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The Most Valuable Pen and Paper In The World


I received this email from one of my readers, and thought it was rather thought-provoking and worth sharing with you all. Have a read:

All praise be to Allah lord of all that exists and peace and blessings be on his slave and messenger Muhammed (saw).

Salaam to all those who follow guidance.

This article is inspired by someone very beloved to me. Her story really captured my imagination and reaffirmed my belief in Islam. Her story is one of a real struggle for the truth, a story where she had to go against her family, her community and her whole way of life. A Story of guidance from the darkest of depths into the brightest of lights.
The path she chose was by no means easy, she had to make heart wrenching decisions about her future, leaving her shrouded in uncertainty, confusion and fear. BUT Allah provides the believer a way out of every difficulty all praise be to Allah, she held firm.
It all started when she was confused with the ideas being presented at the Ahmadiyya Jamaat (as most people are).
She knew she was different to other Muslims but thought the only difference was “that we believe the Messiah/Mahdi has come” and “that we still believed in Muhammed (saw) and his teachings”.
After reading the Qur'an and a few Authentic Hadith then reading some of what Mirza narrated she could see there were MAJOR contradictions and confusion between the teachings and beliefs. [example khutum an nabiyeen] This left her disillusioned with religion for a while so she left it for the weirdo beardos and tried to brush it aside.
BUT something deep inside her was still attracted to the deen of Muhammed (saw). After what seemed like an age of soul searching and agonising over her beliefs, she decided she needed to find out more. She then started to research to split the lies from the truth. 
During this process she sought knowledge from many people, one of whom asked her to draw a line down the middle of a page and list the qualities of Muhammed (saw) and Mirza Ghulam Ahmed. She listed countless attributes and teachings of the prophet Muhammed (saw) but next to nothing about Mirza. It wasn’t that she didn’t know anything about Mirza, she was raised an ahmadi, rather the spontaneity of the act caused her to write what was in her heart.
This projection of her confusion and mixed feelings onto a piece of paper was the key that opened the door of her heart. The once dark room now gleamed from the light coming in and she finally saw, when it was put down on a piece of paper, what she believed and who her prophet was. The explosion of emotions she must have felt overwhelm me as I write this. Imagine being pulled from the clutches of the eternal torment, an epiphany that was the most important of her life. It must have felt like swimming up to the surface after almost drowning and taking the first breath of air. She was free. Surfacing from the falsehood, into the truth. Glory be to Allah. 
This led her down the path of Hidayah and eventually to her accepting the Islam of Muhammed (saw). This convinced her that Ahmadiyya wasn’t the truth. This simple act allowed her to separate Ahmdiyya and Islam. It created a focal point for her to separate what was Islam and what was Ahmadiyya. She then realised what the truth was, glory be to the one who sent Muhammed (saw) with the truth. So I encourage everyone to do the same.
I want every reader to get a piece of paper and draw a line down the page and list out the attributes of Mirza and Muhammed (Saw):

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Can you sincerely say that YOU FOLLOW the teachings of Muhammed (SAW) AND Mirza Ghulam Ahmed? The one, who changed the shari’a, fabricated hadith and contradicted himself on numerous occasions? We are not illiterate villagers we are the internet generation. So what will YOU say when Allah asks you on the day of reckoning? When ALL of mankind are gathered together to be held to account... and what will you say to the angel when you are asked in your grave “Maa nabiukum?” (who was your prophet?) BECAUSE EVERYONE WILL DIE.
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Sayyidina Bara (RA) reported from the Prophet (SAW) about this verse:
"Allah keeps the believers firm with the stable word in the worldly life and in the Hereafter." (Quran 14:27) 
He explained that this has reference to the grave when it is asked, “Who is your Lord? What is your religion and who was your Prophet?” [Bukhari 1369, Muslim 2871, Abu Dawud 4750, Tirmidhi 3131, Nisai 2056, Ibn e Majah 4269]

Don't regret your decision, it may the hardest thing you will ever do. But make sure you are 100% convinced. You may have to do some real soul searching but if you read the descriptions of hell with sincerity and you think about what it could mean to you, your family and friends... if you think about it sincerely alone..... If it doesn’t affect you... you must ask yourself why? Is this 60-70 years on this earth really worth it? Will I not be asked? Does hellfire and paradise not exist? Do you think the stock market is really what dictates what you earn and eat? Because the DOW Jones will not last ...but the punishment will LAST FOREVER EVER.. FOREVER EVER?

Surely, the disbelievers will be in the torment of Hell to abide therein forever. (The torment) will not be lightened for them, and they will be plunged into destruction with deep regrets, sorrows and in despair therein. We wronged them not, but they were the wrongdoers. And they will cry: ‘O Malik! Let your Lord make an end of us’ He will say: ‘Surely, you shall abide FOREVER.’ Indeed We have brought the truth to you, but most of you have a hatred for the truth” (Quran 43:74-78)

Finally don’t be of the ones asking Mirza in hell to help you because he won’t be able to.

Behold they will dispute with each other in the fire! The weak ones (who followed) will say to those who had been arrogant, "We used to be your followers, can you then take from us part of this Fire? Those who had been arrogant will say, "We are all in this (fire) Truly Allah has judged between (his) servants." [Quran 40:47-48]

If there is any good in this it is from Allah and if there are any faults in this it is from me, and I ask for your forgiveness. All Praise and glory is for Allah alone and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon his slave and messenger Mohammed salallahu alayhi wa salllam the best of all creation. 


  1. Thank you Sister Findings for this article today.

    Something major is happening within my own family and today this new article made me believe even further that I was in a cult, I spent the whole night praying for guidance and this was a result that I needed to see and read. There is only one Islam and Prophet Muhammad is the final messenger (PBUH)

    Ahamdiyyat is NOT an Islamic religion at all and I feel so content that I opened my eyes before it is too late.


  2. SubhanAllah! :-)

    Please don't thank me. Jzks. The person who wrote this said they were after no credit, but only after Allah's reward. Inshallah. May Allah reward their humble efforts, especially if this has helped you bro/sis.

  3. Helped what?????

    Here we are with 73 sect every one claiming to be the best follower of Quran and sunnah even the ahmadis cailm that in fact not only claimbut think that they are the real protectors of prophet SAW and followers.

    so the point you are all missing and wasting your time and energy is not to proove that AHMADIAT is wrong but to seek which sect is right,

    And you end up with hiding your face to see muslims around the world

  4. Please don't discuss these topics here. Hayat is the target. You should compile all his illegal activities and hand them over to Police.

  5. I've been through the above list and can honestly say that the Promised Messiah (as) was a humble embodiment of all of these qualities. Literal in most of the the above mentioned qualities but metaphoric with regards to him being a warrior and militant commander. He was a warrior and militant commander of the Muslim army with a PEN, i.e. Jihad of the pen!

    Whenever I have time I will go through each one of these qualities and let you know exactly how he fulfills these qualities.

    As for him being compared to the Holy Prophet (saw), God has said in the Holy Quran that this Universe was created for the Holy Prophet (saw) of Islam. The Promised Messiah (as) himself has described himself as the moon where the Holy Prophet is the sun. This clearly shows he did not compare himself to the Holy Prophet (saw) but said that he was only a humble REFLECTION of what the Holy Prophet (saw) brought down for us.

    May Allah truly guide you to the right path of the Holy Prophet (saw). Ameen Summa Ameen.

  6. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle25 December 2011 at 11:38

    Can you really say mirza was honest? There are countless instances where he has lied and contradicted himself if you just read rahooni khazain you will see...but if you can't just look over the posts of this blog you will see the contradictions and lies of MGA e.g 29th novemeber post titled: mirza ghulam qadiani king of kontradictions. There are numerous others too you just have to read the books. Jihad of the pen? The prophet muhammed saw went out in battle against forces that were larger and Better Equipped Than his own his blessed body was even injured fighting, he and the sahaba put everything on the line....did mirza do this and if so How did mirza perform this? And who was he fighting ... The British empire who were invading and imposing their rule over Muslims?


    It is time of Pen Jihad, not the jihad by sword. As the world order is changing in and media is easily reachable(although wars are there for materialistic gains).
    We can see Jamat Ahmediyyya at this time, running away from pen jihad too. They cannot face arguments and in turn show their real face the ugly face, which they were hidding behind their false motto, ''Love for all hatred for none. In this world, the Khalifa of this jamat also telling lies and same is his office bearers. They violate Quran and Quranic Laws, and calling it Islam, collect the chanda on the name of Islam.
    This Jamat is running away from the light of truth.

  8. RAF BOY is not in UK

    The Amir UK on Xmas went back to his home in Kenya.

    He is doing SANTAs role their.

  9. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle.

    A simple search of the internet you will find countless websites which defile the name of the Holy Prophet of Islam and hte religion and will point out what seems like inconsistencies and falsehoods making reference to the Quran, Hadith etc.

    Just because someone has a viewpoint and writes a blog does not make what they say true. You have to look at the motivation of the person and why they are writing.

    Would you go to a Jew or Christian or atheist to learn the truth about Islam ? So why are you trying to learn about Ahmadiyyat from someone who is a stated enemy of the jamaat ?

    If you want to know the truth visit one of our mosques and see for yourself. This is a peace loving community and exhibits qualities which are sadly lacking in many mainstream muslim mosques.

    We should also unite and strive to better ourselves instead of wasting time with petty squabbles and spreading misinformation.

  10. Hayat come on, find and finish findings, where have you disappeared?

  11. ansari_mowghlis_uncle26 December 2011 at 00:37

    @anon 25 dec 2011 22:16
    The information I have is from the al-islam website, I agree with you about knowing the motivations of the websites before you read. We all know what the motivations of that site are aaaaaccchunddahhkutarrgghh sorry I have a bit of a froggy throat!! I can point you to a few references where MGA actually lied, the prophets I believe in never LIED. Here is one example of a lie where mirza references a hadith that didn't exist :

    Page 375/488 of the pdf rahooni khazain volume 6 shahdatulquran its in urdu so if you can't read urdu you can ask a family member to translate :)

    Can you please bring me this hadith from saheeh al bukhari please. (by the way mirza cites sahih bukhari not me)

    and yes I have been to an Ahmadi place of worship :) gave me the heebie jeebies. We can only unite if you accept there is no diety worthy of worship in truth except Allah(swt) and Muhammed(saw) is his FINAL messenger.

    look forward to your response :)

  12. Hands down- 'metaphorical' warrior has to be the funniest thing I've ever heard in my whole entire life!!!!!! You people will say/do/believe anything. If he isn't a real warrior, he is a metaphorical warrior! Lol. Just like he was a metaphorical Jesus too? Astagfirallah. Have some shame and accept he just 'was not all that'.

    Stated enemy of the Jamaat? I'm flattered... ;) big!!!

  13. Findings these people have no shame, they just follow blindly, never have I seen such brainwashed people in my life, everything in life for them is metaphorically when they discuss their prophets books and their khalifas.

  14. Amazing Article.

    I feel so great that i am far far away for the qadiyani fitna, May ALLAH accept us all to HIS true path.

    Funny how some one is trying to compare mirza with our great prophet sallah o Alaihay wasalam.

    Mirza said

    Hon bashar ki jaey nafrat aur insano ki aar Haun.

    Either he is a liar or if he says what he is then still you can not compare him with a sane person. May ALLAh guide qaidyanis

  15. 'An Ahmedi said, Ahmedi Mosques are full of love'

    Mr Ahmedi, just simple test of your Jamat, please stop paying all chandas, and then you will see the real face of this love from Mirza Masroor to right bottom of string of officer bearers.

    Please try and let us know the?

  16. If you want to know the truth visit one of our mosques and see for yourself. This is a peace loving community and exhibits qualities which are sadly lacking in many mainstream muslim mosques.

    This statement is not entirely correct! than why it is necessary for you to scan people and stalk them especially for innocent Muslims who just happen to walk thinking it is a normal Muslim Mosques. I went into a mainstream non Ahmadi mosque and was received with great respect from them, maybe not all Muslims are like that but the large majority are friendly and not paronoid like the Ahmadi Mosques who keep thinking that they are going to be attacked, if you say that this is Allah's jamaat than why the fear!


  17. We will never stop paying our Chanda. Why would I want to give up on the blessings of financial sacrifice. I'm fact I am writing a huge cheque now in support of waqf e jaded chanda. My children are all contributing also and have done so saving their pocket money from the earliest age. Show me another community whose followers are so blessed, peace living and pious. We don't have time to respond to your stupid meaningless little challenges. We are too busy perfecting our faith and moving along the path of truth and righteousness. Please join us and you might also find some peace and happiness then perhaps you wouldn't need to waste your time gossip mothering and nit picking.

  18. Anony' wrote on 27 December 2011 01:50,
    Goog luck boy, keep paying. Have you ever asked them where it is going. OK OK, may to produce new maribis.
    Do your maribis, have courage to say NO to Mirza MASROOR, and Nizam Ghair Islami practices, for example, your system, ISSUE DIVORCE without consulting husband and wife?
    Rah-e-Huda spokesperson, Mubashir Ahmed Khaloon and like him, can issue FIQA statment if show them Qaid-e-Azam Photo papers, hard currency can do anything. SHAME ON such Nizam.

    Tell me a single reference from Islam for issuing TALAQ and Khula without the consent of Husband and Wife.

  19. @ Anonymous said...
    27 December 2011 01:50

    By paying chanda does not mean you are better than anyone else, you are donating money into a family who does not need the money, if it were a true representation of true Islam than Ahmadiyyat would of flourished regardless of the 10++++++ different types of chanda.

    What I don't like about the Ahmadis is that they think they are the only ones who are peaceful, there are so many other people and communities who are peaceful too and that includes other religions. I am too busy perfecting my deen and contribute to charities but I would not mock anyone regardless of their religion, if someone gives charity it should come from the heart, only then can Allah (swt) truely see if someone is spending in the way for Allah (swt)and not giving chanda because they have to, that's not charity it's a fee for membership and when someone cannot give chanda they are humilated by this cult so can this be truely spending in the way for Allah (swt)and progration of Islam.
    In regard to your view on the challenges, you say that they are meaningless and stupid, well those challenges were given on a theology aspect of Islam and what your prophet wrote in his books which were misleading, none of you Ahmadis were able to answer the questions raised so now you call it meaningless and stupid, no questions based on Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is meaningless, it is required from us to seek knowledge, I bet if you guys did come up with the answers you would most certainly boasting to your hearts content.
    Ahmadis have a right to know what is going on with the their hard earned cash and what is going on in this jamaat, if it were Islam than they should of been no secrets and corruption, this blog is not set out to gossip it is informing the Ahmadis the real face of this cult and it is up to the individual whether he/she takes heed or not. Time again we ask you to read MGA books and judge for yourselves this is not persucution even though Rafiq Hyat thinks otherwise!


  20. What kind of deranged person will keep giving money to people who are corrupt and hypocrites and then also encourage their own children to give.

    Ahmadis please wake up, be strong and accept Islam. You have nothing to gain by being Ahmadi. Mirza did not claim to bring anything new so you will not miss anything however his claim to prophethood is kufr and renders all who follow this outside of Islam.

    In a nutshell, by following Mirza you gain nothing but loose everything.

  21. why is every household storing stocks of food?

  22. Everyone's just trying To find their own way in life to the same god. What's with all the conflict guys? Why can't we all just get along? Honestly, who cares if the messiah came or not. Can we not just behave like Muslims and just get along? Please guys

  23. Anonymous said...
    Everyone's just trying To find their own way in life to the same god. What's with all the conflict guys? Why can't we all just get along? Honestly, who cares if the messiah came or not. Can we not just behave like Muslims and just get along? Please guys

    27 December 2011 17:59

    Very sound advice, agree 100% of what you said!



  24. @ S4T
    27 December 2011 10:01
    Thankyou for a long speech

    How would you feel about Salman Rushdi challenging muslims telling you have the right to know about Islam , Do you feel he is stupid and meaning less

  25. so findings who is the modern day "LITERAL WARRIOR"? Osama bin Laden?

  26. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle28 December 2011 at 12:12

    @ anon 28 dec 00:04
    Every Palestinian who defends their family and fights oppression, Those are the real warriors. The kids and teachers that have their maths lessons outside the military checkpoint because they are not allowed through to get to their school, those are the real fighters. That is what is meant by literal. Not writing metaphorical ramblings in the news paper!!!

  27. Findings is in the process of going into hiding

  28. Hey people I've tried posting several times to ask everyone to join my new group to sponsor mutual respect amongst all Muslims regardless of their beliefs but they didn't get approved. Cult Girl you are a malicious one

  29. Every household is storing stocks of food because you never know what could happen in the world. A major calamity can happen any time so why not stock up essentials? Rather be safe than sorry.

    @Zia "Funny how some one is trying to compare mirza with our great prophet sallah o Alaihay wasalam"

    Erm that was Findings!? This is the topic of discussion, get with it!

    Anyway, if it wasn't Osama who is it?!!!! Somebody tell me.

  30. salam;). i know many followers of the group. an enclosed community, mostly probably born into the group by birth. my personal take is that the followers do not question the doctrines behind the blind faith. i find its sad that should the group is blessed, its one and only mosque in my country is far more empty than the 'unblessed' muslim community in the country.. the funny thing is, we dont even pay 1/16 of our salary and there's loads of mosques and far more attendees during friday prayers. not that numbers matters, but its simply shows that perhaps the group could not convince pple here to buy in with the lame doctrine of the movement. delusional bunch thinking that we are unblessed and they are the chosen ones;(

  31. This has to be the best article you've had on this blog. I really enjoyed it, even if it wasn't about Ahmadiyya.

    The noble character of the Prophet Muhammad SAAWS is beyond comprehension. It is something Mirza Ghulam could not measure up to.

    Here's an article about Abu Bakr vs Mirza Ghulam.

  32. ********NIZAM-E-JAMAT*********
    jAMAT Ahmadiyya normally present KhALIFA 2 as a champion of organising this jamat.
    If you see in comparison. All this has been copied from CATHOLICs, e.g; Electrol College, supply of missionaries, Canon Law(Qazadh Board of Jamat Ahmadiyya), and many more.

    Come to the right path of Islam, the complete religion.

  33. @ Ansari_mowghlis_uncle

    I think you are horribly confused because if that's what you mean by "literal warriors" then any Ahmadi Muslim in Lahore (or generally Pakistan) who reads prayers at the mosque is a warrior because he knows he can be killed at any moment, but this fear does not stop him from practicing TRUE ISLAM.

    And as for literal warriors you again are badly confused, as you denied our concept of metaphorical warriors when you said the Holy prophet (saw) was a warrior when he went into battlefield. You are now changing your own statement i.e. mentioning school kids and teachers??! Either way it suits me fine ;)

  34. What is the meaning of KHALIFA that is exactly what jummat is potraying.

  35. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle28 December 2011 at 21:36

    @ anon 28 dec 201118:01
    I mentioned the warriors being the ones actually "Physically" fighting it's not metaphorical it's actually arming yourself and going up against trained soldiers. The school children are "fighters" which is still literal because they are actually putting their lives on the line When guns are pointed at them and they are sometimes shot and killed so no it is not the same as praying in Lahore. They are fighters BUT they are not warriors because they are not going out to fight a physical battle so can you see the what I meant? I should make things more clear because I sometimes forget you believe in a man who claimed to be the virgin Mary (ra) and Jesus (as) giving birth to himself metaphorically. Here is one for your metaphorical side.....I am as dark as a shadow, I love your money and I have no shame.... Who am I?

  36. Hey cult girl...


  37. Happy New Year to all,
    Normaly world is using the Christian calender, but I think Ahmedi papers are the only source where they use Khalifa 2 made Ahmadiya Calender(What for?).
    If the Islamic Calender already exist, why they need it?

  38. @ anon28 December 2011 14:53

    this major calamity is happening in 2012? any signs?

  39. Lol! Thanks for telling me I've gone into the process of hiding?? Hahaha. I'm on holiday thanks and will be back to post again within the next 10 days or so! I am not even in the country and haven't been for over 2 weeks. So no, I haven't gone into hiding..though Nasser Khan might want to sometime in the early new year :P ooooooooooo weeeeeeeeee! Ouch!

    @14.52.. Stop spreading lies. You have not 'posted comments lots of times' that have 'not been published'..stop lying. And if I choose not to advertise any blog of yours, that's my business and my prerogative. Do your own hard work and advertise it yourself..its easy..I did it didn't I?? Why should you, a Qadiani, ride off my hard-work? However I have not deleted any comments with any link to any forum/blog..and now you have insulted me, I most certainly won't! Capiche??

    @ the storing of food. Idiot Mas, the biggest div on the planet, has decided that due to economic climes etc, that there might be a food shortage. So he has told Qadianis to stock up on 'bare essentials' and stupid does what Mas says and does just that! However, stockpiling on food is greedy and unnecessary..especially in countries where there is the welfare system. He doesn't have a clue what he is talking about... and how about he goes easy on the Evian water! And hey wasn't Mirza Ghulam Qadiani Jesus? And does various Sahih hadith tell us that on his return, there would be an abundant of food and wealth? So why worry, Qadianis are followers of the metaphorical Masih Ibn Maryam??? And Masih Ibn Maryam was to bring with him great wealth and no one would need want for anything! Either that, or MGA was a fraud. Hmmmmmmmmm my bets are with the second option :P ouch! Mas forgot that bit didn't he? Mind you, that div has a habit of forgetting a lot of sahih ahadith...

  40. Hey CG sounds like your batteries are recharging nicely on your long break. Roll on 2012 and let's see if certain frauds' heads will roll too. But as you say Mas is a div (major div)and as with all divs there are those who like to take advantage.
    So perhaps 2012 will be a continuation of Raffy boy and his sidekick Nas taking full advantage of Div Mas. Let's see.
    (Comment from PS dafter last week "Bachaaray Huzoor can't see what's happening right in front of his and everyones eyes")

  41. Mirza Ghulam is metaphorically 'Esa (AS) when they find a similarity, but a completely different person other times.

    Its kinda like how in the Trinity when "Jesus" is God sometimes, but a human other times. Depends on the situation.

  42. muslman wrote:(on

    Happy new year to all,
    I do not know whether Ahmedis, will use their own calender or Christians calender.

    Will see?
    What is more to see - when they will use their own mind? How long they will blindly follow a Fake Mahdi / self-born Messiah and his Cult?


  43. Findings did your div teach you Tamil yet

  44. Dayam Qadianis are more deluded than I thought.

  45. (Comment from PS dafter last week "Bachaaray Huzoor can't see what's happening right in front of his and everyones eyes")

    He is such a weak person, he cannot be called khalifa, if he cannot control his jamaat than what is his purpose, he has no spiritual influence at all.

    Anyway watch this:

  46. You referred PS if encountered as a common culture he will refuse, lie and deny

  47. How scum of earth Mirza can be even imagined to be compared to one who was the reason for creation of earth and heaven?


  48. qadianis still worshiping the pork faced illegitimate murderous euro kaffirs?

  49. @ Ansari Uncle

    You said..."The school children are "fighters" which is still literal because they are actually putting their lives on the line When guns are pointed at them and they are sometimes shot and killed so no it is not the same as praying in Lahore"

    You are highly confused yourself. You are contradicting your own statements. The above statement clearly shows that both school children and Ahmadi Muslims praying in Lahore are both in the firing line and are sometimes "shot and killed" as you mention :)

    WHAT are you talking about Uncle?

  50. And as for your riddle Uncle, are you referring to your so called voluntary charities? eg. Islamic Relief ? You don't even know where the money is going dude.

  51. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle31 December 2011 at 02:27

    Dear anon dec 31 2011 00:44
    Ok let's agree that both ahmadiy lahori men praying at the mosque and palestinian school kids are the same... You say they are fighters. BUT THEY ARE NOT WARRIORS yes? No armed struggle involved right? So jihad of the pen is not the same as physically fighting occupying forces right? That was my point :)
    Now the answer to the riddle is .......

    Drum roll


    I'm so glad you liked my riddle anon Made it up especially for you :)
    I'll let you draw the comparison ;)

    I don't know much about Islamic relief so I can't cornment but we can ask to see their accounts... I encourage you to do that I also would like you to enquire about the £400,000.00 that mysteriously went walk abouts from the jammaat IT department once upon a time. And do you know where your Chanda is going? Why don't you ask to see the accounts for your local ahmadiy place of worship too :)

    Then you can ask them "what are you talking about uncle? "
    A floppy disk is not £3000!!!

    He he he

  52. you don't know anything about islamic relief? what a surprise uncle. what are the chances you pay any sort of charity, like who is there to trust these days?

    as for your riddle uncle, referring to someone's skin colour as a dark shadow is highly racist, so this blog incites hatred in so many ways mash'Allah uncle

  53. To say someone is 'dark' is NOT racist! Its only asians with inferiority complexes who would get insulted by it but LOL uncle is probably asian himself and probably dark too! Big whoop! Have you seen most of Pakistan??Raf.. he is dark, is he not? Would you be insulted if 'uncle' had referred to him as "light"? No! thought as much! For example, when someone is applying for the new british passport, they state on certain forms for purpose of identification 'complexion'- 'dark, light, fair' etc. So don't you DARE come here with your qadiani persecution/hate card... Its NOT cool! I am also dark in colour- it is the truth. I am not fair. If someone said 'findings is dark' I would not be insulted, as its truth! However, this 'kalia, kala, black sheep' business is derogatory..given. I do try to prevent as many of those comments going through but I have someone who is not asian managing the blog with me who doesn't understand. I don't have time to vet everything. But don't you call someone hateful just because they stated the obvious without insulting. That's plain wrong. Don't do that again or none of your comments will pass. I will not have you come here screaming hate/race/persecution again. Remember it is YOUR community that persecutes internally... So go throw the hate card at Raf's DARK face.

    As for this Islamic Relief malarky you have now started as a means to divert the topic (you typical qadiani you!!)..put a sock in it! Islamic Relief is an independent Muslim charity. They don't DEMAND money from anyone and nor do they refuse money from anyone. Chanda is a different ball game altogether, under the guise of some sort of divine scheme and you know this. So stop it.

  54. Ansari_mowghlis_uncle1 January 2012 at 22:20

    @anon 31 December 2011 17:51
    LOL@ You in general puthar. You are just clutching at straws :) I love it!!! what happened to your metaphors? I thought you would have got shady from dark as a shadow! I was not really referring to raf's skin tone... It is YOU who is talking about the colour of his skin. Anyway islamic relief is fully audited you can check out the 2010 independent financial audit here:

    Please get the 2010 chanda audit please :)

    now back to the topic, did you do the paper thing? What did you get for the first one on MGAQ? Its hard to get any metaphors for that one... I mean honesty is ....well honesty, and MGAQ was not honest. Nuff respect to you though anony you are doing a great pen jihad for the jamaat!!!! shaabbbaasshhh!

  55. firstly uncle, calling yourself "mowghlis" doesn't make you sound very humble. humility is apparent in people that say the opposite about themselves.

    clutching at straws is what this blog and you guys are all about dearest chacha jaan ;)

    why would i want to check the 2010 audit uncle, it is now 2012, get with the times. it is not me talking about such charities as 'islamic relief', even my own non Ahmadi relatives are reluctant to pay chanda to these charities as they are uncertain where the money will be spent. for example with my own eyes i have seen one of the head quarters of 'muslim hands' in Islamabad. it is located in one of the most expensive locations in this already expensive capital city. most of the employees drive around the city in posh land cruisers with 'muslim hands' banners painted on them. they exist in UK also so doesn't that mean they are eating your money in Pak and living a standard of living a lot better than yours? that's a sad situation uncle.

    as for 'honesty' uncle, do you not remember the story about the 'post office lawsuit' ? here it is for your recollection:

    In 1877 a Christian named Ralya Ram Vakeel filed a court case against Hadhrat Ahmad (AS) which is referred to as the 'Post office Case'. The Promised Messiah, peace be on him, had written a treatise in support of the superiority of Islam, refuting allegations leveled by the Arya Samaj. He mailed this manuscript to a publishing house Vakeel Press in Amritsar at the rate prescribed for newspapers. Also included in the package was a letter addressed to the Manager containing instructions.
    According to the postal regulations it was illegal to include a letter in a package because of cheaper postal rates for packages, it carried a fine of Rs. 500 or imprisonment for six months. Hadhrat Ahmad (AS) was not aware of such a regulation. Upon arrival of the package, Ralya Ram at once informed the postal authorities of this irregularity. A lawsuit was filed against Hudhoor (AS). At this time Hudhoor saw in a dream that Ralya Ram had sent him a venomous snake but Hudhoor fried it and sent it back to him.

    When the case came up for trial, Hudhoor's attorney advised him that the only way he could escape conviction was to give an affidavit to the court that he did not place the letter in the package. Instead it was Ralya Ram who had placed the letter there in order to get him into trouble. Hadhrat Ahmad (AS) rejected this advice, saying: " The fact of the matter is that I had myself placed this letter in the package, therefore, I will not deny it so as to be spared of the sentence". “ In that case”, his attorney Sheikh Ali Ahmed shrugged his shoulders and said, “there is no chance for your acquittal.” Hudhoor replied, “come what may, I will not tell a lie.”

    Hudhoor appeared before the British magistrate in Gurdaspur without a lawyer. During the hearing the judge inquired of Hudhoor if he had in fact placed the letter in the package? “Yes Indeed” Hudhoor responded, “ but I was't aware that by doing so I was breaking the postal regulations, nor did I intend to defraud the post office”.

    The plaintiff was overjoyed that Hudhoor had confessed his guilt. As a consequence he will be given the due sentence. But the judge was so much impressed with Hudoor's truthfulness and strength of character that he gave him an honorable discharge. This was indeed the blessing of truthfulness that God Almighty gave him victory in this case.

    "nuff respect" ? please do not use such ghetto terminology with me uncle. i am glad you are praising me for my 'great pen jihad'. i am doing this for the propagation of Islam. Jazak'Allah