Thursday, 27 October 2011

Rafiq Hayat, President Of Ahmadiyya Jamaat UK, Cries Wolf! Boo Hoo!

Salaam and Good Evening...

I had just got home from work, and spied a booklet on the sofa, and guess what it was? THE AHMADIYYA BULLETIN: September Edition! Yayy!! I was informed by someone recently that the Bulletin contained a two page spread with a message from none other than Rafiq 'Raf' Hayat, National President of the Ahmadiyya Community, here in the UK. He also assumes the title of 'Ameer'. LOL, I know! The guy is an 'Ameer' to the 'Ameer Momi'neen'...makes sense right?!

I have been waiting to get my hands on a copy, just so I could read his claptrap for myself! For the Muslims reading, the Ahmadiyya Bulletin is a monthly magazine sent out to Ahmadi subscribers in the UK. It contains the usual recycled nonsense such as 'Sayings of the Promised Messiah' and a load of pictures of Mirza Masroor 'Mas' Ahmad, the humble Ahmadi Khalifa, enjoying himself with white people at a conference on how 'Ahmadis are against Terrorism' and sipping on Evian on the Rocks! Raf, in this 2 page spread (complete with a professional photo of himself) addresses the 'hate campaign' against the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, orchestrated by me (obviously, who else does he mean) and spreading fear amongst the common Ahmadi by making me out to be some criminal!

Anyways, if most Ahmadis are anything like the ones I know, most will not bother flicking through the claptrap in the Bulletin, so I thought I would do Rafiq Hayat a favour and get it up here for him! You know, a bit of free circulation and promotion and what not! (thank me later Raf).
Dear brother
I pray that this message reaches you in good health and with the protection of Allah.
As many members of the Jamaat now know, there has been a campaign by the enemies of the jamaat to target out beloved Hudhur and individuals within the Jamaat through smear and innuendo.
This has been taking place for the last few years, but their activities have recently taken a more sinister and particularly vindictive and vicious turn. This group of individuals have illegally taken confidential jamaat and personal property in an attempt to undertake these vile activities.
This includes the theft of a large number of email addresses of Jamaat members. They used this to recently send an email attacking the jamaat and certain members. They have also obtained jamaats documents and personal items of individual members of the jamaat and their families.
Unfortunately, it is clear that there are members of our own jamaat that are either deliberately or inadvertently breaching the trust placed in them by leaking or disclosing information.
This is no less than an attack on our Jamaat and Promised Messiah and his Khulafa. The stated aim of the people who have committed these despicable acts is the destruction of the Jamaat.
On the other hand it is clear that these attacks are a sign of the truthfulness of the Promised Messiah and the total defeat of the enemies of the Jamaat. They are unable to attack the teachings and philosophy of Promised Messiah and therefore they are left with nothing but to attempt to defame our beloved hudhur and members of the Jamaat in this way with false and misleading information.
This is only an extension of the persecution faced by the believers. Our brothers and sisters in Indonesia, Pakistan and many other countries around the world are sacrificing with their life: we are now facing attacks on our honour. However, we also have to obligation to protect the progress and spread of the true Islam and I feel it necessary for me to inform you about what the Jamaat is doing about this attack and how you can play for part.
Before I do so, I wish to give an opportunity for those who may inadvertedly be involved in this kind of activity or who may have any information to provide. This is the time for you to come forward confidentially and I am always available if you wish to meet or speak with me.
We are working with the relevant authorities in an attempt to prosecute those who have obtained, received or in any way handled stolen information. Our legal teams are also involved in taking any civil action. There will be a tightening of security and other measures relating to all data held concerning the Jamaat.
From time to time. We will try and update Jamaat members of any breaches that may have taken place and what action the jamaat is taking. In the meantime, please can all members ensure that they do the following:
You should not open any attachments to emails of this type. They may contain viruses that will attack your computer and perhaps obtain information held on your computer.
Do not visit these websites or blogs that carry these vile messages.
It will also be appropriate that the members of the Jamaat should increase their religious knowledge for reasonable responses to such attacks.
Ensure you have up to date anti virus software and spam filtering in place on the computers and phones you are using to check email. If you think your email has been hacked please contact me.
Most of all, you should all pray that Allah make clear truth from falsehood.
Finally I will leave you with the words of Allah the Almighty which fits perfectly the condition of these people:
Surah al Baqarah- 2:10-19
May Allah forgive us and have mercy on us always. Amin.
Yours sincerely
Rafiq Ahmed Hayat
Ameer UK. 

There are not enough LOLs in the world to honour this pathetic nonsense! OMG! Is this guy for real? Rafiq, did I read right? Are you trying to say this Blog is an extension of the persecution of Ahmadis? haha! So am I in the same league as a terrorist bomber? Is that what you are trying to suggest? So hold on, by me exposing YOUR CULT for what it is, I am persecuting you guys? Well I have heard it all! Your relation (ooops) wasn't joking when he told me you were running around like a headless chicken telling everyone my Blog was 'a hate crime' against Ahmadis!

And hold on, wait a second, are you also suggesting that because YOUR FILTH is being exposed here, it is a sign of your truthfulness and a sign of the truthfulness of your lying, deceiving charlatan of a 'Prophet'? OK. So I guess when a criminal gets caught, and is exposed by the local papers, he is a good man too right, because he is being exposed? Yeah! What a twisted mind you have!

Rafiq, you are so shameless and this 2 page self promoting spread proves this! Why have you not addressed why your community is sanctioning the spying of innocent young girls? Why are not explaining why young Ahmadi children are being stalked and spied on, with disgusting and damning reports being written up against them? Why don't you explain why 400,000 quid went missing from the Jamaat purse? Why don't you explain why Shabir Bhatti's brother was subjected to mental torture by having his name circulated in a letter, informing Ahmadiyya Jamaat members that he was a restricted member, along with his family? Why don't you explain why you are a bare faced hypocrite? Showing one face to the BBC Cameraman, while banning Cinema for members of your community? Why don't you explain why young Muslim men who innocently stumbled across your weird centre were spied, followed and snapped by another Ahmadi? Why don't you explain why YOU treat your members no better than the dirt beneath your feet? They don't deserve an explanation though do they, they are only your laymen Ahmadis right?

So instead of addressing what is being brought up on this site, you are trying to liken me to a violent thug in Indonesia? Instead of addressing the corruption and shadiness of your so called 'liberal community', you are telling people to keep back? Instead of explaining to your members why £400,000 has gone missing, you are crying wolf and telling everyone I am a criminal? Criminal because I expose your dodgy documents here, but its not criminal when £400,00 goes missing, right?! 

You are constantly crying wolf, making it look like the Ahmadiyya Awareness Team are the crooked ones, yet you are the ones who endorse the spying on little girls? Wolf! Oh Look: Wolf Again! And Wolf again! Well guess what Raf, you have done yourself no favours by telling people not to read my blog! Check my Click-O-Meter- I am almost on 60,000 page views and it hasn't even been 2 months since I formally launched! Who the hell is listening to you, huh? You are deliberately trying to sensationalise things in order to frighten people away. It's no wonder that the weapon of choice you employ is scare-mongering and crying wolf, all the hallmarks of a cult to try to keep your members away from seeing the dark underbelly and true face of your Ahmadiyya Jamaat.

LOL @ calling me a criminal and my activities illegal! You are the shady, shirk-comitting businessman and you dare call me a criminal? Listen MATE, your community is so unbelievably amateur its not even funny! For a Cult, your administration is a JOKE! Maybe you should get some tips from a fellow Cult, like the Scientologists, and ask them how they manage to keep such a tight grip and control on their affairs?! Your paperwork is everywhere! I remember it took one little visit to the Jalsa Office in Mordern to get my hands on the paperwork, and guess what, I was authorised to do so too! You don't seem to realise who I am. Look closer to home, especially you Nas! Its not criminal to see something hanging around and pick it up, or be handed something and put it up here!! Julian Assange did it on Wikileaks and you certainly ain't the American Govt! LOL! And also remember who my father is.... LOL..never ever forget who my father is- ever!

Is it vile to ask for proof of a Hadith, that so far, no Ahmadi has been able to produce? Is it vile to demand a Hadith, to prove that your 'Prophet' did not attribute lies to MY Prophet Muhammad SAAWs? Where were your people then? Where is the Hadith? And you say I am vile, when he lied about Hadith and Quran! Its funny how you say "It will also be appropriate that the members of the Jamaat should increase their religious knowledge for reasonable responses to such attacks". The 'Hadith Challenge' couldn't have come at a better time, Alhumdulillah! Not a single Ahmadi, Murabbi, Jamaat Official or even a Muslim was able to produce a single Hadith that proved what your Mirza had alleged that the Prophet SAAWs had said: SubhanAllah! You fail in the theology stakes and your Jamaat is a failure...this Blog proves that! Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was a MessLIAR and the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is a CULT. End of.

Hey Raf, guess what I have in front of me right now? A 60 page dossier, detailing the so-called 'evidence' you collected regarding the fabricated 'hate campaign'.

Once I figure out how to upload this whole thing for my loyal readers to have a look at, it will be up for all to see! I am sure my Muslim friends at the Khatam Nubuwat Academy would love to take a look at this so called 'Bullying Dossier' of yours! I am sure those that you wrongfully accused of hate crimes against you would love to look at the pathetic evidence you had compiled against them! Alhumdulillah, Muslims were triumphant and your attempts to tarnish them failed and miserably too!  Anyways, do common Ahmadis know it failed to materialise and you were advised that the CPS were unlikely to pursue or look into your allegations because there was not enough evidence? Well common Ahmadis, thats the truth! Anyways here is what legal advisor Jim Sturman QC said:
In reviewing the opinion of Mr Hodivala I have deliberately applied a very critical second opinion, purely on the basis that the CPS will be reluctant to prosecute save in clear cut cases. In assessing the language used by potential defendants I am confident that the CPS will need to be persuaded that the language is clear and not capable of explaining away as a “rhetorical flourish”. Further, freedom of expression arguments will be carefully weighed in assessing whether remarks have crossed the line and amount to prima facie evidence of an offence.
In conclusion, I am of the view that the speech of 18th June crosses the line and discloses prima facie evidence of an offence. Absent further evidence being obtained it is impossible to see how a prosecution against any leader of KN can currently be justified.

N.B. I will upload the so-called 'hate crime' dossier in its entirety in the next few months.

...and you want to try and prosecute me? LOL! Mate, go ahead and try your best! You guys shamelessly put your heart and soul into trying to prosecute the Muslim Brothers at the Khatam Nubuwat Academy and FAILED, yet you want to try and have me prosecuted? For what exactly, 'stealing documents' that I find in my home and expose them here? I am waiting for you and have been for a long, long time! Just remember, that if you EVER try to pull a stunt like that and try and have me arrested, I will go to every damn paper in the country with EVERYTHING I have on your CULT! I will go to every paper in Pakistan and no doubt one of them will publish everything to prove you people are running a CULT!

Imagine that, a Pakistani Newspaper being handed hundreds of your documents, proving that the Ahmadiyya Jamaat is what they believed it to be international CULT! So try your best mate, because remember, if this ever gets to court... I can't see how you guys will ever be able to save face! Imagine Mas taking to the stand! And hey, you want to shut me up? How very 'liberal' of you, especially for a group that claims to be all for 'freedom'. And how are you going to prosecute me, without actually knowing who I am? Oh yes, are you planning to hack my blog and emails, just like your daughter said you were going to hack forums? Go right ahead...and see how I have the authorities on you quicker than you can scream 'Huzoor'. Give it your best shot, because I will bite back twice as hard. And as for hacking emails, errr...NO! I ain't no hacker...thats more your Jamaat's style, isn't it?

You-Are-A-Joke and A-Bully! You do not scare me and you will not shut me up! I have my family to think of, and I love my parents more than the fear of being caught, and this is all for them! inshAllah! The average Ahmadi has a right to know what goes on because after all, it is these people who fund and keep this Cult running! They have a right to know, I have a duty to expose what I have and inshAllah, slowly but surely, people will begin to wake up to this fraud! InshAllah!

I will continue to expose this Cult for what it really is. You have given me that boost I have needed for some time now. Don't you dare try and shut me up ever again. Your bully boy tactics do not scare me and I will not stop! You try and have me prosecuted, and I will have you prosecuted too, for hate crimes against your own people! You just watch me..... this is no joke and I am deadly serious!

Tune of the Day:

its on like..... DONKEY KONG

Muslims, for those that are not aware of the persecution against the Ahmadis, please read their website, dedicated to, and glorifying their persecution (<sarcasm>remember they are suffering worldwide, more than the Palestinians in Gaza and the Pakistanis being killed in Northern Pakistan daily in Drone Attacks</sarcasm>):


  1. From : Miyyan (not Logged on)

    Dear sister Findings!

    Trust me if it’s hurting then its working! You are causing them immense headache for them.

    I particularly like few of the sentences in his message.

    << “Unfortunately, it is clear that there are members of our own jamaat that are either deliberately or inadvertently breaching the trust placed in them by leaking or disclosing information”.

    This admission itself is your victory as from now on they are going to look each other with a greater degree of suspicion.

    << “On the other hand it is clear that these attacks are a sign of the truthfulness of the Promised Messiah and the total defeat of the enemies of the Jamaat.”

    This is a typical slogan which has been working for the last 120+ years of Jamaat’s history. The blind followers honestly believe that the reason of century old resistance against their fabricated and false beliefs is a sign of truthfulness. They have forgotten that after the Khilafat granted by Allah, as per their belief, their fear should have been turned into the peace and they should have gained the Promised Land.

    They also have been brought up with the fundamental believe that the ‘Khilafat’ is God’s given reward which in return turn their fears into peace. The reality is that, despite of being a promised victory for Ahmadis, they are still the victims and forced to keep migrating from one place to another. There is fifth ‘Khalifa’ in place and the state of fear has not diminished for them. In contrary they are living under the fear of their personal safety more than ever even after 120+ years. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib considered the UK Christians as his number one opponents but God has brought the Ahmadis as asylum seekers, on the door step of the same Christians. They are living on the handouts (benefits) of their Western masters. More than 90% of the Ahmadis in UK are scrounging the Government Zakaat system and this is NOT a sign of truthfulness but a matter of shame.

    An inquisitive and educated individual is bound to question the validity and divinity of the institution of ‘Khilafat’.

  2. Lolllllll Findings I bloody love you man! For real you are the best thing that's ever happened to this jamaat!! Raf is a **** and I hope he ****'s *** real soon! **** has ****** too many people over. **** needs to go and take his **** of a family with him! Bunch of ****** ***** and mini me's!

    Ahmadiyyat is more hassle than its worth. Full of C***'S! Keep exposing this rotten ****!

    Believe girl they are ***** off because never before have they done this and you have won! This is your victory because that **** Raf is fighting to save face. this blog is hurting them and big time!

  3. URGENT MESSAGE!! Cult Girl (or boy) whatever or whoever you are I have an important message so please read this!! I am just like you and I am also trapped in this cult because of family restrictions. I am like you too because my dad is a man of high position in this cult, so much so, that he works on the Raf's team. I really support you and I admire your bravery. I need to however warn you about a few things so please listen to me carefully. A few days ago I overheard a conversation that took place between a few 'high ups'. They are plotting to bring you down and are very desperate. They know you have more than you are letting on and they are worried.

    * they are looking to disrupt your blog somehow; disable it through hacking or something similar.

    * they are conducting thorough internal investigations; trying to figure out who has what information and who has been told what.

    * they are going to send out documents; these will be false in nature and they hope this will catch you out.

    There was some other things but I cannot repeat them. Be careful. The top dawgs are going to try everything and anything to get you. Stay safe.

  4. The Cult and its leadership has realized that MGAQ's false claims and teachings are being exposed as falsehood by no one but their "own" sons and daughters whom ALLAH showed the light and blessed with pure Emaan. Their fear and panic is very obvious and it will increase day by day as they can see Fall of Cult Empire. The mistrust on followers will increase and more warnings/precautionary notes will come. But all of this will not work. The destiny of this sand castle which was based on falsehood of one sick man who based his prophethood and religion on the ILLham (whispers of Satan) is FALL. The FALL of CULT empire.

  5. How sad is this - "More than 90% of the Ahmadis in UK are scrounging the Government Zakaat system " and this CULT is paying RAF from the 6% extorted from this Government Zakaat. The MAS black mercedez is run on this 6% from Government Zakaat. Are Hazoor - the divine Khalifa is fed by this 6% of Zakaat. His horses are being bred from Christian's Zakkat? Does this Cult and its divine Hazoor has some shame? Can they stop extorting 6% Chanda from these poor cult members who live on Government Zakaat? At least spare them until they start earning themselves. Hazrat MGAQ always cursed these Christians and now his Cult and majority of its UK followers are surviving on the alms of these very Christians. How ironic! The collection of Chanda from Cult members on Government Zakaat should be immediately abolished. Someone barely surviving on Beggars allowance and you further robb them in the name of Chanda. It is immoral and cruelly inhuman. I expect Hazoor will announce in tomorrows Friday sermon - No more Chanda collection from people living on Government Zakaat. This is very essential if Cult wants to delay its ultimate FALL.

  6. An excellent piece of writing by brother Farhan for those who wonder why they are being called Cult members

  7. Page 50 of Ahmadiyya Bulletin (Sept issue) has a Twitter advert by Abid Khan Press Secretary saying that Twitter is a "way for people to get genuine official Jama'at information, rather than the lies and propaganda that are dissipated on a number of anti-Ahmadiyya websites." LOL but we come to Findings blog to get the news first! They are not a happy bunny!!!

  8. Abid Khan Press Secretary can't say Twitter is a "way for people to get genuine official Jama'at lies and propaganda, rather than the real inside information that are dissipated on a number of anti-Ahmadiyya websites."

    Hail CULT!

  9. Why do you need to do all this Findings, why????

  10. Anonymous 13:14

    She has to do all this to save her elders, brothers and sisters from falsehood of this Cult which is taking all its followers to Hell for believing wrong belief, doing sacrilege of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and tarnishing image of Islam and Muslims.

  11. Muslims also believe coming Issa ibne Marrium will be Nabi ALLAH. Based on that Qadianis claim we both (Muslims and Qadianis) have same Belief but the dispute is on the Identity. Qadianis says we believe he has come in the shape of Mirza jee but Muslims are still awaiting. Either the elders of Qadianis are naive or they are intentionally misleading their followers. Even though Mirza jee "copied" or "self-interpreted" all signs of his coming mentioned in Hadith but they miss ONE LOGIC. Issa ibne Marrium (as) will come as Nabi ALLAH and it will not be contrary to Khatme Nabuwat or Khatim ul Nabieen belief of true Muslims.

    He was born and declared Prophet before Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) so there is no Prophet after Prophet Muhammad will be still true.

    Moreover, he will come as Ummuti (follower) of Rasool ALLAH and pray behind Imam Mehdi as mentioned in Hadith and will die as Muslim and will be buried besides Prophet's grave in Medinah.

    See the following clip of Mirza Tahir and see how he is deceiving blind followers on this point.

  12. Mohsin

    I have been dealing with you guys? girls? for many years all the ex Ahmadis I know them and the real reason for everything. But don't fool yourself not a single bit of evidence have you or the and others have shown any lie or even defeated truth of the Promised Messiah (as). Problem is when ever we start to hit back you guys don't allow it every anti Ahmadi site says the same thing but when we come back with strong arguments you guys don't allow our post on!!!


    Khalid bin Waleed

  13. Khalid bin Waleed - You are a true Cult follower. Lot said but said nothing. Aap ko aap ka Promised Messiah mubarak ho. Jews are anxiously waiting for their Promised Messiah. And Cult has very friendly relationship with Israel and have a centre in Haifa. Why don't you and your cult preach Jews to believe in your Promised Messiah? How many jews you have converted to Qadianism since allowed you a base there?

  14. Findings

    I am very disappointed, I respect your right to voice what you consider the wrongs of the Administration, it will yet be seen be true or not. if is true Almighty Allah (swt) will deal with it, if not well then truth will succeed.

    What I object to is the unethical descriptions of Huzur (aba) it is this which is convincing me that perhaps you are not an Ahmadi, even if you became a non- Ahmadi Muslim, I'm sure your parents must have brought you up with some ethical behaviour if you believe in Almighty Allah (swt) " Allah enjoins equity and benevolence and graciousness as between kindred; and forbids evil designs, ill-behaviour and transgression" (16:91)

    Our Holy Prophet and Master Muhammad (saw) said " there is no greater wisdom than for sight, no greater piety than abstention from evil and no greater goodness than good behaviour" Sahih Hadith

    So findings those images of Huzur (aba) are evil behaviour you are doing the opposite of what you attack Ahmadi Muslims for.

    stop before you bring the punishment of Al Mighty Upon you.

    Khalid bin Waleed

  15. findings there are vast numbers of ahmadis who are secretly becoming muslim. you are not alone. i am one of them. you are doing a great job exposing what many of us have suspected all along. there is no islam in this cult its just a namesake. a lot of respect for what you are doing. wish i could help but i am of no importance but i wish you well from afar.

  16. KbW

    You quoted this hadith

    Our Holy Prophet and Master Muhammad (saw) said " there is no greater wisdom than for sight, no greater piety than abstention from evil and no greater goodness than good behaviour" Sahih Hadith

    Now go and read Mirza and his sons book and come back to tell us how much they follow it.

    Come back with honest answer, otherwise, I have to quote you their "greater goodness and good behavior" from their books.

  17. Good Work Sister Findings! They are sweating like fat pigs in a couldron! Keep stirring!

    SALUTE ;)

  18. A common criticism against Muslims is that we define ourselves by what we are not. For example, we're not terrorists, we're not oppressive to women, etc. But, it failed to identify what we are.

    Likewise, rather than addressing these legitimate grievances you pointed out, they simply called it 'persecution' and urged people not to come here. Ironically, that will make MORE people come here.

    But it shows two things:
    A) We are having a tangible impact - not to mention all the recent reverts
    B) Their higher leadership monitors this site. I wonder what they have written upon me!

    Sr Findings, I highly urge you keep yourself and your contacts secret.

  19. Goooooooooooooooooooooood Evening Madaaaaaaaam.

    I find Mr.Rafiq so so fonny, all he neeeeeeds is some facepaint and ah red nose to confirm he is a clown!

  20. @ Farhan "I wonder what they have written upon me!"

    Wow how arrogant are you bro? You think too highly of yourself for some reason.

    Arrogance leads to FALSEHOOD.

  21. @ ex ahmadi "findings there are vast numbers of ahmadis who are secretly becoming muslim. you are not alone"

    there are greater numbers of Ahmadi Muslims who are openly becoming stronger in their faith, we are no way alone either as God continues to bless the jamaat.

  22. @Anonymous

    Though to you what brother Farhan has written may seem arrogant it's not, he is merely pointing out a fact that the Qadiani Fitnah Cult stalks/surveillances all those who oppose them!

    I myself have been stalked by a cult member who was posing as a 'ex-qadiani' like all qadiani cult seniors they think we Muslims are dumb and will easily give away information.
    All Qadiani agents play the same game~
    1.They tell you to leave the cult alone and do something else
    2.They ask you questions trying to workout your next step
    3.They ask for the addresses of well known ex-cult members.
    4.They ask you to take them to meetings you have in the Masjids.
    5.They try to disturb you and wind you up, in my case it was prank calling my mobile and sending filthy messages on youtube.
    6.They try hard to make you angry and constantly want to divert your attention from your mission.
    7.The 'reversion' story they tell you will have flaws when you ask them later it will change to some other crap. Most of them say the same rubbish 'I left because of disagreements with the Khilafat' and they will never send Laanat on Mirza Qadiani when asked to do so.

    after I caught him out and confronted him, he tried to incite me to kill him. I have all the proof.

  23. Sorry got distracted :D great post @findings,
    typical jackanories from Rafiq Hayat, play the persecution card, add the fear factor
    "Ensure you have up to date anti virus software and spam filtering in place on the computers and phones you are using to check email. If you think your email has been hacked please contact me."

    hmm.. I've heard BitDefender are offering a discount for those in fear of 'Mullah-Ware' :P

    may Allah SWT keep you protected at all times, aameen. keep up the wonderful work.

  24. Anonymous said...

    "God continues to bless the jamaat."
    27 October 2011 21:12

    If exposing the Chaddi of your seniors seems to be a blessing, then may they forever be blessed!

  25. Anonymous said...
    @ Farhan "I wonder what they have written upon me!"
    Wow how arrogant are you bro? You think too highly of yourself for some reason.
    Arrogance leads to FALSEHOOD.
    27 October 2011 21:02
    Jazakz for calling me out, my bad. I'm working on it.

  26. Mohsin

    It’s Obvious you have no knowledge of the Doctrines of Islam or of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam.

    Firstly the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam was established in Palestine long before the state of
    Israel existed, so we have nothing to do with Israel, it would seem you object to Ahmadi Muslims Having dialog with Israeli people well why don’t you call all Israeli Arabs Kafir of Jewish spies??? And if you reject the possibility of Ahmadi Muslims having amicable dialog with the Jewish People people of the book, then my friend you’re not following SUNNAH as our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw)
    Had respect and dialog with the Jewish people of his time. Alhamdulillah we are following Sunnah.
    Lastly yes many former Jews have become Ahmadi Muslims Alhamdulillah. And for those secret ex Ahmadi’s who keep writing on findings blog, lol it is not such a big deal!!! We are converting every week someone from mainstream Islam to true Islam so what? I am am ex Al Hadith !!!

    Peace & love

    Khalid bin Waleed

  27. Mehboob Ahmed

    take a good look!!! at you own mosques beating children across the heads wow so pious!!!

    I knew some of your Imams who stole from mosque and many evil things. correct your own homes first.

    Khalid bin Waleed

  28. Finding I know you!! I have been looking at your photo on your blog this is you, the the one you had of full face with hijab, I know you, just cant place you. before I became Muslim after studies I choose a Career in close Diplomatic protection and we had to study body language and how to recognise people from their faces ect I know you! we have crossed paths.

    Khalid Bin Waleed ( I dont expect you to post it is not for post)

  29. @ Khalid Bin Waleed Sahib

    Please stop staring at the beautiful picture of the girl with beautiful eyes on this blog. Don’t try to hassle sister Findings as she is doing an excellent job.

    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib considered placing his photograph in public as a sign of ‘Shirk’. Despite of that he went ahead and had his picture taken. His intention was to show it to some expert people like you in the West, who claim to be having knowledge of, face reading and body language.

    Could you please inform us if any of your white colleague in the security firm where you work ever got impressed from the divinity feature of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Sahib and became Ahmadi?

    From Miyyan

  30. KbH

    Can you please give an exaggerated number of Jews converted since your jammat establishment in Palestine pro Israel? How come Israeli government who is so harsh on Palestinians so kind on you? You are playing the same game there which you are playing world over - prove mainstream Muslims are violent and terrorists and you are the only peace loving Muslims which should be accepted and patronized by these governments. Your Cult's only mission is to harm Islam and Muslims in any possible way for not believing your self-proclaimed false Nabi.

  31. Khalid bin Waleed claims - "We are converting every week someone from mainstream Islam to true Islam so what?" May be you are converting one or two from Billions but see who is leaving you and how well they are exposing your Cult. You should worry about your young generation. They may not stay with falsehood for long. The ultimate FALL is the FUTURE of this CULT of Lair Nabi.Insha'ALLAH.

  32. Sister pls recite ayatul kursi everyday. I know qadianis place little importance on it but its very powerful and will inshallah protect you. I encourage you to learn this ayah of Surah al Baqara and recite everyday. Protect yourself from their evil eyes and these evil-wishers and of course the shatan. Please learn if you haven't already. I don't mean to patronise but this is just for your own benefit. You are our sister and we support you. Be safe. Mashallah you have a great enegry and aura about you. I know you take a lot of flack and they mock you. But we see a very shrewd and intelligent woman who Allah has blessed with great skills and presented you this information to hurt them. They are his enemies not you. You musnt let them get to you. You have 1.5 billion Muslims out there, so let these 100,000 odd abuse you. This man is nothing but hot air. He is a vile human being and will be brought to account one day along with his Kalif and his prophet.

  33. "Ahmadiyya is not just a fringe movement with questionable theology, it is a de facto
    cult that keeps its victims mentally, spiritually and financially enslaved. It's about time it
    got investigated."

  34. @Khalid bin Waleed

    Dear Brother, I researched about Ahmadiyyat for well over a year and still I am learning new facts every day, my conclusion is that Ahmadiyyat is not Islam. Research is time consuming I know but it had to be done, it's a matter of your deen. You need to read up on historial facts and also most important the Holy Quran, read Hadith and judge what is being taught within Ahmadiyyat. I did not go into this research without a reason, I always had a hollow feeling that something was not right and it is my duty to gain knowlege of what sort of cult I was in.

    Brother, even if you feel Ahmadiyyat is right I still urge you to study, there is no harm to seek knowledge regardless of what you conclude after you read Holy Quran, Hadith, other Islamic scholers books and finally what you read on MGAQ books.

    Peace :)

    1. Hi, I would also like to research on Ahmadiyyat but I do not know where to start! Please help me.

    2. Dear Brother/sister I started with reading Nuzhat Haneef's book

      then started reading the links that Findings has on the right.

      I sincerely hope it helps you with your journey to find the truth about this cult.

  35. Anonymous said...
    @ Khalid Bin Waleed Sahib

    Please stop staring at the beautiful picture of the girl with beautiful eyes on this blog. Don’t try to hassle sister Findings as she is doing an excellent job.

    with respect I am not staring at findings eyes! I have morals but it was you who said " girl with beautiful eyes" it would seem that it is you who are having lustful thoughts! but if I have given a this impression then I appologise as Allah as my witness this was not my intention in writing this message. I as Ahmadi Muslim want finding to take another look at the truth no more then that and bring her back to Islam.

    Khalid bin Waleed.

  36. Anonymous:

    well I have dome the same! and I can tell you the doctrine of Ahmadiyyat based upon Qur'an and Ahadith and teachings of the classical scholars of Islam. But more importantly upon the Holy Prophet (saw) I have weighed the evidence between Main stream Islam and the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, please bear in Mind I accepted Islam through Al Hadith, I have sat with many Imam's Sheikhs and my Arabic teacher was not an Ahmadi but from Iraq Sheikh Hakeem, believe me Ahmadiyyat is Islam and on sound ground and it has substance.


    Khalid Bin Waleed

    1. Could you please tell me where to start with researching Ahmadiyyat? Thanks.


  37. Mohsin said:

    It's about time it
    got investigated."

    it has been investigated for over 110 years and the result!!!! failure after failure and failure I challenge anyone to prove to me that Ahmadiyyat is not Islam. I have been asking this question for many years and I even went to Mosques all over London, and UK I have sat with sufi's, Shia's Salafi Wahabbi's Al Hadith, to date none have convinced me that the PM is false, I have read and studied Ahadith I read the Holy Qur'an everyday I have read most of all anti Ahmadi Books, I have Sat with Arabs from Jorden to Saudi, syria to Palestine and nobody has convinced me!!!! Remember what separates us is 1- understanding of Nabwwut 2- Death of Jesus - 3- Second coming Isa ie who it will be?

    and bear in mind we can prove our points based upon the Holy Qur'an Ahadith and the classical scholars of Islam.

    peace and love

    Khalid bin waleed

  38. Ah Mohsin

    you said " Mohsin said...
    Khalid bin Waleed claims - "We are converting every week someone from mainstream Islam to true Islam so what?" May be you are converting one or two from Billions but see who is leaving you and how well they are exposing your Cult. You should worry about your young generation. They may not stay with falsehood for long. The ultimate FALL is the FUTURE of this CULT of Lair Nabi.Insha'ALLAH.

    what not the same said to the Holy Prophet (saw) because of having no male issue!!!! and that Islam would fail!!! well did it!!! NO Believe me there maybe some who are leaving the Jamaat that is part of life! just as everyday many Arabs, Asians and Europeans leaving Islam!!! does that mean that Islam is false NO!!! as far as the young and next generation is concerned this site has inspired many to defend the Promised Messiah alhamdulillah

    peace and love

    Khalid Bin Waleed

  39. Khalid bin Waleed

    What needs to be investigated is Chanda fraud? There is no need to investigate the falsehood of Mirza's claim of being Prophet after the last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It is quite obvious and No need to investigate. It has been proven by Quran and hadith beyond any doubt. You will never understand because you believe in twisted interpretations of Quran's Seal of Prophethood and not believing numerous Hadith which Rasool ALLAH (pbuh) clearly stated He is the last prophet and no Prophet will come after him. Essa (as) was Prophet before him and will come back but will not be a Prophet after Muhammad(pbuh). I wish you could understand this clear difference. Hadith says Issa ibne Marrym will come and not Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. And Mirza to meet this Hadith offered an Script which only a complete insane person can believe.

    "Indeed, God named me Mary who was pregnant with Jesus. I am the object of the words of the Almighty in Surah Tehrim: 'And Mary, daughter of Imran, who guarded her chastity, so we blow into it our spirit'; as I am the only one who has claimed that I am Mary and that into me has been blown the soul of Jesus."
    (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, P. 337; Bahareen-e-Ahmadia, P. 388)
    "God named me Mary in the third volume of Baraheen-e-Ahmadia (the book of "revelations" written by Mirza). I was nurtured for two years as Mary and was raised in a womanly seclusion. Then, the spirit of Jesus was breath into me just as was done with Mary. Hence, I was considered to be pregnant in a metaphorical manner. After a period of several months, not exceeding ten, I was made Jesus out of Mary by the revelation embodied in the last part of the fourth volume of Baraheen-e-Ahmadia; and thus, I became Jesus, son of Mary. But, God did not inform me of this secret at that time."
    (Kashti-i-Nuh, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 19, P. 50; Kashti-i-Nuh, P. 46-47)

    The falsehood which is based on only one point - how Jesus can be ascended to skies? It is not possible logically. Then how the above claims of being Mary while Mirza and then how getting pregnant and transforming from Mirza to Mary (sex change?) to Jesus can proved by any logic or any branch of Science. If the Creator can't lift the Jesus alive to Heaven, then the above states claims of Mirza are only possible in Mirza's laboratory.

    KbW - You are wasting time arguing with Scholars. You only need to read Mirza's books to come on right path.

  40. KbN - Sites likes this are Hujjat - that Truth was shown to you - how many convert to Islam is not the issue. Muslims are more than 1.5 billion. We are not targeting to add few thousands more to the fold. The purpose is unveil the Truth to misled Qadianis who were born as Qadiani and have never heard the Truth except falsehood of Mirza's teachings. The people like you as you claim to be a Convert to Ahmaddiyat are Ahmadi by choice. This site and others like this are not for you. You may have your religion of choice. No one will try to convince you as you have chosen falsehood by your will. We have no problem with any ones faith. We all are accountable to ALLAH and HE will decide who was having right belief. Our target is young Ahmadis who never come across the Truth and the Cult keeps them in dark with twisted "truth".

  41. Livid Lajna of London28 October 2011 at 19:12

    Rafiq Hayat is a fake and no man of God. Look at his address to the Ahmadi public in this letter for example! He begins 'dear brothers' even though the Ahmadiyya Bulletin goes out to homes wherein both men and women reside. what a sexist pig! Just goes to show just how little respect they have for their so called 'Lajna' and for him to rub shoulders with European women at any given opportunity but can't even address the women! Isn't he 'Amir' of the entire UK Jamaat, including women? So why just address the brothers? Women are 2nd Class citizens in the Ahmadiyya Jamaat, that's why! He makes me sick. I hope Huzur gets rid of him and quickly too. We pay our chanda Rafiq and deserve to be addressed! You are a hypocrite and no one can stand you. Get the hint and leave office! Why do you insist on staying when we don't want you? Have you no shame?

  42. Ahmadiyya is true Islam. Some people are bad. The teachings are true. Ahmadiyya is true Islam.

  43. Khalid Bin Waleed... That picture isn't of me!! I found it on Google Images and instantly loved it! So no, our wires have never crossed! :P

    @ lajna... I'm told it was an address to brainwashed khuddam at a national event. Hence 'dear brothers'. He is still a wicked man all the same. He will go inshallah. But I'm gonna take out Nas Khan first..his human shield. Don't worry. Soon come!

  44. By take out I mean expose :) (incase raf got excited and used that to add to his 'findings and her hate crime dossier'.

  45. will the real findings please stand up29 October 2011 at 10:05

    I KNOW THE REAL FINDINGS! I like you Mr KBW know Findings and our paths have also crossed. You are mistaken if you believe that the image of the girl on her homepage is the 'real' Findings. actually you couldn't be more further from the truth. I think everyone would be taken aback if they knew who the girl was behind the facade of this site! Beautiful isn't even a word that would describe the real Findings. This girl's picture does the real Findings no justice! About a year ago, there was a beautiful young woman from 'durrttty' South London who was very publicly scorned for being 'Findings'. Such was her misfortune that her own cousins and relations turned their back on her. This girl was beauty personified. Her pretty red lips however are now stained forever after uttering gand about the Promised Messiah and his Khulafa. Her eyes are an asset, more so than this girl. Beautiful and black and framed with thick lashes. Now they are blindfolded by the Devil, as she began to see 'lies and contradictions' that didnt exist. Her beauty was unmatched in many ways, but now she is the Jamaat's most ugliest creation. She traded it all for Mullah Islam. She is the most despised person in the Jamaat. She has shat on her own people for the love of Mullahs. A girl likened to a lollywood actress, now likened to those sh devils you see on screen. You would all be surprised if you knew the beauty behind this blog. Once a beauty, now the most despised beast in the world.

  46. will the real findings please stand up29 October 2011 at 10:12

    CONTINUED! Her uncle is 3rd in command to Hadhur- a chief president of the UK Jamaat. He knows who findings is but is protecting her identity from the masses. It is his own family that have shunned her but its all part of their twisted game plan. Her uncle a top UK official and he is plotting and planning to get rid of Rafiq Hayat for many years. He is jealous of Rafiq's wealth and popularity, while her uncle sponges off the Jamaat for his income. He is passing all these official documents to his niece, no doubt a bright girl who is capable of this. He will tell you she is more beautiful than this girl. Everyone knows this. Ask her uncle to reveal her identity! She is her uncle's foghorn and is speaking for him as a youngster. His family are pretending they have nothing to do with her but her Uncle is colluding with her! Her uncle is feeding Findings these documents! Rafiq Hayat is being Hounded out by Her Uncle! Be brave Findings and tell everyone the truth! Put your own picture up because it does you more justice! Why put a less prettier girl than yourself up? Why doesn't your uncle openly tell people your name? Why hide like cowards? You are dancing with the devils now, Oh Beautiful 'Kim Kardashian'. SHAME ON YOU YOU STUPID GIRL!

  47. will the real findings please stand up29 October 2011 at 10:16


    Oh Findings, Oh Beautiful Girl, Why did you trade your position from such a pious Ahmadi family for all of this? Why???

    This girl could have had it all but instead she traded it in for 'sunni' Islam. Oh Allah protect our women from suffering the same fate as this girl and protect us from this ugly end!

    what a waste. and your poor parents. beautiful children. your younger brother is a most handsome boy. and his sister is the ugliest girl alive. LANAAT on you and your uncle- Rafiq Hayat is being stabbed in the back by his own aides.

  48. ^ LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Oh the conspiracies are getting out of control now! Sorry mate to disappoint you, but I alhumdulillah, have been blessed with an average face. I would certainly not classify myself as a beauty LOOOOL, 'beast' would be more apt, especially at this time in the morning! You need to relax yourself. Stop spreading malicious rumours and calm down. You need to talk to frank..or maybe Rafiq! And I have no younger brother, just an elder brother, so again, YOU couldn't be further from the truth!

    What a bunch of lunatic Qadianis we have out this morning! Oh, of course, its Halloween tomorrow, that'll explain it!

  49. LOOOOOOOOL and are 'lollywood' actresses not she-devils? astaghfirullah, the way they prance about on screen sometimes, it puts Jolies and Foxes to shame! What a typical paki you are! Get out of here and don't come back with your stupid theories.

  50. im just shocked at reading wht Rafeeq Hayyat wrore...he doesnt care about wht is actually being said but hes more interested in us not opening any of these emails or going on to such websites im abit confused because surely he should be saying "decide for yourself if you think we are the true religion then there is no harm in reading wht these people have to say" but he is much more concerned with us not being exposed to anything abit like he doesnt want us to know about all the corruption. i am very confused.

  51. It's funny the jamaat can't answer the blog directly.. cos that would add weight and validate the scandals somewhat.. so all they can do is try to scare people away. They are damned if they do, and damned if they don't!! That is why Raffy Boy hasn't addressed anything properly. Oh forget about 400,000 going missing, just don't visit that evil blog! Don't address the obvious facts and pass my blog off as 'infantile'. IDIOTS!

  52. Why the CULT is spending more time in wondering who is Findings? Why they don't have any answer to her logic and facts? The first question came to my mind reading their "investigative findings" about sister Findings - is Ahmadiyya a Cult or a Mafia?

  53. Prophet Muhammad's Sahih Hadith:

    "By Him in Whose Hand is my life, Ibn Maryam (Jesus Christ) would certainly pronounce Talbiyah for Hajj or for Umrah or for both (simultaneously as a Qarin) in the valley of Rawha." (Sahih Muslim, Book 7, No. 2877)

    To prove this Mirza is not HIS prophet,ALLAH did not give this liar Nabi a chance to perform Umrah or Hajj. ALLAH didn't allow this Dajjal prophet to enter Mecca or Medina like Messih Dajjal will not be able to enter these two holy cities. ALLAH has also made circumstances so the followers of this Dajjal Nabi are restricted from entering HIS house.

  54. Ah so the truth is coming out findings is not a girl!!! I feel sorry for all those non Ahmadi's who loved her eyes to find out she is a he

  55. Livid Lajna of London said...
    Rafiq Hayat is a fake and no man of God. Look at his address to the Ahmadi public in this letter for example! He begins 'dear brothers' even though the Ahmadiyya Bulletin goes out to homes wherein both men and women reside

    what a foolish comment you better stop reading the Holy Que'an than!!!!

  56. Is Findings a "She" or "He"? The biggest Puzzle Qadianis are facing after this divine puzzle;

    “Like Maryam, Christ’s spirit was infused in me and metaphorically I was conceived. At last after several months, not more than ten months, through revelation that I have stated in the part four page. 556 of Braheen-e-Ahmadia, I was made Christ from Mary. In this way I m son of Mary.”

    (Kashti-Nooh. P.47. Roohani Kahazain V.19. P.50)

    So how long Mirza was a "She"? What type of people believe this nonsense and than claim to have better understanding of Islam and their Islam is true Islam.


    Here, a sure way to defeat Ahmadiyya

  58. Lool they love to hate me. They will love me a whole lot more over next few months too. Me and the qads are going to see our relationship flourish. I am a girl thanks. A fat one whose in desperate need to getting to know a treadmill. Real fat.

  59. @ anonymous.. Are you kidding me? That bland, boring fake ass wannabe version of Baba Ali and his conditions...??????? What a chump. Total gimcrack.

  60. We don't hate you findings we love you

  61. Moshin
    A Simple Answer
    I remember a time when most of the non-Ahmadi’s insisted that not even Jesus would come back as a Nabi it is only in recent years that they have had to!!! Concede that yes he would be a Nabi!!!!

    Now! Reflect! Can a Prophet come after the Holy Prophet (saw) yes! Or No!?
    The Non-Ahmadi’s are stuck if they say No! (As most do) than they have to explain the hadith in Muslim (which many are unaware of (the times I have enjoyed Mullahs and their followers insisting no! no! No Prophet can came after the Holy Prophet (saw) not even Isa will be as A prophet, then I would show them the Hadith that say in Muslim ‘ nabiullah. Nabiullah, nabiullah)
    It is the Holy Prophet (saw) who has said the messiah to come will be a Prophet!!!!

    If the Non-Ahmad’s say Yes!! He will be a prophet (as now they have too!!!) then a huge QUESTION! Has to be asked! ‘Then how are we to understand the meaning of KHATAMA ROOT SEAL!!! How to understand Khataman Nabiyeen ‘ the seal of the Prophets ‘ interpreted by Non-Ahmadi’s as ‘ the last of the Prophets’ meaning NO PROPHET CAN COME! AT ALL’

    BUT! WAIT!!! Does Khataman Nabiyeen mean closed, last, end, complete sealed as in! Cannot be opened at all! YES OR NO!!!!


    Unless there is another meaning behind Khataman Nabiyeen! Which the masses of Non Ahmadi ‘s are unaware of! Due to their mullahs not allowing them to understand!! Yet many!!! Non Ahmadi Arabic scholars know that there is another possible meaning but are afraid to admit to it!!! And even though the evidence of this meaning is so great. They ignore it out of stupidity!!!! Just like the Jews at the time of Jesus!!!!

    The fact is! Everything that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Movement in Islam says are all based upon the Firstly the Holy Qur’an 2ndly the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (saw) 3rdly the Ahadith and lastly the saying of the classical Scholars (Salaf).

    Of course the Non Ahmadi’s can provide some evidence from Ahadith and other sources but if we were to weigh the evidence, the evidence of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam will outweigh their evidence by so much. (fact)

    In summery your belief is:
    1- Isa will come back as a Prophet after the Holy Prophet (saw) he will be an ummti Prophet and he will be a Muslim and he will teach Islam and follow the Holy Qur’an and he will defend Islam from other faiths and he will mankind to Islam and to worship Allah (swt) and to believe the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw).

    A summary of our belief:
    2- Our belief : that Prophet will come after the Holy Prophet (saw) who will be an ummti Prophet he will be a Muslim from among the ummah of the Holy Prophet (saw) he will teach the Holy Qur’an, he will defend Islam from other faiths he will call mankind to Islam to worship Almighty Allah (saw) and to believe and accept Prophet Muhammad (saw) as the last of the Prophets,All based on Qur'an, Ahadith and from the Salaf!

    There is hardly any difference between what we believe and what you believe except
    You believe that it will be Jesus the Jewish Prophet who will come.

    We believe it will be a follower of the Holy Prophet (saw) who will be given the title of Isa ibn Maryum (meaning he will possess the same pious qualities of Isa) and he will both Imam Mahdi and Messiah.

    So Why do you guys have such a Problem with our belief ? why make such an issue out of Nabuwwat !!! as you believe a Prophet will also. He will be a Muslim a follower Prophet of the Holy Prophet (saw) just as we do!!!!.


    Khalid bin Waleed

  62. Anonymous said...
    A Simple Answer
    I remember a time when most of the non-Ahmadi’s insisted that not even Jesus would come back as a Nabi it is only in recent years that they have had to!!! Concede that yes he would be a Nabi!!!!

    Where is your Brain gone? Jesus is already a Nabi. His title can't be snatched even he descends again. Each Nabi is of his time. Only Prophet Muhammad is last Nabi of all times. His comeback will be like President George Bush comes in President Obama's function. Bush will be still called a President but he is not the President (of this time). Same will be Issa ibne Marrium (Jesus). He will not come as Prophet of Bani Israel or bring a new Shariah. He will simply follow Prophet Muhammad's shariah and live like an Ummati. One question all Hadith mentions Jesus son of Mary to come. Was Mirza's mother Mary or you believe in him when he said - he changed to Mary, got conceived, and then transformed as Jesus? Doo you believe in this stupidity? If he really believed no Jesus has to descend from sky then why he built White Minaret in Qadian to match the signs of Hadith where Jesus will descend? He tried to prove his wrong claim of being Jesus by all means but miserably failed. He is not a Promised Messiah but one of Promised 30 Dajjals (liar prophets) prophesied by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh.

  63. LOL another HIT :D....!!

    The Most Funniest Part of the Rafiq Adress was

    "On the other hand it is clear that these attacks are a sign of the truthfulness of the Promised Messiah and the total defeat of the enemies of the Jamaat. They are unable to attack the teachings and philosophy of Promised Messiah and therefore they are left with nothing but to attempt to defame our beloved hudhur and members of the Jamaat in this way with false and misleading information. "

    and Indeed I Love the Picture too :D!!

    May Allah Always Protect you and Keep you in his Barakah Ameen 'Sum Ameen Ya Rabul Alameen!

  64. Do you know when he speaks no one enjoys his artificial unholy speaches he mentions his father's example as if he was to be followed his wife munni at home do not respect him and his mother look another man who sleeps in the mosque as if he is the only man in uk jamaat knows work mansoor shah something fishy too

  65. Lol yep!! And those boring speeches he gives on how he met his Munee at the airport for the first time! As if his marriage is an example for all. Oh Raffy Boy.. LOOOOL 'overtime'..tut tut ;)

    Mansoor Shah will be getting it from me eventually too. Right now however I have a few more treats for Shabir Bhatti and then moving on to my fav.. Nas Khan!!! Canni wait!!! Nas Khan's one will be a killer.. InshAllah.

  66. Follow story of raja masood mashiqbal mas connection

  67. khalid bin waleed!suppose for the sake of arguments that prophets can come after Hazrat muhammad(s.a.w)and hazrat esa a.s has died and some other like him will come on his place.Still mghq doesnt qualifies for these posts.can mghq be a prophet merely because nubuwwat is continued?or he is esa bin marriam because real esa a.s has died?and 2nd thing can a britisher planted person can be a meseeh?

  68. Bashir akhtar is silently involved into entire corruption of his master who covered up nefarious activities

  69. what u are doing is trying to stop the jamaath of allah ..............plz remember its u who want to answer allah asks to u at the final judgement about ur most worse activity spreading lies about the messieh and the khilafath allah had sent to reform the world .........FEAR ALLAH

  70. They are the Munafiq they sit with Prophet that they say we are with you and if they sit with wrong community they call we are laughing. Allah shall give them punishment what they are laughing .
    my dear AK SHAIKH sahib I'm also suffering like That condition.
    but i have never think to you are like your others .
    JAMAAT AHMADIYYA is the name of peace.
    and this punishment IKHRAJ NAZAME JAMAAT is only till that time they guilty person should be wake up.
    be honest your tongue is very painfully what you are like you others writing that by ALLAh you get it back with percentage.
    my name is TARIQ MEHMOOD
    if you have any question write me I shall give you answers your s Owen homes are not saves what you want to write on this web sites they don't help you but more dis hart
    Appni haalat per reham karo oor isslah karo us waqat sy pehly jub baap naa betay ky kam aiy gaa
    me live in Germany thats why I can not write English better then you all but igive you answers in URDU yours HOME Language with me writ and questions shall Be write humans Language

  71. if you made the pic ,shame on you why dont you just mind your own buissness ,have some fear and shame ,disgracefull,one day you will feel what its ike to be a united jammath , have you ever wonderd why no other jammath is gloaly in contact with eachother, even if you disgrace us make us look like your enemy ,,we will pray for you and say may alla show you the right path