Sunday, 17 June 2012

I've Moved On....


I know its been a while since I have been writing/posting etc etc and so I thought I would drop by and say a few words.

I have now left the Jamaat. Alhamdulillah. After 10 years of being stuck in this sick and twisted cult, Allah the Exalted opened the door and paved the way out for me. Alhamdulillah. I cannot thank Him enough. All praise belongs to Allah. I am now no longer amongst Ahmadis and I cannot be more grateful to Allah SWT for finally giving me the chance to be part of the Ummah- officially! I left some time back, but was unable to say anything, as it could have put me in a compromising position. The journey was quite a long one but I am now out of there and boyyyyyyyyyyyy life has never been better. I am no longer in the UK either..had to get away...far far away!! Alhamdulillah. You will never ever understand how liberating it is once you are away from Ahmadis and their Jamaat. I can't even explain it. My shoulders feel so light, my head de-cluttered and my heart cleansed. My soul has been cheered up. Not that I was tormented by my Ahmadiyya demons before or anything but I was never at complete ease. You know that feeling of 'sukoon'..I never really had it. But Alhamdulillah for everything. Honestly, Allah has been soooooo good to me. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. I cannot thank Him enough for saving me. I cannot thank Him enough for giving me hidayah when I was immersed in Kufr and then for opening the door to let me out of this despicable Cult. Allah is truly merciful. Alhamdulillah.  :D

I have consulted the Cult Team and after much soul searching and deliberation, I have decided that I no longer wish to write as Findings/Cult Girl. I think its time to move on. I don't feel I can offer readers as much as I once could (thats me assuming I offered anything at all.. lol) and my passion/drive in all honesty, has kind of disappeared. I need a break but this time, a permanent one. That's not to say I won't be back one day in the distant future but I doubt it will be anytime soon. Ideally, there will be no Jamaat in 5 years time so then there would be nothing to talk about but somehow, I very much doubt that. That is no testimony to their worth or truth but it is what it is, these 'religions/cults/sects' are to test Man and Allah never stops testing, so why would they just cease to exist?! I've realised that now. I've realised that I have been overlooking my own deen and progress for the sake of people who will probably never see the light. Allah knows best. The truth is out there for those who genuinely care enough. There is an impossible amount of information out there- hitting it at every level, whether its theology/character of the Ahmadiyya figureheads and also Jamaat politics. You only need to type in 'Ahmadiyya' in the search engine and you'll be sure to find pages upon pages demolishing their lies in the name of Islam. I've realised that there is nothing you can do with this Cult. There is no accountability. There is no real care. They want to keep the system going. Status Quo. Let these people be. Life is short. It'll be over with real soon anyway and then they'll have plenty of time to reflect upon their fake deen.

For legal reasons I cannot say much concerning the Blog. On that note, the Blog will be on hold until things are ironed out. The Blog is no longer in my control and I have handed over all information/documents/pictures to a local group who will take control of it once this legal business is out of the way. Good luck with them Raffy friends aren't very had it easy with me!

That's all from me now. I will be asking the Admin team to formally deactivate my account soon. You wont be hearing from me again or not least in a long, long, long time. inshAllah. I've had a enough of ahmadi/jamaat/qadiani/mirza etc etc. I've had enough of Raf/Mas/Nas and am glad I will never have to see their faces again. inshAllah. I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to all the Brothers behind the Ahmadiyya Awareness team for everything they have done for me over the years. Big Jzks to you all! No names necessary! I'd also like to say a special thanks to all the other members here, it has been great fun and I have really learnt a great deal from you all.

For those who are Muslims trapped within the confines of the Cult- do NOT give up inshAllah. Your time and your way out will come...just have faith in Allah SWT and He will find you a way, when your time is right. There is a reason for everything. Your way out will come in one form or another, so don't give up hope. It took me 10 long years but alhamdulillah, the time surely did come. I'd advise ex-Ahmadi women to hold off from marrying any Ahmadi man. They are kafir and your religion does not permit marriage with a Kafir man. Do not weaken. Hold out and your time will come. That's the best advice I can give you. I did just that and I am really glad I did. Alhamdulillah.

One Allah. One Islam. One Book. One Final Prophet SAAWs.

PS: for those who said I made no that why your Cult has taken this case to the Highest Court in the Land to try have me brought down?!?!?!?!?! Don't believe me?? Ask Rafiq Hayat for the legal bill for OLSWANG that no doubt, you guys are paying for! Ha. Ha. Ha. If my name comes out...blurghhhhh... I ain't even in the country no more!

To Me:

You executed this with perfect precision. Lured the dogs to their lawyers. Made them rack up huge legal bills. BAM and you left the Jamaat before they could touch you. 

Why thank you me, I am really quite CUNNING! Ohhhh yeaahhhhhhh budddddddddddddddy!
Love from,


Goodbye Ahmadiyya Cult- the above Swag Note says it all :-) have fun being expelled/spied on/lied to/controlled and finally have fun when you meet Mirza :-)



  2. Subanallah! I am so glad you left this cult. I just hope that many members of their jamaat learns and researches with an open heart and mind and see the falsehood of this cult.

    Good luck where ever you are!

    1. :-) far far away from Mas and Raf. Alhamdulillah. Allah is most merciful and most generous.

  3. "I've realised that I have been overlooking my own deen and progress for the sake of people who will probably never see the light. Allah knows best. The truth is out there for those who genuinely care enough."

    First of all let me welcome you to the fold of Islam the true religion for all Mankind.

    These words of yours Sister will be remembered by us for long long time and I pray to Almighty to bless you and protect you.

    You have done your job, on the Day of Judgement we all will answer for our deeds and I sincerely hope that our Creator will reward you many many folds for the hard work and sincerity that you displayed in educating the masses on the true face of this cult and spreading the true message of Islam/

    1. InshaAllah. Jzks. Thank you for your warm welcome. May Allah keep us all steadfast and protect us from evil. Ameen.

  4. SubhanAllah! Sister, you and all the others from team (and others) have done amazing things. You have helped me to help myself. I've freed myself from the Ahmadiyya brainwashing and seen for what it is. It took me a very long time, four years probably. First comes the arrogance of 'oh what do they know? Ahmadiyya is the truth!', then comes denial, then comes hatred towards you. But then you just can't ingore it anymore, you have to check, research. And then you find the truth.

    The corrupt system of the Ahmadiyya is only a symptom imo, they're whole religion is built on kufr and lies. Their whole theology is wrong, how could anything else be alright?

    I'm a Muslim now though officially still in the cult. One day once I'm independent and Allah gives me strength I'll leave inshAllah.

    May Allah shower his blessing upon you.

    1. Goodluck my dear brother/sister in Islam. Hang in there. I had to do it for 10 long years. Believe me it was such a struggle. I don't know how I did it but alhamdulillah- I found the strength from somewhere. Allah is most merciful. He will give you your 2nd lifeline (the first being Hidayah). Be patient. I can't explain how amazing it is. Oh I wish you could all join me soon. Islam/Muslims/The Ummah are amazing. I am so lucky.

      You are right..if their theology is wrong you have to think what you are actually part of. Its satanic. I have no doubt about that. Anything that is against Islam and spreads lies in the name of Islam: A wolf dressed as a sheep. Shudder Shudder.

      Stay strong. You will get there. Inshallah.

  5. What about your parents and family? Do they accept your decision?

    1. Kind of. Kind of not. Its very complicated. If I went into the details, I'd blow my cover, and I would rather they wouldn't hound my parents back home. But yes. Everything has worked out. It was very very hard. May Allah forgive me for any hurt I have caused my parents but its for the best. Islam first. They come second. Had to make the break.

  6. I don't agree with everything you say but I wish you happiness and serenity.

    1. thank you. least you have one less 'munafiq' in the jamaat to worry about :)

  7. Are you off to prison?

    1. for what? calling raf a dirty hypocrite. lol. okay then.

      didnt realise you can go to prison for speaking the truth ;P

    2. No, you mentioned a court case against you. Did you break the law?

    3. Lol no. I no longer have anything to do with this. If and when the new admin of this Blog decides to- they will reveal the Jamaat's court case for all to see. It depends on them. I am simply here manning the comments till the end of the day. Then i am GORNNNN! :)

  8. congratulations for leaving this crazy cult. i've been a part of it all my life but realized about 13 years ago that it was complete bull shit (and mentally and physically left). I just came across your blog about 4 months ago and have been glued since to reading..but it saddens me to that you won't be writing anymore :(

    1. aw :) I know but I really just don't want to do it anymore. I am really quite bored of it all. I guess in a way, admittedly so, it was just a time pass for me. Now I have kinda moved on, I dont want qadis or anything qadi related in my new life. Had more than enough years of these Paki Mormons to last me a lifetime! lol.

    2. really what race are you then? Hardly an Islamic comment

    3. There's islam and muslims outside the paki world, i hope you know. Pakis are so narrow minded they think the world rotates around pakistan. Entering another country with different muslim cultures it's such a shock their brain can't process it. This is very typical of Ahmadis.

  9. I hope many other ahmadis leave this cult too like I did not so long ago, it is true I finally found inner peace and tranquility after leaving. Wishing you all the best but you will be sadly missed!

  10. Assalam o Alaikum Sister.

    We may never know each other but still i had that concerned for my younger sister that i wish she is ok if not posting, Relieved to see that. May ALLAH bless you in your life and after life.

    Your first hand experience with this cult is a resource for many.

    The more you will be near sunnah the mre you will be rewarded inshallah.

    Your brother in islam

  11. And please remember us all in your prayers

  12. I am glad to hear this so its mean leaving this cult is not so difficult.

    You did a great job to create awareness in Ahmdies specially in youth everyone will remember your efforts.

    Also I am glad to listen that you are very happy I can understand your feeling because I know living in this cult and working in a mental hospital are equal for a normal person.

    Best of luck


  13. Sister Findings,

    I wish you the best for your life ahead, may Allah Tala grant you success and bring you happiness.

    It has been such a journey for me personally aswell over the past 2 years while I have been posting at thecult forum. You have been an inspiration and you know for what - an inspiration to actually stop, think and really analyse the things that are going on in the Jamaat.

    A little story of my own if I may - Some time back I stopped paying chanda completely. As time passed the finance secretary starting hounding me and putting pressure on my parents about this. In the end I had to give in solely to pacify my parents and I started up another direct debit but this time it was for a tiny amount per month. The secretary, after receiving my direct debit form, comes up to me in the street and informs me that quote "Those people who are paying less than £500 a year in Chanda are going to have their names forward to put to Hazoor to enquire about their income and the actual amount they pay in chanda"

    In my mind I was saying to this guy do whatever you like. Go and tell whoever, whatever you like, I don't give a carp (fish). So this just acts as a very tiny example of what the Jamaat is at the moment. The scaremonger tactics are still rife. Then there was a Shura yesterday at Baitul Futuh in which they are really really emphasising Chanda collections aswell. Some people say "its all about the money money money" - I tend to agree.

    Anywayz as usual I am rambling on a bit so I will stop now but would finally like to say to you that, May Allah Tala be with you always - You have a brave soul and an even braver heart.

    I will miss you a lot.


  14. For everything you've said what have you achieved? oh one thing you did strengthen many Ahmadi Muslim beliefs. Ahmadiyyat is the true Islam and those who wish to denounce it will eventually fade away!! Wassalam you will always regret your choices.

    1. Consider the following facts.

      1) Ahmadiyya is not growing - at least not as they claim it is. That's not an opinion, that's an objective fact:

      2) Ahmadiyya is not the only group of its kind out there, there are dozens of little groups like them. Look into "Mahdaviyya".

      And what's wild here? Every single one of them says "We are the True Islam and we will one day be the majority". They're not the first and weren't the last.

      3) Ahmadiyya is not a popular issue anymore - not even in Pakistan! The key issues of the Muslim world right now are:
      Syria and Egypt;
      Managing the new-found religious global revivalism;
      Weeding out social ills (ex. acid attacks); and
      Stamping out extremism.

      They're simply not an issue, nor does it satisfy the needs of people.

      Conclusion: All of these factors together show that Ahmadiyya will become just another group, with its hardcore members, ignored by everyone, claiming to be the "True Islam"

      I *KNOW* you will deny it, because people yelling "AHMADIYYA ZINDABAD" in front of a few thousand people charges people up.

  15. Congratulations. I too moved away from the Jamaat, in a place where there are many Muslims but almost no Ahmadis, and life is a lot better without having my life dominated by a Punjabi cult (and, yes, I'm Punjabi myself).

    To those of you who have the option to get out of the Jamaat by physically distancing yourself from its reaches, go for it. You'll thank yourself later.

  16. Sis you sure kicked their sorry *****. You damaged the reputations of these guys. Raf Nas and co. You exposed their double standards and the true hypocrites these people are. And you taught the average ahmedi that he or she have every right to question these liars. The fact that the leadership is "oblivious" or "ignorant" or "stupid" or all three makes him look like a waste of space.
    Go enjoy your life. Let the likes of Mas Raf Nas carry on their nasty duplicitous lives, at the end of the day they're not gonna escape having to answer Allah SWT for their misdeeds.

  17. Oh Please you kicked your own Arse.

    Do you really think we are all blind.

    This cult girl/boy/organisation thing is all a manifestation of jamaat.

    So have you claimed a safe exit then are you under some kind of protection.

    All that has happended is that you have been exposed and that is why you find no fun in this anymore as you know that it is all a farsical lie.

    It was a medium to spy upon Muslims and draw them in so that some day you can cut and paste their comments and say. "see I told you this is how they really are"

    I feel sorry for your audience who have been gripped by your writings.....

    And another point....

    Let them be as you say (Ahmadi's)....I think not.

    You will be destroyed by Allah. You will all be on the streets like beggars for the lies and deceit that you have concocted.

    You are the Cult.... you are the same as your Khalifa.

    A bunch of Liars and cheats and you continue to corrupt Islam and the teachings of The Holy Prophet (SAW).

    Your'e new world organisation is to conceal in a sheeps clothing that you are all wolve's leading any poor Muslim to slaughter.

    Because once they follow you Cult..Girl/Boy/Hazoor/System they are dead spiritually.

    This is after all the British Way, their master plan how to destroy Islam.

    I am on to you.........

    1. your a luney Mate have some faith in Allah if Huzoor was so bad and the jamaat was so bad dont you think God would have destroyed the jamaat by now. You stupid fool go to the psychiatrist and get your self checked out.

    2. There are plenty of false religions around. Why didn't Allah destroy them? Allah doesn't simply destroy wrong religions. Allah guides whom he wills and misguides whom he wills. That's why we pray for guidance. I did, I prayed istikhara and Allah showed me a path out of the Ahmadiyya cult. Allah has made the falsehood of Ahmadiyya clear, it's up to you to seek him for guidance to Islam.

    3. Not necessarily. Allah s.w.t gives sometime before he ends falsehood. By the way Ahmadiyya is already facing the wrath of Allah s.w.t in my opinion. Look at the deceptive life and disgraceful death of Mirza. Was it not a waste of life? What has the jamaat achieved except creating a system of slavery and chanda collection controlled by the Mirzais? Of course not to mention how they always attack and try to undermine the very fundamentals and true teachings of Islam, under the pretext of the real Islam. To conclude, this life is a test to see who follows the truth. Like many have said before Ahmadiyya is fraud in the name of Islam and like all falsehoods it will meet its end inshaAllah.

  18. 1. you got found out.
    2. you tried to deal with it
    3. you stopped attacking raf in the blog and just focused on attacking the beliefs (your secondary/cover goal to disguise your want for revenge on raf)
    4. you made your posts less regularly with a view to step down
    5. finally after 6 months you've stepped down.
    6. convenient that you've already left the jamaat
    7. convenient that you've left the country.

    honestly being the pathological liar you've been your whole life, you expect people to believe any rubbish. you're just hoping this will all get brushed away.

    7. enjoy eating your words. living so close. marrying an ahmadi in the future (or most likely converting one as you have a penchant for loose white girls (and the odd asian))

  19. SUBHANALLAH, ALHUMDULILAH WA ALLAHU AKBAR. All praise be to the one who gave you the tawfeeq to leave. May Allah Bless you in this life and the next and forgive all your sins and accept your Hijrah. You are an inspiration to us all. To all my brothers and sisters who are stuck in this cult Remember take one step towards Allah and he will take many towards you. [Hadith Qudsi] The time is now!!!! you have to work towards getting out be patient and constant and Allah will make a way out for you. POINT AND LAUGH @ all you pen jihadists who are you gonna blame for all the wrongs in the world now? ug ug ug

  20. well done on failing to get the amir back for what he did to "someone in my family" (your own words from a post last year)

    oh wait he's still there haha

    1. To the shame of Ahmadiyya and all Ahmadis who support him. He committed shirk and yet he is an Amir of the 'real Islam' lol

      Glad I'm not part of this pathetic cult.

    2. Don't think for a minute that this Rafiq has won, it is true he committed shirk and also injustices to others, money and status is more important to him than Islam.

      Just reflect ahmadis what else he has done or is doing that is hidden from you, surely you can think that he has to go to court to bring this blog down which incidently is still here.

      Sister Findings made the right decision for herself at least she and many ex ahmadis did their research and found the truth and now found inner peace.

    3. cultgirl and the team clearly lost,
      who is still around??

      who has had to run like a whipped dog?
      come back and face the music,

      whats the matter not brave enough don't you have faith in Allah?

      the truth is plain to see. falsehood has been found out all your bravado has ended in failure. The jamaat is stronger than ever but you have fled like a thief.

      shame on you!!!

  21. Ya right what a great victory for the cult. You seek asylum in a majority Christian lands, when your cult founder Mirza insulted Jesus Christ pbuh like no one else has ever done.

    1. To believe that Jesus died a natural death is said to be an insult to Jesus!!! it is true that we believe Jesus to have died a natural death. True, we believe in all the Prophets of God. But our love and our regard for the Holy Prophet are the highest; We do not understand why belief in the death of Jesus is an insult to Jesus. Prophets greater than Jesus have died and their death brought no humiliation to them. So the death of Jesus cannot be humiliating to him. The Holy Prophet is dead and buried in the ground why do you believe Jesus is alive whilst our beloved Holy Prophet is dead. Think about it who is the greater Prophet? it is Non Ahmadiyya Muslims who insult Jesus.


  22. No actually there are no winners or losers here! wait until you answer to Allah (swt).

    Using this blog I have and many other ahmadis have started researching and now I am almost a year into my studies about this cult I can say that there is some truth on what this anti ahmadiyya awareness say. At first like all ahmadis I would defend and get real mad at this blog and Muslims generally but not any more and for the first time I went to a Muslim Mosque in London, no they do not have crazy mullahs, in fact I learnt a lot and was humbled in which they treat each other. I agree there are some crazy mullahs around which I think often are in Pakistan but overall there are really good ones who do not go on preaching hate towards ahmadis, we are often misinformed about that.

    Soon to be ex ahmadi Inshal'allah.

    1. Even if you remained Ahmadi, the fact that you acknowledge truth in both sides is a very very positive step. Most people are unable to recognize any validity in the perspectives of those they disagree with - I commend you on arriving at just that!

      I don't think anyone can deny that there are "crazy mullahs" out there. That's an undeniable FACT - I have some in my own family! This also gives Ahmadiyya the social impetus amongst disillusioned Desi uncles.

      But, those who are critical of Ahmadiyya, they aren't just making stuff. Their criticisms, both social and political (ie, the leadership) are legitimate and should be internalized by the Ahmadi community. Spying on kids is bad, public humiliations are bad. I don't care if they're an uncle with an official position and its "culturally bad" and you're automatically bathameez, call them out on their mistakes if they're doing something egregious.

  23. Replies
    1. love for all hatred for none? your slogan screws you all over lol..who made it up? which hell bound khalif of yours made it up? i suggest you all send him 1000 lanaats for making up such a stupid slogan because it always seems to trip you up.

      love for all hatred for none. haha.

    2. Cult Girl hasnt failed she has moved on with her life. You poked fun at her for wasting her time and not having a life by exposing your waste of space Jamaat but then when she goes you poke fun at her too?! Do tell us Ahmadis the secret to having your cake and able to keep it too?! How does it work??

      She embarrassed your Jamaat tenfold. Without a doubt. What a heroine! The fact she failed to get rid of Rafiq doesnt say anything about her- it shows what a total asshole your Khalifa is and what blind ignorant bent over bats Ahmadis are for accepting this Scum as leadership.

      She realised there was no point helping people who didnt want to be helped.

      Good on her.

    3. There comes a time when you can do no more with this cult, I know!
      The fact is that they are so desperate to hold their posts and not let go off the chanda money speaks volumes with you leaders, it's your money after ahmadis and it really up to you to seek guidance and truth whether you are following Islam or not. We have said this time and time again but if you wish to continue and follow falsehood blindly then so be it. At the very least research yourselves like I did and found the truth but at least I did and Allah (swt) showed me the way out of this cult.

      Love for all, hatred for none... is an absolute joke as your slogan as you clearly do not follow it, in fact you and your jamaat should love Findings!!!!

  24. As Salam Alaykum Warahmatullah Wabarakathau,

    I have a question:

    If Truth had to be told about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, why do people run away from their families? Did Muhammad Mustafa (saw) run away from his family when he was administered the Task of announcing the Oneness of God, that all human beings are all one and shall respect each other, which was impossible to establish at this time, knowing the offense our beloved Prophet (saw) faced.

    If they are true, why do they run away? Did Muhammad run away? Does the Truth run away and speak from a unknown hidden place? Come in public and debate!


    A true Muslim does not fear man, A true Muslim only and alone fears Allah.

  25. why does my post not get published?

  26. Well done for exposing the ahmadi jammat alhumdullilah with the help of your blog and my findings I have left also left the jammat and so has most of my family!- my mission continues :-)

    I feel the same as you, I feel free and Finally I can go to Hajj- I didn't want to go and LIE to get in!-Common guys- hajj is a pillar of islam no CULT should stop you from going only Allah decides, and Jalsa is not HAJJ peeps!!!! I know what you ahmadis are gonna say, your being treated badly just like the Prophet PBUH time- get a life!!! That was then, you are not in the prophets time - In the prophet pbuh time the ummah was small, now there is no excuse the prophet pbuh has made it easy for us! Alhumdullilah.

    When I go to hajj Inshallah, I will pray for my beloved prophet at his grave thanking him for this beautiful religion, may all bless all our prophets, our last and final prophet, The seal of prophets Muhammad PBUH.


  27. Congratulations! Well done!
    You kicked them up the ass!
    They had to go court and expose themselves as desperate whimpering trembling cowards!
    One girl smashed the lies of an entire multi million dollar cult scam, that is very similar to scientology!
    well done! God keep you safe!

  28. What a bunch of bullies our jamaat is. Funny how they leave shahid & co alone over at the cult but went after Cult girl with everything they had. Is this what we spend our chanda on? Court cases? Were they not content to leave the matter in the hands of Allah tallah??

    It's all about their egos. Their bruised egos. What they don't realise is that the community is disallusioned & fed up with them already. Cult girl was just saying what every one is thinking. I have seen people talk to these men all sweetness and light and in reality they agree with everything cult girl says. I hope Huzoor opens his eyes one day and realises Cult girl was never the problem. The prob is the power hungry and hypocritical Raf, the slimeball Shab & Crooked Nasir Khan.

    Well done cult girl. You did an awesome job on behalf of so many of us. Now go live your life away from this dirt. I wish I had the guts to do what you've done.

    1. The whole concept of Ahmadiyyat is based on falsehood, Masroor is no better than the rest, surely he knows what was and still going on but too greedy to let go because how will he live without your chanda money. So glad I have left this lie and living on my own way of thinking about Islam.

  29. I think that Findings has gone to the USA to marry Farhan as both of them seem to have gone awol!?!