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  1. This is a bit of a long shot but you're not based in Canada are you?

    Always presumed your from an old London family but just asking anyway


  2. i can pray for u.

    1. pray she dies please. she is a waste of oxygen.

    2. Enemy of Allah, our Merciful Lord never answer bad wishes and prayers. You nasty piece of work. We ask Allah SWT to protect her.

    3. Wishing death for her? So this is what it means when you follow the teachings of mirzology of "Love for all hate for none."

  3. Dear Raf, Mas, Nas, I know you're reading this, you read everything we write.

    Are you happy with your followers issuing death threats against females? Is this all your Satanic cult amounts to?

    Not much has changed since your potty-mouthed founder issued death threats against everyone he didn't like, right? Or since his son ran Rabwah like a gangland overlord, having people who crossed him killed and their killers given heroes funerals.

    Your cult is a hateful joke, with its disingenuous, tautological slogan and its creepy spies and harassing experts.

    As for the followers who should know better, is this all you've got? Is this what you're proud of? Is this what makes you Qadiani? You pay 6.25% of your income for this?

  4. @ Anonymous
    Whether one agrees with Findings or not, you wishing death on someone is not very islamic is it? It shows how 'muslim' you really are! Way to go.
    And if you think others are giving a bad name to Islam, look at yourself first. I hope you're not Ahmadi!
    I am Ahmadi and I agree with Findings with some things and I don't in others, but I respect peoples views and won't throw abuse at someone. What would that make me?.


  5. @alterego - Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was gagged by the Lahore Court after issuing 121 death threats to his opponents. Why follow his creed? Come back to Islam, please, I implore you.

  6. Findings your post is misleading i think you are bothered otherwise you wouldn't be doing this.

    1. No, its not. Its very much not.

      There is an Ahmadiyya response to this argument. Gist of it: Pigott silently repented. But, historical documents show that this rebuttal is demonstrably false.

  7. It is a shame that this post went up so soon after the post about John Huge Smyth Pigott.
    It appears that the Ahmadiyya have managed to come up with some sort of argument and defence to most the theological arguments against them, or to attacks at failed Mirza claims (although be it most of them are far reached, non sensible and not based in what is known as ‘understood’ Islam) - however, it would have been interesting to see what the response would have been by the followers who come onto this blog.
    This post unfortunately killed any chance of dialog on that one.

  8. Farhan aka Abu Jahal

    What if you are wrong? are we going to see a quite deletion of your posts and "I made a mistake" one liner???

    Also. are you having a dense moment? the current post is not about Pigot and nor was that comment you responded to.

    Findings this joker Farhan is so embarrassing for the mulla cult - why not demote him to same level as TD or Ansari i.e. just come here and repeat same old bull..."baygharto" "nafsiati mareez" bla bla bla

    Shahabe Saqib

    1. @Shahabe Saqib

      Why don't you give an answer in a proper manner and give your output with the previous post on Piggot instead of poking fun at others as you always do!!!

    2. @why not demote him to same level as TD or Ansari i.e. just come here and repeat same old bull..."baygharto" "nafsiati mareez"
      How you justify repeating ‘LANAT’ 1000 times? How you justify ‘bayghart” and other bad words in MGA books? Why only me and Ansari why you dont demote your promised messiah? Baygharto this is a behavior of a ‘Nafsyati Mareez’, accept the reality. Thanks again MGA for your dirty example. Here is a very popular urdu song please someone translates it in English for this ‘Nafsyati Mareez’.

      @What if you are wrong?
      You never can say something like ‘I CAN BE WRONG’ because ‘Nafsyati Mareez’ always think he is right and others are wrong this is another proof, so you are a ‘Nafsyati Mareez’ accept it.

    3. If you should rise from Nowhere up to Somewhere,
      From being No one up to being Someone,
      Be sure to keep repeating to yourself
      You owe it to an arbitrary god
      Whose mercy to you rather than to others
      Won’t bear to critical examination.
      Stay unassuming. If for lack of license
      To wear the uniform of who you are,
      You should be tempted to make up for it
      In a subordinating look or toe,
      Beware of coming too much to the surface
      And using for apparel what was meant
      To be the curtain of the inmost soul.

  9. @Shahabe Saqib
    I was reading a thread in thecult forum ‘Ahmadiyya Family Forced to Miss the Wedding of Their Son’ check this link

    Obviously this is not hate for you because word hate is not in your dictionary you ‘built for the love’. Unlike Arabic word ‘Khatim’ we all know the exact meaning of love and hate for normal people this is called hate but when you will read this you wont find anything special this would be absolutely normal for you because you are an abnormal person, you are a ‘Nafsyati Mareez’. But I know you wont believe me so I will suggest you go to a psychiatrist and explain your problem something like that “I believe I am a chosen person and I dont go to my family members wedding and their ‘JANAZA’ because some idiots or your cult leaders dont like them tell him this is called love not hate.” This would be enough to prove that you are a ‘Nafsyati Mareez’ and please dont forget to share his opinion with us.

  10. According to his writings, Mirza Ghulam suffered from various illnesses including melancholia, hypochondriasis, paranoia, fits of unconsciousness, attacks of hysteria, dizzy turns, diabetes mellitus, excessive urination of upto 100 times per day, impotence etc. etc. He used to consume wine to boost his health. Under divine instructions he prepared a special medicine called, 'TIRYAQ-E-ILAHI' , a major component of which was opium . Not only he, but others in his jama'at were also using this medicine for sexual energy, amongst them Hakeem Nuruddin, the 1st Successor and Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmood, Mirza's son and his 2nd Successor.

    "In his Friday sermon, Mirza Mahmood read out a letter from a Lahori Mirzai. Its contents were as follows:

    'Hazrat Promised Messiah (Mirza) was a saint, Allah's friend; and saints do commit adultery occasionally. Therefore, if he (Mirza) committed adultery now and then, what is the harm in that?

    We have no objection against hazrat Promised Messiah (Mirza) because he committed adultery only at times. We have objection against the present Khalifa (Mirza Mahmood Ahmad) because he indulges in adulterous intercourse all the time.'

    This is how disgusting the "Nafsiyati Mareez Movement" was.

    The message for Ahmadis is why are you wasting your life, do you not care for your Aakhirah? Any person with an iota of common sense will say that this Mirza cannot even be a decent human leave alone being a Messiah and you are putting him on the bill boards and on TV and showing that this is the promised Messiah? What would you answer to our Lord on the Day of judgement? Talk to your so called Khalifa, he mislead us or some other excues? No you will have no leg to stand on. That is why we are conveying this important message to you. Now it is up to you to understand and seek guidance, for guidance only comes from GOD almighty!

  11. We all know the importance of five basic pillars of Islam here I am going to briefly tell all of you what Ahmadies do with them.

    KALMA: Roughly they 90% talk about promised messiah/khalifa and only 10% talk about Allah or Muhammad SAW.

    NAMAZ: Although they say ‘promised messiah’ 50 times in a day but it is very strange people of Ilahi Jamat are not five time Namazi. If anyone dont believe me he can go to their prayers halls/mosques.

    ZAKAT: They give huge money in chanda but dont give zakat and their marabies dont tell them the importance of zakat.

    FASTING: There are many good things Muslims do in ramzan but Ahamdies dont and their cult leader only show interest in collecting ‘FITRANA’ on eid.

    HAJ: They dont even know what is haj also their marabies dont tell them.

    Bayghato I am very confused please tell me what kind of true islam you are following? YEH TRUE ISLAM HAY YA TUM PAY KHUDI KI LANAT HAY YA TUM NAFSYATI MAREEZ HO?

    1. 'im going to briefly tell you what all ahmadis do'

      I think you need a waking up! You're full of hate

      Thank you for your contribution to this blog, may Allah reward you ACCORDINGLY.


    2. @AP
      Give me short answer do you think MGA was a false prophet in other words MGA was a ‘Kazab’?

    3. - I believe he is a false prophet.

      Its just what you said is not truth.

      I'm sick and tired of comments Like this and many more....

      Just look at my expulsion thread at the only ones who answered it properly were abu sayf and bro hussain ( although he went in vastly unnecessary detail and slightly off topic), lol that post was to further my knowledge of Islam... Not a debate on the friggen Hindu marriage and ahmadi hypocrisy... Unreal...

      Maybe its because I use my phone so I cut straight to the real talk, no time to act all holy and kind in my messages...

      I feel pushed away so now going to learn about ahmadiyyat my self.... I don't like relying on others anymore....

      Wasalam you will never see me under this alias again brother.


      Inshallah I will be guided correctly..

    4. @AhmadiyyaParadox

      I am happy to hear that you going to learn about ahmadiyyat yourself, that's exactly what I did, Allah (swt) gave us a brain and so I used it and during my own research I did indeed find ahmadiyyat is false, I also prayed for guidance, I am sure Allah (swt) led me to the right path.
      I have left ahmadiyyat and I feel so much at peace now because I found the right path that I should of being following.
      I do not follow any sect, I listen to good Muslim scholars as I have a choice to hear myself about Islam and other spiritual matters unlike ahmadiyyat where you only listen to Masroor boring speeches which are often not written by him anyway.
      Most of these Muslim scholars don't need to keep looking at the speech written down for them they speak from the heart.
      Good luck with your journey and Inshal'allah you will find your answers.

    5. I do not follow any sect = You do not know which one you belong to = Sitting on the fence.

      Then how one can be at peace? When you leave something for the better you never look back twice, but that does not seem to apply to you because you are here.

  12. You think you love everyone but in reality you do totally opposite, the worst thing is that you dont even know what are you doing. This is totally abnormal behavior but you do this due to your psychological problems, similarly you think you are following Islam but in reality you are only pleasing your cult leaders and wasting time and money in none Islamic things but you dont know about that. The reality is you are all ‘Nafsiyati Mareez’ you are only fooling yourself.

    Its very interesting Arabic native speaker and every Islami scholars translating word ‘Khatim’ as seal but you Urdu/English speaker are challenging everyone that they dont know their own language, trust me baygharto only a ‘Nafsiyati Mareez’ can do this.

    Like every ‘Nafsiyati Mareez’ you are confident that only you are right, you are satisfied that you are on the right path and you think everyone is jealous and most interesting you think you are chosen people. Believe me this is the mentality of a ‘Nafsiyati Mareez’.

    You proud on yourself that 2 billion Muslims cant beat you in debate but you dont know no one can beat a ‘Nafsiyati Mareez’ in a debate this is the job psychiatrist to deal people like you. Always remember that you can prove anything in your imagination you can even prove there are 10 Suns in our solar system, so if you think you can beat easily anyone in any debate then its normal because you are a ‘Nafsyati Mareez’ but remember real world is very different.

    1. The reality is that if a cult member was to go into a debate with Muslim he/she would not have a leg to stand on if the Muslim were to refer to MGA books because ahmadis do not bother reading up on MGA and anyway the cult leaders have done away with some damaging material that MGA wrote so that the world cannot see it.

      They are indeed blind followers of something sinister but they do not understand and do not care enough to find out like I did, researching on ahmadiyyat has served me well and with Allah's (swt) guidance I had seed that this ahmadiyyat is nothing but a cult which led you astray.

      Since my parent's obviously don't share the same views I have almost 6 months supply of dried food, rice, sugar, canned food, water/other drinks and a gas cylinder for sale. Since your khalifa said "we ahmadis should stock up for 6 months because of pending war" no doubt with the Muslims. I have a very small house and now with another little baby on the way I am finding it hard to make the space and I certainly think that having a gas cylinder with young kids is not right.

    2. @The reality is that if a…
      When you read Ahmadies minds you will find they think MULLAHs are afraid of them, even they are sure they have defeated MULLAHs in every debate. They have their own criteria which we normal people cant understand. You can read previous comments they have clean sweeped Christians, for normal people this is nonesense if you tell this to any Christian he will laugh on Ahamadies. But they are 200% confident they have defeated Christians they dont care what is the reality because they are ‘Nafsyati Mareez’.

      Your parents are innocents they dont had guidance they are brainwashed hope Allah will forgive them but these Ahmdies who are visiting here are ‘Nafsyiati Mareez’ they have resources to know what is the reality but they dont want to learn they are fooling theirself may be they are getting benefits from this cult.

      Shahabe Saqib is a very good example, this ‘Nafsiyati Mareez’ believes that he is following true Islam he can write many books on a single word ‘Khatim’ but when you will ask him write something on ‘how you are following five basic pillars of Islam’ he cant write even one page. They only know they are following true Islam thats all they dont care ‘HOW’ its impossible to defeat them in any debate because they have their own rules and logics they are ‘Nafsiyati Mareez’ they are invincible.

  13. @ AnonymousApr 15, 2012 04:00 AM why the f*** did you buy the supply then. Give it to charity.

  14. So much hatred on this board...shahid kamal driven by personal hatred..frothing at the mouth for any dirt on any Ahmadi...You are on your own...God is not with you otherwise you would be able to show objective proof of your success instead of recycling garbage that your controllers/mulla employers have been spewing for the last century.


    Look at this disgusting cult propaganda. The author i suspect is either a Qadiani or a big sympathiser. This is not the first time she has wrote in defence of this heretical cult.

    Shame she doesn't write about the persecution and vile behaviour within the cult.


    Persecution within sponsored by Ahmadi leaders in the name of love for all hatred for none

    1. Dean Manson.. isn't that the same firm Raf consulted to bring down this website and

  17. Dear Findings: Your blog is now fading out and loosing grounds

    1. LOL I think this website has gained more than 10000 klicks since her last post. Go away troll.

  18. It’s a shame that the Ahmadiyya cult has been reduced to one lie after another. They seem to be spending more time trying to defend lies than solving any real issues.

    1. That's so true and yet ahmadi members still don't get it!

  19. Delusion is a common psychological disorder in Ahmadies.

    A delusion of grandeur is the fixed, false belief that one possesses superior qualities such as genius, fame, omnipotence, or wealth. Grandiose type patient believes that he has some great but unrecognized talent or insight, a special identity, knowledge, power, self-worth, or special relationship with someone famous or with God. They may also believe they have made some important discovery that others don’t understand or appreciate.

    Typical delusional ideas are categorized into delusions of grandeur, in which a person imagines for him or herself some God-given purpose or, in some cases, believe they are in fact historical personalities of great importance. Another type of delusion are delusions of persecution, in which a patient will believe that some person or group is out to harm him…

    Delusions may seem believable at face value, and patients may appear normal as long as an outsider does not touch upon their delusional themes.

    Trust me Baygharto you are all ‘Nafsiyati Mareez’ you are fooling yourself.


  20. TaizDhar...looks like you've figured everything give us something to chew on, an action plan, and quit being a keyboard baygharat :)

    1. I dont think I have figured out everything and I dont have any action plan yet it will take some time because you have so many psychological disorder I have lot of work to do.

      Currently I am researching on how Ahmadies listen complete Friday sermon. A normal person should get bored because there is nothing special in Friday sermons it is so boring but you dont get bored this is your abnormal behavior you actually fool yourself that Friday sermon is very interesting and Masroor talking style is very impressive you can do it very easily because you are a ‘Nafsiyati Mareez’ you live in your own world you can see and hear whatever you want.

      For those Ahmadies who feel sleepy and get bored during Friday sermon I have good news for them, their problems are less serious as compare to others. Their behavior is natural because a normal person should get bored when he hears something very boring so they can recover from their mental illness and can live like normal people although it is not so easy but a good psychiatrist can help them.

  21. Findings, have you given up?

  22. Hi Finding
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