed about tem again and again speaks volumes

    I have read the posts, threatening dire consequences, excommunication and God knows what, reminds me entirely of Mormons, For Joseph Smith read MGA, same dire consequences, same bhatta mafia mentality

  8. The truth for ahmadis is very bitter. I have left this cult and cult has fine e rything possible to destroy me including telling my elderly mother that she shall be expelled if continue to see me. I have to deliver her medications at night do she does not loose her social circle. This cult has driven to pre Islamic times. Value of women is negligible and expendable. Not allowed to vote or hold any real office is just an example. A Muslim converted lady was president of Islamic Society of Nortg America. ISNA. Can this cult imagine anything like that.
    Islam did not segregate women but allowed them right to lead. 70 % is Islam is explained by one women. Syedna Ayesha. Can ahmadis see any ahmadis women in that role. It is a cult where women are treated worse then cattle. MTA

    1. Heaven's forbid for any ahmadi lady to have a leadership role, she will let it go straight to her head and will become the most arrogant person you can think of.

      If the likes of Fozia Khan, Mrs Hyat or one particular lady I shall not name comes into leadership than it will be difficult for normal women in the jamaat to have a voice and further ridiculed.

      Let me give you one example of the arrogance of some woman who is a relation of mine, I am not very wealthy, I am sick and I am older than her too, I saw her at the mosque on a function and we came face to face, she just stood there and then I had to say my salaams and you know what she did, she did not answer but just walked away and this lady is very well known in the London jamaat, maybe she knows it is referring to her but what Islamic values do you have exactly?
      there are many women like her unfortunately!

    2. sounds like you bumped in to Shakira Hayat!

  9. Mubarak Cult Girl. I have watched the Poll steadily climb and you have had a huge effect on the psyche of Ahmadis! mash'Allah my sister may Allah reward you. Even if out of 100 Ahmadis you have an impact on 1, that's a huge achievement and makes your efforts all worthwhile. As your brother in Islam I am very proud of you.

  10. I am going to be very honest here and I care not who I offend especially not the evil enemy of the Jamaat behind this site.

    I do believe in the Khulafat of the Jamaat and am a loyal and humble servant of Allah and his Khalifa Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) however I do believe they can and do mistakes and I do not blindly agree with everything they say.

    This 'Love for All, Hatred for None' was told to us by Hadhrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad and not the Promised Messiah (as). His words are not gospel and are not by divine revelation. I agree we should live by this Motto but not before Quran and Hadith. I think the Jamaat is wrong for taking it as their official Motto and believe that it only works against us long term. When one of our members makes a mistake we are all tarnished with the same brush by the Mullahs, as if not all of us can live up to this Motto. We can. We do.

    In the Quran there is clear cut definition of who the enemy is. There are specific duas you can make for the destruction of your enemies. Hatred for the enemy is permitted. I believe what Allah has ordained for us is more significant than the Motto above. I do believe this Motto has been taken out of context by the Mullahs and is thrown at us unfairly.

    Love for All, Hatred for None (except enemies of the true Islam).

    This girl is a very clear enemy of true Islam. She has made it very clear she wants to cause mischief and disruption and wants to poison the minds. she is the enemy. and i have prayed for her punishment in this life and the next. I make dua constantly for her downfall. I have even consulted someone to make dua for her ill health/no love/no success and her major downfall. He will listen to our prayers because she is His enemy. I think Black Magic is an option for her if it means finishing her off forever. May you die an early death or may you become deaf/dumb and blind so you are no longer able to hurt Allah and his people. You are a disease and you need to be flushed out of this earth. May you perish. You are the enemy. No Love for the enemy.


    2. May Allah protect her. Sis I would advise you to have ruqya performed on yourself. Also please recite your 3 'Quls' before your bedtime after Salatul Isha. Make constant duah for yourself. Auduu billahi mina shaitan i rajeem. Bismillahi rahman ir raheem. Keep reciting this. Very important. Please also have the Quran playing in your house all the time. Seehr is very dangerous. May Allah reflect all his evil plans (man above) on him. Ameen.

    3. *SHOCKED* This has to be the most evil and most mean spirited thing I have ever heard anyone say. *SHOCKED*

    4. To make a pact and solicit with the workers of the Shaitaan it is you who will perish in the next life. This is Shirk. Ya'Allah protect this creature of ours from this evil. Please do not involve yourself in such activities for your sake and for her sake. You will be destined for the Hellfire if you dabble with this- is she worth that? Do not harm her like this she is a young woman and the daughter of Ahmadis. Of course Allah will protect her but sometimes the Jinn is stronger than her prayers. DO NOT HURT HER. Refrain from this behaviour and beg Allah for mercy and forgiveness for such cruel intentions.

    5. We can fight the enemy as we so please. It is too late. We have asked for her ill health forever. God willing.

    6. Baygharto thats why I always call you ‘Nafsyati Mareez’. Why dont you fix death date of your enemies you dont know it is a ‘Sunat’ of MGA. We know MGA prophecies about Atham, Pigot, Muhamdi Begum and so on they all died after MGA. Allah did not hear your prophet and you dont even claim of prophet hood so why she need to be worried?

      Baygharto what is your definition of LOVE? Is there anyone else you love him other than Ahmadi?






    8. What about the injustices that your cult has inflicted on innocent ahmadis, don't you have words for them at all.

      You are a mean spiteful person without any morals *SHOCKING*

    9. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle4 April 2012 at 14:39

      Oh enemy of Allah!!!!!! You disgust me every shaytaan is on a leash and allah is the master. So you can't do anything to findings unless Allah wills it. you are an evil mushrikI!!! I beseech the one who gave Solomon (as) the power over the jinn and birds to protect findings and her family from the evil of created things. And curse her enemies. Oh Allah make this evil man suffer at the hands of those he has invoked besides you. Oh Allah I call you by your most beautiful names you are al Asim, you are Malja and we seek your protection for findings. Oh Allah you are al muadhidib (the punisher) so punish these evil ppl like you punished thamud , lut and aad! Oh Allah I submit myself to you and you alone, ya Mujeer protect findings and destroy this enemy of Islam. Destroy him in this life and the next you are the all powerful mighty and we submit ourselves to you. Glory be to Allah and peace and blessing be on his final messenger muhammed (saw). All praise be to Allah!!

    10. Who in their right mind would believe the above is a comment from an Ahmadi just because you say so? A lot of you here have split personalties so I wouldn't be surprised if it was any one of you.

      Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" - Jesus of Nazareth, as recorded in Matthew 5:44

    11. LOL a true follower of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. He used to do this sort of stuff as well, but alles of his prophecies of course failed miserably. Maybe you should follow the sunnah of your Prophet and throw some chikpeas in a well. Didn't really help your Prophet but who knows?

      Hahahaha. Mental cases these Qadianis.

    12. You might as well go the full distance - find out where she lives and sniper her?

      I mean - she/they are after all an enemy of Mirza right? And an enemy of 'Mirza' is an enemy of 'God' right?

      And how many a verse of Qur'an talk about fighting the enemies with the sword.

    13. Whoever you are, Iblees must be your father, to wish such evil on someone searching the truth, and when you said you care not who you offend, well you are very offensive and May Allah take note of the evil that is in your heart.

      YOU are showing the true nature of this filthy cult you follow, Findings is a lucky girl to have the courage to stand up to evil retards like you

      @Findins I hope morons like this make you stronger, because you can be sure the message is hitting home

      Take care and Allah's blessings on all who expose frauds and liars

    14. You are a disgusting individual. What you have written is a testimony to the filth and hatred Ahmadis have in their hearts for those who reject their corrupt and twisted beliefs. No amount of black magic and evil wishes will hurt her because you are not a believer but have no relationship with Allah the way she does. You can spit out as much hatred as you want but Allah is with the faithful. The supplications you refer to are for destroying the enemy and for the believer but as you are not a believer, Allah will not listen to you as they do not apply to you. You might have better luck with the Bhagavad Giteh but you will not beat her using the words of her Lord and supplications of the believer against her. This doesn't apply to you you daft man. As for the Black Magic (sihr) you go right on but she is Allah's helper and you are Allah's enemy. By all means associate with the Jinn but remember once you go there you can never come back. The doors for forgiveness are closed on you forever. Shirk is unforgivable. To associate to anyone other than Allah and rely on witchcraft and black magic and quacks is one of the few things Allah does not forgive. If you have already sought the help of such a crooked sorcerer than may Allah protect her and may you be punished for eternity. We call on Allah to protect this delicate queen. You don't figure or realize that when we read the kind of evil you have written we fear for her and want to pray for her. How lucky she is to have strangers' prayers on her side but what do you have? You are doing her more favors than anything. If you don't want better for her I suggest you stop hating on her because when you do I for one will be praying for this stranger sister. Even for 3 people to pray for this evil to rebound back on you, 3 people who are believers is a worse deal for you than what a disbeliever kafir like you has wished on our sister. What has she done that is so bad that warrants her absolute misfortune and early death? What has she done that deserves that she be ripped from her family and friends so young and early and in such a cruel fashion? What has she done to never meet and greet the ones who love her and whose heart she eases when they hear her voice? What has she done that deserves for her family and friends to see her miserable, unhappy and ugly? What have they ever done to you? Black Magic doesn't effect just the person you want the evil cast over but it effects their family, friends and everyone who loves them. Believe me I know. Her family is Ahmadi; is this the sort of pain you wish to inflict on them? Does their brotherhood with your belief not count for anything?

      How do you think she feels when she reads this? The poor woman is trying to show you the hypocrisy and mistreatment of your fellow members at the hands of ordinary men given positions of trust and you wish death on her? Wow. SubhanAllah. What hatred. I think your words and threats are enough to cause her more than enough harm.

      Findings you should be flattered that they think you are an enemy of the Jamaat. A '200' million strong Jamaat Vs one girl. Pray for yourself and I will pray for you too.

    15. ^Ameen to that.

    16. AnonymousApr 4, 2012 07:31 AM

      who in their right mind would ever have thought your cult follows people on motorbikes you enter their temple gates? its real. this is real. your people are dirty.

    17. Gosh, what can one expect from a follower of Ahmadyiatt. Using black Magic or other Mediums against anyone is invoking Allah's Wrath. (By the way... Allah does not get hurt) Cult Girl is entitled to speak out about what she has seen first hand and grown up with if it contradicts Islam and the teachings of The Holy Prophet (SAAW). By the way I think Allah would have mentioned in The Holy Quran such an important event as a Promised Messiah coming. Why would The Holy Prophet (SAAW) state that he was the Seal of all Prophets if there were meant to be another to come after him. It just does not add up really. Mirzar Ghulam Ahmad may have been a pious person initially but then he lost it perhaps when he claimed he was a prophet. (or did he) It was fair game for the ruling British to groom his son up as his successor and instill the NWO (New World Order) (Jamaats system) you see The British have 50 year plans and 100 year plans.....a kind of insurance that they get a return for the erosion of Islam which is what their Leader preaches to his community. Yes yes it sounds like he loves The Holy Prophet (SAAW) but every so often he has contempt for The Holy Prophet (SAAW)which comes out in various references in his sermons over the years. Ahmadi's might prefer to refer to the 4th Khaliffa for he sounded like he held alot of love for The Holy Prophet (SAAW) but as he was also groomed by the British ...spent his educational years in UK a more learned fellow...but then he could just be blindly following like all the others previously for after all the 2nd Khaliffa was very young and impressionable when he took office. Easily fed by the British....and what do we see now whereever Ahmadi's go in the Globe there is anarchy and unrest amongst the Muslims....why is this. Any way I digress getting back to the point, "Good on ya Cult Girl" you are doing the righ thing but just remember you cannot force them to see if Allah has already sealed their eyes and ears. In the end days... there will be but few "as Moths in the light".....

  11. A true cultist. Allah swt doesn't listen to the prayers of the kuffar and protects the faithful.

  12. TD wins the 2012 MOST ANNOYING writer on cultgirl blog award for repetition of the words "nafsiyati mareez" and "baygartho".

    Talk about stuck record............... I know you wont believe me so I will suggest you go to a psychiatrist!

    1. I am dedicating my ‘2012 MOST ANNOYING AWARD’ to MGA for writing ‘LANAT’ 1000 times this is TD tribute to MGA. Following are links of your promised messiah abusive language hope you will enjoy it as you enjoy my posts. He is the most deserving person for your awards please consider him.

      Thanks MGA again you saved me, whenever I want I can give your dirty example to your poor followers. Baygharto if you love MGA then you have to respect me because I talk like your prophet.

    2. Demanding respect by lowering yourself to someone's level, whom you wish to expose, It does NOT make you any more convincing than they are, but it does make you look as retarded.

      Try logic reason patience undestanding and tolerance.

      Is it the fault of ANY child born into this Cult that s/he follows it so blindly when the most dire of spiritual consequences are threated not just for the individual, but entire familes, from elderly to children.

      It takes courage and a better understanding, and a grasp of the truth, before one can rebel, not all have it in them, and when the likes of Findings actually take bold actions they should be praised and encouraged and be used as an example to others

      Others should take much courage from her bravery and perseverence.

      Keep it up

    3. @Try logic reason patience undestanding and tolerance.
      I think it is useless, may be you are not the part of this cult so you dont know a typical Ahmadi mindset. Their minds dont accept logics specially when they study religion.

      If you think you will talk to a ‘TRUE’ or brainwashed Ahmedi with logics and he will listen you then you are a very foolish person. Even if you give them a very good link they will never open, because they dont need to read anything they are 200% percent confident that they are following true islam But this time I am sure they will open my all links.

      Muslims have proved thousand times that MGA is a false prophet but still they are unable to convince a brainwashed Ahmadi, problem is not in their logics or in work, they need to study a typical Ahmadi brain and need to use other ways of teaching to convince a brainwashed Ahmadi.

    4. @Demanding respect by lowering yourself to someone's level, whom you wish to expose, It does NOT make you any more convincing than…
      OK tell me please if it is not a good way then what is the best and effective way to convince a brainwashed Ahmedi?

    5. To show Mirza's sick beliefs you have to stoop to a very low level. That is the reality of Mirzaiyyat.

    6. to 12:54
      Just remember Allah swt said to The Holy Prophet (SAAW) that he was their messenger. Did the Meccans listen to him no the did not and look what happened to them....they were over powered by Allah and his messenger. So don't get so het up if they don't listen, Allah has already sealed their eyes and hearts and ears. What can you do.....

  13. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle4 April 2012 at 21:48


  14. Last Fridays Sermon (30/03/2012)

    Can Ahmadi's not see that there leader is a herotic. How can he state that The Holy Prophet (SAAW) cursed people who drank, sold, etc alcohol. When in his time, The Holy Prophet (SAAW) Governed the Meccans and allowed the non Muslims to continue with their worship whether idol or not, eat what they liked including pork and drink alcohol. Mas is a Herotic. Can Ahmadi's not see this or do they just follow blindly like sheep.

    1. Salaam

      To annon 04:59

      There are hadith to report that the prophet Muhammad (saw) did infact curse those who drank, sold etc... wine

      In the sunnan of Abu Dawd (ra) - it is narrated:
      The Prophet (saw) said:
      “Allah has cursed Khamr (intoxicants/wine), the one who drinks it, the one who pours it for others, the one who sells it, the one who buys it, the one who makes it, the one who it is made for, the one who carries it, the one who it is carried to and the one who consumes the money from its sale.”

      The prophet (saw) had two main stages of his prophethood - the first part without running a state, and then when he moved to Medina and was the ruler. The verses in the Qur'an that prohibit drinking came in the second part of his prophethood - and this is where this hadith is narrated.

      Wa Allahu Alam

    2. Please learn history, there are no stages in the Prophet hood. However the law and state matter is different, and as a Muslim state you are obligated to fulfil the needs of your subjects including non-Muslims.
      Furthermore the Quran has never forbidden drinking it is about intoxication and if you take the view wine is forbidden then all other forms of intoxication and drugs are not covered. (need to learn jurisprudence and fiqh)
      Next is the history of Hadith mostly they are not confirmed and when you cross reference against the Holy Quran the direct mention of alcohol is “they ask you about drink and gambling tell them we have provided little benefit but a great loss in these”.
      So to conclude when the Holy Quran itself does not curse people who make or drink or sell why would then The Holy Prophet SAAW do so.
      Please don’t make Islam look unfathomable to those who know nothing of Islam. Learn the religion first then speak on this topic.

    3. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle6 April 2012 at 01:03

      You are clearly misguided with no real understanding of religion apart from "garments of the righteous" you are trying to separate the messenger and the message? You need to check yourself because you haven't even read the ayah 5:90 Khimar is clearly described as the handiwork of your mate the shaytaan!!! and you accuse others of lack of knowledge?? Understand this the sunnah is what separates us from you!!! You follow he sunnah of mirza and we follow the sunnah of the seal of all prophets saw. Oh and before you say anything further even your mirza acknowledged the status of hadith. All praise be to Allah!

    4. There are many points to reply to, so I will do so step by step inshaAllah.
      I am also assuming you are Ahmadiyya – however, if this is so – as the brother Ansari above has mentioned, your current leader has accepted the hadith – so I do not understand why you are arguing against. It. But none the less, there are some items that you need to be clarified on:

      Firstly – from what I understood in your writing, you believe that the ruling of ‘haram’ is upon those getting drunk, nor for just drinking?
      This goes against the hadith of the prophet (saw) where he says: “Whatever intoxicates in large quantities, a little of it is haraam.” This hadith is narrated by al-Tirmidhi
      The prophet (saw) also said that Allah (swt) curses the one who drinks it (in the hadith mentioned above) - & this has no link to becoming intoxicated – rather who drinks it.

      If your confusion is about what Khamr is – the prophet (saw) also said in a hadith:
      Every intoxicant is khamr and every intoxicant is haraam.” This hadith is found in Sahih Muslim
      I think this is clear enough.

      So drinking is haram, small or large & anything that is alcoholic is not allowed islamically, even if you don’t become drunk from it. Anyone who does otherwise, or believes otherwise is falling into sin.

      If your next question starts to go into: What about vinegar that comes from alcohol? OR what about taking it for medical purposes? Or perfumes that have it in it? Or what about other ‘intoxicants’ such as coffee or tea or anything like that – that is not the direct point of discussion – and the scholars have answered all of these in dept and we can discuss them if need be later Insha'Allah.

      Secondly – if you are not sure about what Allah (swt) is cursing – then perhaps this second hadith is clearer for you:
      The prophet (saw) cursed ten with regard to alcohol: the one who squeezes (the grapes etc), the one for whom it is squeezed, the one who drinks it, the one who carries it, the one to whom it is carried, the one who pours it, the one who sells it and consumes its price, the one who buys it and the one for whom it is bought.” This is narrated in Al-Thirmidi

      We can see that Allah (swt) curses those who participate in those actions – i.e. drinking, selling etc...
      But we can have no doubt that Allah (swt) is the one who curses those people who are involved in the actions mentioned in the hadith because the prophet (saw) is the one telling us that He (swt) is cursing and the prophet (saw) is no liar – nor does he speak from his own desire – rather it is all revelation in one form or another.

      If you have a problem with the two hadith about the drinkers of ‘khamr’ being cursed – then you have to prove that the hadith are weak. But since major scholars have said the hadith are sound – it will be hard to do otherwise. Plus, like it has been said earlier – your leader has accepted it – therefore, according to your own religion – you must also accept it.

      Lastly – (although this was the first point of discussion) - we all agree that there are two main stages during the life of the prophet (saw) after he started to receive revelation. Perhaps my phrasing of ‘stages of prophethood’ could have been made more clear – but I think everyone understood that it meant his early period without being head of state and then when he moved to Medina.
      The discussion about how to run a state due to others living it is large and suitable here – but we can say for sure that the revelations about drinking all came down in Medina since they sit in the first few large surahs of Qur’an and they all were revealed in Medina.

      Wa Allahu (swt) A'lam

    5. Abu Musa,
      How wrong you are,
      I don’t believe in the hadith that you and the scholars have agreed upon.
      Here is some understanding for you as to Islam,
      The Holy Quran was given in a different order than what you see today, Hadith, mostly collected many years after the Holy Prophet SAAW, the original script of the Holy Quran is without dots and accents, so unless you are a badoin from the desert who can read the Holy Quran in its original format don’t teach just learn.
      Mawatta (Imam Malik) states not by the Holy Prophet SAAW but by Omar ibn Khatab RA that once his son was reported to have had khumar from dates, his reaction to it was as if it had intoxicated him, “yes I will put a punishment on him.”Therefore, this is not a Hadith of The Holy Prophet SAAW. The Hadith is about the statement of The Holy Prophet SAAW whereby he refused to accept a gift of wine and stated that it wasn’t good to sell it either as it was forbidden. (No such cursing has ever been recorded in the earlier books of Hadith.) Cursing is a ritual started by Shiites against the three earlier Khulfa.
      All these hadith with the Holy Prophet SAAW cursing are actually against the very nature of the Holy Prophet SAAW… Blessing and Mercy of the Universe… cursing the occupants of the universe, do you even see the logic.
      Furthermore, I have been researching the Seha Sitta and most are written nearly 2 or more centuries after the Holy Prophet SAAW, additionally written by non Arabs. Anyone can come up with a line and make it a hadith so to speak and that does not mean that it is authentic.
      The framework for the fiqh and law is thus;
      Quran, Sunnah, Hadith history, ijma’a (given the need of time).
      Getting back to the point of sects, there are no sects of Islam, a lay person is only a Muslim, any Imam or scholar may accept the fiqh of one in the past i.e. Malki, Shafi, Hanfi, Jafari or any other but still they cannot say that I am an Hanafi because it may be the case that in some cases they follow Hanbali.
      This ridiculous notion that a lay person once read the Holy Quran or read a few hadith books becomes authority on how the jurisdiction is determined. One example of Imam Abu Hanifa RA was that he would avoid to give fatwa as much as possible unlike today’s so called scholars who give fatwa’s without even thinking.
      I ask you a simple question, Ashra Mubashirah, Aysha RA and Ali bin Abi Talib RA split against each other and fought, Muslim blood spilled on both sides, which one do you have the authority to call right and which one wrong.
      When you have answered this question then I will communicate to you according to your understanding.
      For now we should leave this at that we may disagree on points for reasons of understanding and knowledge.

    6. @Abu Musa,
      @How wrong you are,
      You are talking here on irrelevant topics and you did not try to defend JAMAT blackmailing. You ignore very serious issues which never can be justify in islam but you waste your time and energies on very less important issues, because you are a ‘Nafsyati Mareez’.

      Whatever you are telling about KHUMAR/intoxicated I am 100% agree, now please tell me do you know any Hadees which tell blackmailing and threatening are allowed in Islam? I will appreciate you if you comment on those two JAMAT letters?


    7. I will Insha'Allah answer your last question.
      I am also obliged to give the Islamic position on some of what you mentioned in your response and then leave it there Insha'Allah since this is your request:

      Answering the matter of Ali (ra) and the war that took place between him and Mu’awiya (ra) is quite simple Insha'Allah since it is a matter that most (if not all) the scholars have agreed upon.

      Just to make a slight correction to your question - Ali (ra) was one of the 10 promised paradise (Al-Ashra Al-Mubashireen bil Janna), whereas A’isha (as) (although she was told by the prophet (saw) that she would one of his wifes in paradise), is not part of the famous 10. Neither is Muawiya (ra) – although he has some hadith about his ‘fadeela’ (good attributes).
      The war that took place between the two sides did however include Zubair ibn Awam (ra) and he was one of the 10 promised paradise – and his part in the story is vital in getting to the truth of who was correct during the war.

      There is an almost consensus that Imam Ali (ra) was correct in his Ijtihaad in the matter between himself and A’isha (ra) / Mu’awiya (ra) – and the scholars say so due to an incident that happened between Ali (ra) and Zubair (ra) (who was on Mu’awiya’s side) :
      When Zubair (ra) and Ali (ra) met on the battle field, Ali (ra) said to him: “do you not remember when we were with the prophet (saw) and he said to you that you would fight me and be in the wrong”. Zubair (ra) then remembered and left the battle field. (This can be found in many books, but I took this from ‘Usaid Al Ghaba’ – a book on the history of the companions)
      There is also another hadith that is used by the scholars – but I cannot seem to find it at the moment. If I do – I will try post it Insha'Allah.

      The scholars of the Muslims also agree that this matter was one of Ijtihaad on both sides – and since Allah (swt) has mentioned in the Qur’an that you will find two groups of Muminoon fighting against each other – it shows that both sides were full of believers, or that two sides that fight can be full of believers.
      The prophet (saw) also said in a hadith about the signs of the end of times – that two groups of the believers will wage war against each other - most agreeing that this was talking about the war between Ali (ra) and Muawiya (ra) – and that, in this case, Imam Ali (ra) was the more correct of the two (this is also the statement of Ibn Hajar (ra) – and he goes on to say that it was a error in Ijtihaad) – wa Allahu (swt) A’lam

    8. Regarding your other points:
      1. The science of hadith is not something that is just a game where by some ‘men’ a few hundred years after the prophet (saw) can come and just make up things and attribute it to the prophet (saw). The science is deep and is well structured and is based on two main items – the ‘nass’ (words) of the text and the chain of narrations. I really do not have the time to explain to you the sciences of hadith and how it is without doubt a miracle of Islam – and that the books that we have with us are so well checked and proofed to be words of the prophet (saw) – that even non-muslims who wanted to find faults in them have agreed that the science of hadith is sound and that the scholars did a great service in preserving the hadith of the prophet. If you carry on your reading – Insha'Allah you will come to understand more about the science of mustalahaat/ilal/rijaal etc... and you will see that it is in fact a ‘hifdh’ from Allah (swt) how the words of the prophet (saw) reached us and the precise manner in which they did.
      Just to say - The six famous books are just a very few that exist – there are thousands of books of hadith that range from the time of Umer ibn Abdul Aziz (ra) to much later then just the six famous books. The fact that they were by non-Arabs has nothing to do with the matter since they were masters of Arabic and managed to memorise so much regarding hadith and the words of the prophet (saw).

      2. For you to reject a hadith – you cannot simply find a hadith somewhere else that you haven’t fully understood and then say: ‘well, look – it contradicts this other hadith – therefore it must be wrong!’ I mean, what if your hadith is weak or fabricated? What have the scholars said about the two hadith if they do in fact contradict? There is much that needs to be discussed before you just plainly reject something in the word of hadith.
      Also – for a hadith to be rejected - it has to be proven wrong either by the chain of narrations – or if there is what is known as a hidden defect in the hadith somewhere.
      These chains have been proven to be correct by many hundreds/thousands of hadith scholars – thus, the Muslims trust lies in them – and we believe that they are the words of the prophet (saw). If you want to reject it based on desires – then you are accountable for this.
      Secondly – you quote Malik’s (ra) Mwatta – but this is recorded exactly the same way as Bukhari’s or Muslim’s or Nisaai’s – they use the same techniques to get to a certainty that the words are in fact that of the prophet (saw). Yes, Imam Malik (ra) lived before some of the other Imam’s – but sometimes he has up to 5 people between him and the prophet (saw) – some who he did not meet – thus, how can you decide to take his hadith book as proof – but reject others?

      3. I dont understand why you delved into the issue of the early Qur’an’s not being written with all the signs that we see in the Mushaf today – because although the book by first Abu Bakr (ra) and then Uthman (ra) after were done to make sure that changes could not happen – the majority of Qur’an was passed down orally – and this still happens today in many Muslim lands.
      The Qur’an since about 100 years ago was not taught nor widely read as a book that we readily have with us now. This is something that has become normal because of the ease of print that has come about in much recent times. Yes, there were those who used to make copies by sitting and writing the Qur’an out – but not like the millions of Masaahif we have in the word now.
      The original way of memorising Qur’an was using a ‘lowh’ or simply by having it read to you by a teacher and you memorised it so.
      This technique is still used in places like Mauritania and even I believe Somali is quite frequent in using this technique.

    9. 4. Cursing is not something that the prophet (saw) used regularly – nor Allah (swt) – but there are some examples of it in the hadith literature and in the Qur’an. Allah (swt) says in Surah Ma’ida that the non-believers of the Beni Israail were cursed on the tongues of Isa (as) and Dawd (as) – Surah Maida. The Qur’an has other cases where Allah (swt) curses the non-Muslims, or those who changed his words etc..
      The prophet (saw) has also been recorded to curse ‘groups’ of people – such as those men who dress like women and vise versa. Or the women who pluck their eyebrows.
      It is not an invention just by the Shia – I do not know where you got this idea.
      And Allah (swt) according to the hadith cursed those who drink alcohol.

      5. Again, I do not know why you brought in the principals of Usool Al fiqh into the argument since it has no relation to what was being mentioned above.

      Allah (swt) knows best in all matters

      If you have any other problems in understanding certain aspects of Islam – Insha'Allah I will try my best to clear it up – and if I do not know – I can ask some of the scholars here to help.

    10. @Furthermore, I have been researching the Seha Sitta…
      Research on yourself, why you have so much time to waste irrelevant and less important issues? Wating for your comments on those two jamat latters.

  15. Almost none of these comments are about the topic of the article. Instead, they are about the personage of Findings.

    1. Salam Farhan Bhai, I already know JAMAT blackmail innocent people so there is nothing new for me except now we have documentary proof. I observed Ahmadies never defend jamat corruption and MGA books I am unable to understand why these issues are unimportant for Ahmdies but if you only say ‘ISA is alive’ all Ahmded will take your statement very seriously and give you one thousand justifications.

      Why such posts are unimportant and death of ISA is a very serious issue for Ahmdies, the only thing that I understand they are all ‘Nafsiyati Mareez’

  16. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle5 April 2012 at 14:22

    Yes Farhan, very true back to the topic! Does the jamaat have the right to meddle in family affairs? And will you allow your ameer to tell you who to marry or divorce?

    1. Well, If families ask for jamaat help then there is nothing wrong. You got to remember everything on this site is going to show the ugly side of nizaam and ahmadiyyat in general.

      Now I don't know the truth... However I have seen some successes of the nizaam and I have also seen some injustice. However; hearsay is not like seeing.

      As far as I know they don't mess with martial life unless asked.

      About the spying kids, well what usually happens is a kid tells his mum something bad about a someone son/daughter at school or sumin.. Then rumours spread like wildfire... It's disgusting... Due to the organized/ cult like nature... Of ahmadiyyat. It may/may not got to nizaam...

      So basically cut things short yes they have a right if they asked for help. If not they don't have a right.


    2. If asked for help then it is the responsibility of the organisation to advise them according to Sharia Law but if they do not have the legal expertise then they should not offer advise but refer her to the law of the land. This would be the just thing to do. People holding positions of authority often abuse their power over the people.

  17. disgusting

  18. It is better to refer to the law of the land if the internal system is lacking in legal knowledge and expertise. It appears that jamaat make their findings based upon how useful one person is in Jamaat compared to the other. But then again to have a seperate house hold does mean double chanda's...Sharia law obviously is the first reference but unfortunately one must use the law of the land because the decision makers in jamaat are inept and lack the knowledge to make these decisions in accordance with Sharia Law.

    1. Getting back to the point.

      If the woman does not wish for reconciliation as all efforts have failed before then she is entitled to file for divorce under Sharia Law and there is no compulsion upon her to support anything of her estranged husband's. It is only if she herself chooses to and that is her choice entirely. May Allah provide for her and her children. Inshallah.

  19. thanks for exposing this misogyny. what a horrible way to run a religious and supposedly spiritual jamaat.

    1. The cracks are getting larger by the day. The foundations are in question are they not so when the foundation or "founder" is in question then it makes for an unstable building block to pose as true I right.

  20. Hit girl ???????

  21. RAF man delivering his dry repetitive unholy speech during yaume masih Maud said you might have seen me sitting next to our MP Siobhain McDonagh who was telling me that some of our members whom RAF called greedy and liars went to her and asked for help saying no ones helps them in their jamaat. This is very serious for the MP who clearly has breached her confidentiality covenant she owes towards her constituents, she has no right to discuss complaints with the persons against whom they have complained of serious issue of conflict. Now RAF man has no shame to say this before over 500 people not using his common sense which is no very common with him that why people go to their MP and not him because they have lost their confidence and trust in him a crap unholy creep. I am going tonraisevthe issue with labour party regarding MP's conduct. Get the CD and put on net

  22. U small kids ..wat u r trying? just cum out see this whole world .wait for wars.. after that u will see no religion except islam with one leadership..nd ..problems are everywhere read the islamic history ..problems were there after the death of Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa S.A.W..but everthing got settled after 2centuries ..nd Islam won this world u or ur childern will again see Islam on top of this world with one broad minded nd see the ethics of todays mainstreem muslims and compare them with early muslims u would see a difference nd u would judge that qaimat is near nd signs are full filling...see the hadees about building tall buildings ..see islam as a whole conduct nd learn about past prophets nd ...nd their opposers...see human culturaliztion..learn Quran nd understand it...see practices nd compare ..dont see indivisuals ..see ur self ..IF U DONT KNOW QURAN HOW U CAN DO read it carefully nd interperate it..

  23. unfortunately what is posted is absolutely true and unfortunate.

    I am ahmadi by birth, strong believer, full purdah etc etc giving over 50% chanda.

    Then I got married and moved into house with very violent highly regarded ahmadi man who had two faces, one for wife and son (knives, threats, horrible violence in front of child) and one face for mosque (attending all friday prayers, azan in the mosque, leading taravi prayers)

    I have a young son who witnessed so much.

    When the police was called by neighbours worried about me and my son, i was threatened, pressured, victimized and isolated by the men in the jamaat to recant and LIE about what really happened... to say I made it up so this man would not be shamed or in anyway held accountable.

    what is most wrong is that if you live in a country such as uk, you should abide by its law and allow that country's law to be above all others. if you want to run your rabwah tribuneral... go live in rabwah!

    they prevent the most vulnerable victims (girls and children) seeking protection for their lives and their children's lives through the british courts, by threatening expulsion if they do not withdraw the case and go through qaza board which is old mans club made up to protect the men from everything ... adultery to rape to physical abuse.. whilst returning frightened women and young children into highly unsafe homes even when they know and their girls parents know it could literally end in the girls death! Often the girls parents are blamed for interfering "poisoning" mind of the daughter and so also forced to cut off from parents and completely at the mercy of the violent spouse.

    I can tell you number of cases where ahmadi girls have been forced to go back and have ended up dead.... one was even cut up into pieces and stuffed into a home freezer.

    I want you all to realize that unless you go through an marriage with a violent man and have to leave for your own and your kids safety, unless you have gone through this, you can never know the ugly face of the jamaat. believe me i never thought i would ever be treated the way i was when i was reeling from a beating so bad, i nearly lost the use of my eye, i always thought the jamaat would protect me or atleast allow me to go through the legal channels in the uk specifically designed to protect abused women from violent spouses until i was faced with it first hand.

    so ahmadis, as a felow ahmadi, i say please remember atleast in the time of the holy prophet and even khalifa4 he always spoke about absolute justice. if the jamaat is really off track and acting improperly in so many cases like this, it is time we also started questioning it and asking for accountability in the system. i know that hazur is not at fault as he is at this time told what to say and fed whatever misinformation by those at high levels in uk, us, germany and given a warped idea of what is really going on.

    my suggestion would be to disband these quasi qaza boards as they hold no legal qualification or authority in any country at this time. if an ahmadi lives in pakistan he can treat his wife as however he likes, but if he gets the privilege to migrate to the west, then he must follow the laws of the land. These qaza fogies have jeapordized the mental health and emotional well being of so many, and have thereby disillusioned many many families who have already suffered so much.

    ahmadi brothers and sisters, i think that this blog may be evil call it what you will, but in a way it should open us to self reflect on the nizaam and the way we are heading, rather than waste time on cursing one another.

    1. Absolutely true what you wrote, may Allah (swt) keep you safe sister.

  24. You are right but Ahmadi leadership in UK is totally corrupt unholy and fabricates lies to cover his manipulations. He KK sahib has punished so many people because of his personal vendetta. He has blind folded the hazur Sahab too